What I REALLY Got On Valentine’s Day

Your news feeds will either be awash with flowers, chocolate, homemade cards  or posts bemoaning how Valentine’s Day is commercial.

What you’re unlikely to see is a photo like this, one that I took this morning after I nearly fell face first on the tiled floor in my hallway.

It’s what I really got on Valentine’s Day – a urine-soaked bathroom floor and apparently no one did it.

Like true spineless criminals, they all tried to blame each other. And then they got so desperate they blamed the poor cat. Who just looked up from the floor and eyed rolled them all.

valentine's day

I know you’re probably knee-deep in fighting kids, nappies, attitude from tweens and teens and kids who are doing anything but showing you love.

I get it, but try not to let the love get to you today.

Today lots of hearts will be broken, some will ache and others will wonder what the heck they were thinking!

There will be girls at boarding school, like I was 25 years ago, hoping someone will send them flowers. There’ll be boys hoping someone will show them some love.

But at the end of the day, I have to say most of us will just keep plodding along, mopping up urine-soaked floors and doing our thing.

Remember this when you’re on the edge of jealously or bitterness today.

And don’t forget there’s always someone who loves you unconditionally – YOUR PARENTS!

It’s a gift and a curse we get the second our babies are born. So if you want some love, you know where you can always find it!

You might also make your older parents’ days. And for those without their beloved mum or dad today, you’re in my heart!

Now off I go to sort out grumpy kids who are having a sugar comedown after I got all crazy and gave them chocolate hearts for breakfast.

They are moaning because the have to put on their shoes. One of them just came and visited me and left me after a doing a particularly smelly fart.

Oh the joys of being a parent on Valentine’s Day!

Are you a lover or a hater?

Have you given or received anything?


  1. Lol! I had intentions of making the kids valentine’s biscuits while they’re at school, but after their carry on this morning, I’m like the Seinfield soup Nazi. “No biscuits for you!”

  2. Lol! I spent this morning desperately trying to find the correct amount of cash to throw in the school photo envelopes (no change given, can’t pay by credit card, can order online IF you read the form ahead of time and not 5 mins before the kids need to leave the house) Then spent the morning helping my dad with a few things before turning my office upside down looking for my Fitbit charger (don’t ask) It has been the strangest Valentine’s Day on record!

  3. OMG two boys here and I am SO SICK of the urine issue! GAH. I am totally feeling your pain on this. No flowers here but I did get a whole bunch of meat, eggs, cream, nuts and smallgoods. LOL!

  4. FFS! Urine is the bane of my life. So much so, we’ve given the three boys their own bathroom and toilet and it can be their problem, which works really well when we don’t have visitors, then I have to step in! No flowers here yesterday, BUT we did sneak out the the movies……at night time………like real adults 🙂
    Happy birthday for today my friend, hope you have a ripper day!

  5. Lucky you with the urine soaked floor!!! I had two mornings in a row with spilt milk last week. Joy. Valentine’s Day was pretty much another day to us, but we finished the day with a cuddle on the couch 🙂

  6. A total lover!! But Valentines is a crock of shit.
    And no-one does anything in my house either….literally or figuratively.

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