No.1 Hack For Parents Of Fussy Eaters + 50% Discount Code

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It’s easy to spot the parent of a fussy eater. Their anxiety and stress levels creep up just as they’re about to serve a meal.

Their eyes dart furtively away as they place the plate of food in front of their fidgeting fussy eater.

Most wince in preparation for the barrage of distasteful comments such as ‘oh yuk’ and ‘I hate this’ and let’s not forget ‘I’m going to vomit’.

Usually this is followed by one or both parents scolding said children for being ungrateful and variation of the ‘don’t you know there are kids starving across the world’ lecture.

We POFEs (Parents Of Fussy Eaters) usually stick to the same meals and rotate them weekly; many of us make separate meals.

Then there’s those who make their kids sit at the table until all their dinner has been eaten. Guilty.

Some have even been pushed to their absolute limits and made their children eat their dinner for breakfast. No comment.

Calling All Parents Of Fussy Eaters + Discount Code

In an ideal world all kids would eat a well balanced diet packed with vegetables, fruits and the exact portions of all the food groups.

The reality is most parents face a daily battle with their children, some days they simply give up and who can blame them.

Years ago I used to buy those vitamins for kids, you know the gummy ones? Okay truth be told I’ve also been so desperate I used to give my kids the ones with sugar on them.

I know, hang me up on a stake and throw rotten cabbages at me!

What was I thinking? Well I was desperate my friends. I was working, had three kids aged 3.5 and under and I was stressed they weren’t getting enough nutrients.

Fast forward a few years and my head is no longer foggy and I’ve seen the light. I’ve ditched sugar-filled vitamins and gummy bears.

This isn’t to say my three kids aren’t fussy and always eat their 5 and 2, heck no, we still have daily arguments over food. But I’ve got a secret weapon that I think is a compromise.

You see when I was asked to trial a liquid multivitamin for kids by Hivita, I didn’t need time to think about it.

My yes was as forthcoming as my children’s fake vomit sounds every time I serve up a pasta bake or stir-fry.

Hivita for Kids

Let me give you some details before I talk about my experience with this product.

What is Hivita Liquivita for Kids?

  • A formulation of 30 active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs.
  • It aims to fill nutritional gaps and support healthy growth and development and immune function.
  • The liquid has a natural pineapple and mango flavour.
  • There are no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Importantly there is NO added glucose or sucrose.

Why should I trade gummies for liquid?

Glad you asked, did you know that one market-leading gummies contains one gram of sugar?

This means a typical pack of 120 gummies contains 30 teaspoons of sugar. Many also have artificial ingredients and flavours.

FACT: You won’t see the sugar level on the packaging because it’s not a requirement for non-active ingredient to be listed on the label of supplements.

Also, unlike most gummies Hivita products are proudly Australian made, owned and formulated.

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Liquivita V Gummies

Who the heck is Hivita?

The creators of this company have been at the forefront of the complementary medicine industry for more than 25 years.

They have experience formulating most of Australia’s highest profile vitamin brands including Swisse and Blackmores.

It also makes vitamins and liquivita for adults, including a range of products to boost immunity, help with stress and menopause as well as a men’s and women’s multi.

Can I just give my kids this vitamin instead of veges?

HECK NO! Still encourage (force) them to eat fruit and vegetables, this is a rite of passage for parents.

I use this liquid as a supplement, to fill a nutritional gap that I’m sure exists in my children’s diet because they are FUSSY!

But I can’t just blame them, I’m a less than average chef and I’m fine with that. My skills lie elsewhere….so I tell myself.

Will my kids actually like it?

I have to be honest, of course, and say that my kids were not a fan of the flavour of Hivita Liquivita for Kids.

Which just shows how insanely fussy they are, as the natural blend of pineapple and mango isn’t offensive AT ALL!

But I wasn’t deterred, and with a little Kiwi ingenuity I tried putting it in a small glass of orange juice.

The trick is that we don’t use the reconstituted stuff, instead I buy the real deal variety that’s kept in the fridge. As another perk, one glass of this juice is also a serve of fruit!

Sure it’s not actually fresh fruit, which of course is best, but as I’ve explained some battles I just can’t fight every day. Or more importantly, won’t.

Drinking hivita liquid for kids

Can You Give Me 50% Off The Price Of This Product?

Well it just so happens that I can, in fact the good folk at Hivita is exclusively offering Have A Laugh On Me readers a special code!

You can save 50% with the code EMKIDS – valid until September 30th, 2017. It’s available at all good chemists and health food stores.

You can also available buy it online – HERE – there is also free shipping for orders over $60.

To find more follow Hivita on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

How do you cope with fussy eaters?

Ever been a mean mum like me and make your kids eat dinner for breakfast?


  1. I’d never thought to give my kids liquid vitamins before. Genius! Thanks for sharing the info and the discount code. Both very much appreciated!

  2. Hey girl! Haven’t seen you around in a while!
    Your babies have grown!
    Liquid vitamins are the best. I even take them.
    Hope things are good with you? X

  3. Liquid vitamins are the best. Even for kids who eat everything. Becasue sometimes their everything isn’t as balanced as it should be. x

  4. One of mine is super fussy, so frustrating! I hadn’t thought about liquid vitamins but will now!

  5. This sounds like a much better idea than the gummies I’ve resorted to!

  6. We reviewed them and Phoebe would only take it in a smoothie. What she don’t know can’t hurt her.

  7. If only I had heard of liquid vitamins when my boys were little. This is a super cool idea, especially if you can hide it in smoothies like Bec said. x

  8. Love this idea, anything without sugar makes me happy as a Mum. Thanks for the suggestion x

  9. Love a little kiwi ingenuity. I’m shocked at how much sugar is in gummies. We don’t take them, but I’ll definitely be sure not to now. I have a fussy eater sitting next to me writing now complaining about her strawberry jam on toast. I mean, most kids would kill to have that for breakfast. If she’s not careful, I’ll be switching Paw Patrol off 😉

  10. I’ve never made the kids eat dinner for breakfast but we’ve had breakfast for dinner plenty of times, lol! I am definitely going to check this out, it sounds like it would be perfect for the girls.

  11. I haven’t rehashed dinner as breakfast before, but I totally know the struggle. I am constantly cooking seperate meals and usually the kids meals are what salad veggies they will eat and nuggets or party pies or sausages. The only thing they seem to eat happily is pizza or spag bol, so I sneak the veggies in the tomato based sauces. Fussy a-holes! Your little man is looking so grown up x

  12. Awesome idea!! Throw it inasmoothie and they’ll never know. Love it!

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