My Fast And Furious Trip To The Grand Canyon

This time last year I was sipping champers with my family in Las Vegas after a long drive from the Grand Canyon.

You see my sister had just got engaged, the day before her 40th birthday – SWOON! For some reason I haven’t shared many photos of my adventure in Las Vegas.

I think it’s because I felt horrifically tired and chubby – but MEH – that’s the story of my life.

So in tribute of my sister, who turns 41 tomorrow, here are some fabulous snaps of what I was doing this time last year.

Just as an aside, tonight I have just finished tidying out my medicine cabinet, finished clean sheet day and spent the day doing housework #livingthedream.

But you know what? Life can’t always be trotting about in Las Vegas – although wouldn’t it be nice?

Anyway, life is so short but also such a blessing and one day you can be having new adventures and the next you’re just muddling along.

Here’s to the boring moments in our lives that make the awesome ones so much more special.

A flashback to one year ago today……..


My Fast And Furious Trip To The Grand Canyon – A Year Ago Today.

So in the above photo, my sister, also the supermum to my adorable NIECE, is standing with my bro-in-law just seconds after he got down on one knee and proposed.

IN THE GRAND CANYON! #engagementgoals

And a few from my first night in Las Vegas………..

Las vegas

Las vegas

Las vegas

Actually I lie, the above photo was taken on April 9 at a swanky place where we celebrated my sister’s 40th!

Gosh isn’t life just so fabulous these days? We can jet about the world and be anywhere and be doing anything in the snap of a finger.

Well, in saying that my trip to the US would not have happened if I didn’t have a FABULOUSLY supportive husband.

So kudos to him……

Have you been to Las Vegas?

Or maybe the Grand Canyon?


  1. What beautiful memories you have all made! Twelves months already? That’s insane!

  2. I went to Vegas as a kid 🙂 I’d love to go back and scream my head off on the rollercoaster on top of a building 🙂

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