21 Things Only Lego Parents Know

I’m a sucker for Lego, you could say I’m obsessed but then that would just be weird (but also accurate).

As I kid I grew up making all sorts of ‘rad’ creations, so it makes sense that I encourage my three kids to catch the Lego bug.

Much has changed in 30 years, Lego has been made pink, aqua and marketed at girls. Not only does that make me cranky, it also pleases me.

Back in the day I would have loved the Lego Friends collection. Then again I don’t see why they have to make it about boys v girls. UGH – I’m torn.

Regardless, Lego is my sweet spot and I’ll happily hand over wads of cash for the tiny bricks because they encourage my kids to create and use their imagination.

And yes this does kind of sound like I’m being paid to write this, but Lego doesn’t need to be sold, it basically falls off shelves without any promotion.

However, it’s not all fabulous, it can be a source of angst for many parents and siblings, here is why

21 Things Only Lego Parents Know

1. Hell hath no fury like a child whose sibling stole the only wheel that fits their latest creation.

2. Lego broken on purpose is a hanging offence.

3. You die a little inside when you child actually PLAYS with the dual-engine airplane you just spent 30 minutes making.

11 Things Only Lego Parents Know

4. There are tears (from you) when Lego sets are busted up and made into some sort of weird plane/boat/dinosaur hybrid.

5. When you child receives Lego it’s all you can do to stop yourself from shutting yourself away in your room and making it yourself.

6. You have spent 30 minutes making something, only to realise back on page 4 you made a mistake and have to bust apart the ENTIRE creation and start again!

7. Lego has made its way into your bed, kitchen table, bathroom, the car and even your handbag.

8. When you’re recreating a Jurassic World truck that is in a million pieces you nearly die of happiness when you find a cylindrical wheel spoke twice the size of grain of rice.

9. You secretly LOVE it when your child loses their nut and asks you to finish making their creation.

10. You’ve had to console your child who made a Lego creation, that is impossible to move because it hasn’t been built properly but they do so anyway, and it smashes to a million pieces on the tile floor.

11. When trying to remake Lego sets you’ve had to improvise and use light grey pieces instead of dark gray and you’ve had an internal angst about it.

12. Not a day goes why when you don’t see a piece of Lego somewhere in your house.

13. Fake Lego must die and has no place in your home.

14. You gift your child Lego every birthday, Christmas and potentially Easter. Also maybe when you’ve been away from home and feel a little bit of mum guilt.

15. Whenever you’re in a toy shop you feel the gravitation pull of the Lego aisle as fiercely as you do the bottle shop.

16. It’s an incredible feeling when you can split Lego for your child without that orange device. And they think you’re invincible for doing so.

17. You barely notice when you step on Lego these days and are actually excited to see what part it is in case it’s that missing piece for the new Moana set your child just got.

11 Things Only Lego Parents Know

You’re Welcome!

18. Not all windscreens, wheels or axles are created equal!

19. Minecraft Lego is ridiculous but you’re strangely drawn to it because of the pigs, zombies and Enderman (yes it’s a thing)

20. Lego Friends is actually made up of ridiculous things such as flowers, fish, food, small cats and dogs and other miscellaneous items that are easy to lose and completely useless.

21. When someone asks you what to buy your child you go-to answer is LEGO!

Got anything to add? Are you a Lego parents and love it?

Or maybe you are NOT A FAN of Lego, perish the thought!


  1. Oh my goodness you have just described my life. Our 6 year old son is obsessed and the other 2 aren’t far behind. Oh and so is my husband. I have to say though, even he has gotten to the point of saying “I think we have enough Lego for now.!!!

  2. I agree. My boys loved Lego and we had buckets of it. We made a pretty fantastic pirate ship once. I would have loved some pink Lego personally. A princess castle or something 🙂

  3. Omg! There’s a Moana set! Its on the birthday list (for my 7 yo!). Xx

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