Too Time-Poor Or Lazy To Make Photo Books? READ ON………

So this is NOT a sponsored post but if you’re time-poor and can’t be farked spending hours making photo books but REALLY want some then you must read on.

The other day I watched the funniest advert on YouTube, I know right? I usually skip them too but this one grabbed my attention.

It was a mum (with 3 kids who works from home) in a bath with kids all over the place, she was multi-tasking and talking about how she has no photos printed out of her kids and family.


So I watched on and learned all about Chatbooks – it’s an app where your photos are taken from your Facebook or Instagram pages and made into books

And all you have to do is…


Well pay for it and change the cover photo and add extras if you want.

But I just did the quick option and in less than 2 minutes I have my entire IG life being made into nifty little photo books with captions and dates!

And the cost $8 (USD) a book. I know right? Seems too cheap. There is postage but it’s not much.

It’s THE perfect option for someone like me who can’t be faffed going through the 100,000 photos I have taken of the kids in the past 9 years. Not even exaggerating.

Here is the video, honestly it’ll give you a laugh if nothing else. It’s gone viral and for good reason.

Anyway, just sharing something that might be useful for you.

I am also going to be quite honest and say that I received a referral code and if you join or sign up or something then I’ll get $5 off my next purchase!

A little cheeky I know but when you sign up you’ll get the same message so then YOU can tell everyone you know about it, and so on and so forth.

Also you will get your first book FREE just by downloading the app…

If you’re interested, no pressure truly, just click here. 

Once my books arrive I will show you them and you can make a decision based on what they’re like.

But I am so excited! It will mean there’ll be some hard copy record of what I’ve been doing for the past few years! (the mind boggles I know)

And I don’t have to spend HOURS trawling through photos.

Got any great time-saving apps or products you want to share with me?

Keen to give it a go?

Do you do photo books?


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