I Have VERY Exciting News To Share

So you know how I’ve said that I would NEVER have another child because I am already far too unhinged and have three wonderful cherubs already.

Well, you’ll be very excited to find out that there WILL be a new baby in my life.

Because I AM AN AUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my sister has had a baby especially for me, well I suppose for her a little bit as well. But mainly FOR ME!

If you can’t already tell I am ridiculously excited and overjoyed that I can start official Aunty duties for my NIECE.

Yes that’s right she’s had a bonny wee girl and in just two weeks (they will be the longest 2 weeks of my life) I will get to smell, cuddle and mollycoddle that wee bairn.

I was leaping about the house at 11.30pm last night when I got the news, anyone would have thought it was I who had just given birth.

This is a new role for me and one I am going to take very seriously, in fact I’m going shopping this afternoon because BABY SHOPPING.

She has three older cousins who are already planning their futures together and can’t wait for snuggles.

Oh the cuteness is just overwhelming in our household right now. The kids even got busy with my new sequin pillows and wrote this!

It's a girl

I’ve waited for years to be able to be that Aunty that spoils their sister’s kids rotten and tells them stories about what their mum did when she was little.

Oh it’s going to be so much fun. And the best part? It’s all care and love and ZERO responsibility.

So from now on I shall be known as Aunty Em – just like that dear old lady in the Wizard Of Oz!

What a wonderful day it will be when I hear those words Aunty Em from my beloved little niece. I can’t wait.

Auntie Em

But until then I get to play mum, have snuggles, see that first smile, giggle and watch as she learns to walk and talk.

Who knew being an Aunty would be so darn exciting.

So all you Aunties out there, hit me with some ideas for a wonderful first present for my niece.

Oh and I suppose I should say well done to my sissy for her ‘small role’ in creating my new status. YOU ROCK SISSY xxxx

Are you an Aunty?

What is the best part?

Any tips?


  1. How exciting! I love being an Aunty SO much!!!! I cried when I held David for the first time. It was like meeting someone you’ve been in love with all along.

    PS. Stop it with the cushions or I’ll have to buy myself some!

    A x

  2. Kimberley says:

    Congratulations Emily on the safe arrival of your much loved and longed for niece. I absolutely love being an Aunty to Miss V and Miss E. In fact they are flying up from Christchurch on Thursday and having a “sleeping over” at my house. So I will just HAVE to take them shopping! Have lots of fun buying baby clothes and enjoy those newborn snuggles. Xxx

  3. Congratulations on becoming an Aunty. I remember when my sister had my first niece – I rocked up at the hospital at every visiting session for the entire week that she was in hospital! Couldn’t get enough cuddles in.

  4. You do realise it will probably come out as “Aunty Emwee” don’t you? ???? Seriously, congratulations. You are going to ADORE being an Aunty. Xx

  5. Congratulations. Spoil her rotten and train her as soon as she can talk to call you Darling Aunty Em. Mine do and it makes my sister so cranky because she’s just plain old Aunty Mickey. How exciting for you.

  6. Such exciting news! Congratulations to you and your sister xox

  7. Congratulations!!!! I know exactly how you feel, I was as excited when my sister had my nephew as when I had my own kids, maybe more so because I know I get all the fun stuff without the crappy stuff! He’s 18 months old now and I just love being an Aunty. I’m actually baby-sitting him on Saturday night and I can’t wait! You are gonna be the best Aunty ever!!!

  8. That’s SO NICE of your sister! Best to all. x

  9. How gorgeous! You’ll be the best Aunty Em ever (minus the grey hair and the apron)!

  10. SO EXCITING! My brother lives in Sydney so I never see my niece and nephew and it KILLS ME. You are beyond adorable with your excitement.

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