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Lying in bed at 5.56am this morning, just after two of my three kids burst into my bedroom asking for the iPads, I got to thinking.

Why haven’t I trained them to stay the heck away until 7am? I suppose because they wake at 5.30am regardless of the season and killing 1.5 hours quietly is no mean feat.

Then my mind wandered to the board game Trouble and how it irks me no end that one of the blue pieces is missing.

How did I let that happen? The whole game is ruined; well unless they sell spare pieces on eBay and then they’d probably cost the same as a knock-off of the game at Kmart.

Just as I was about to roll over and attempt to get back to a rather fabulous dream, my youngest baby came leaping into bed with me announcing he was the winner having slept in the longest.

Having resigned myself to getting up, I made my bed and put some *cupcakes in the oven for a friend who looking after my kids for a few hours this morning while I work.

Open all the blinds, make my bed, cut up an apple for each child, make a coffee, check my bank accounts (anyone else do this daily just because?) and now I’m at my computer.

It’s 7.01am and I’m waiting until my kids tell me they’re hungry for breakfast.

A Slice Of My Life

For the past 9 years it’s just been my 3 babies and I in the mornings. Their dad has always left for work before they wake, which is saying something since there were years when my kids woke at 4.45am.

I tried to fight early risers, put in black-out curtains, shut doors, made my husband take lessons in being a silent assassin. I even woke at ungodly hours to replace blankets, nothing worked.

Fact is, some kids just don’t do sleep well. And I’ve grown to accept it, I don’t like it, especially when my youngest cracks it because I ask him to change his yoghurt-stained clothes before we leave the house.

But oh the battles I have fought and lost over the years.

If only I knew what I know now with my first child. Oh how much less stressful life would have been.

I wouldn’t have driven for hours to get her to sleep. I wouldn’t have taken her dummy off her because I was worried about what people thought.

I would have let her sleep on me for hours on end. I would have stopped breastfeeding my medicated reflux baby and swapped to bottles for my own sanity.

7.06am – the noises I can hear are feet running down the hallway, my kids watching some silly internet families from the US and a constant ringing in my ear from tinnitus.

How do your mornings start?

What weird thoughts have you had this morning?

Last day of school for some of you and the end of the first week of school holidays for those of us in Vic and Qld

*No I haven’t turned into Martha Stewart, they are from a packet, took 7 minutes to make and were made to assuage my guilt for asking my friend with 4 kids to mind my 3 while I attempt to finish a feature on a woman who insulted me during our interview and now I can’t get it out of my head! And yes I am bringing a flak jacket for my friend to cope with 7 children. 

7.12am – hit publish.


  1. Hi Em,
    We bought a GroClock. You set the time for when the “sun” comes up. I used a tick chart intially until they got the hang of it. It works most of the time. Other times they just chat in their room until comes up. Saved my sanity although they weren’t quite as early as your munchkins. I bought it at Toys R Us if you’re keen.
    Hope your articles goes well and helps you process the woman’s rudeness.

    • Tried that too! I just think 3 kids in two rooms RIGHT beside each other doesn’t help, and 2 are very light sleepers! And 6am is bearable now, it was 4.45am that used to KILL me. Thanks for your lovely comment and have a great weekend ahead.

  2. We are so lucky that the Gro clock works for our 5 year old still! But I really do hear you on the hubby leaving for work super early in the morning – I can relate to that really well!!

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