If Your Baby Was Named After Your Pregnancy Cravings

Being told I should eat for two by an old-fashioned midwife was almost more exciting than finding out I was pregnant.

What wasn’t so exciting was the 28kg I put on during my first pregnancy. Not a typo. I was basically carrying around the weight of a Doberman or an overweight Dalmatian. (thanks google)

It wasn’t pretty. But I merrily sucked up food with more efficiency than a freshly cleaned Dyson V8. What a machine, the vac’s not bad either.

Breakfast was:

  • Two Weetbixs
  • Pottle of yoghurt
  • Two kiwifruit
  • 2 or 4 pieces of toast (left to go cold……
  • So I could slather them with about 4 tablespoons of butter and a smattering of Vegemite

I didn’t drink coffee because HEALTHY and consumed water and tea. This is what I scoffed every morning and then I still consumed morning tea. And lunch. After afternoon tea. Dinner. A snack. Another snack because PREGNANT!

So you can see it’s no surprise that I grew such a huge girth when I was with child. To be fair just before I fell pregnant I had been exercising for 1.5 hours a day 7 days a week in order to fit my wedding dress.

Basically I went from being the fittest I had ever been to the fattest I have ever been.

Or did I? You see because once baby number two was growing in my belly, I was still eating like a trooper, just not as much because I had a toddler to negotiate at the same time and wasn’t at a desk inhaling food like it was fresh air.

The other day I put the question to my Facebook readers about what their pregnancy cravings were.

You see with my second child it was candy floss, I ate an entire bag every day for the last 4-6 weeks of my pregnancy. And I ended up being induced at 40+10 because my son didn’t want to move.

I think it was all the sugar, he didn’t want to budge because it tasted SO GOOD!

It doesn’t give me much hope that he’ll move out of home before he’s 30.

pregnancy cravings

If Your Baby Was Named After Your Pregnancy Food Craving…..

  • Candy floss
  • Mint Leaves
  • Baked Beans
  • Kitkat
  • Hot chips
  • BBQ chips
  • Chokito
  • Can’t remember (third child)
  • Fruit
  • Ice
  • Chocolate
  • Red leciester cheese
  • Dime bar
  • Cheetos
  • Orange cake
  • Scotch finger
  • Spaghetti
  • Chocolate milkshakes
  • Grapes
  • Cheese on toast
  • Spring roll
  • Cheeseburger
  • Fruit cake
  • Custard
  • Ice-cream
  • Sultana cake

It’s not exactly a useful baby name list, but the mind does boggle. And if kids can be called Apple then why not Chokito?

Tell me about your pregnancies? Did you eat for two?

What about your pregnancy cravings?


  1. They would certainly be original names. So I can’t say I’ve really had much in the way of cravings, or maybe I’m in denial. I did like caramel thick shakes for a while there but didn’t crave them. Now if I could name a child after food aversions, that is a while other kettle of fish … steak, roast, food, cheese, chocolate, anything sweet, anything food, dinner … and the list goes on. Should just call this kid indigestion really.

    • Ugh I remember that! I used to smash back that mylanta chalk like it was chocolate. MMMm chocolate. Well at least you won’t stack on 28kg with a food aversion list like that!

      • It kinda sucks and I doubt I’ve even put on a baby + extras in weight. Milanta is disgusting stuff, another thing on the aversion list but I can do berry flavoured quick ease. My ability to eat things has increased recently but the results meaning downing quick ease like chocolate. I think early on my kid would have been called fruit salad, now that I think on it … not the fruits individually on mixed together. Our bodies really are weird things!

  2. Ha ha, this is my daughter, Devon and salad sandwich. Wouldn’t she be a catch 🙂

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