The Day An Ugly Duckling Got Flowers At Boarding School + Giveaway

Having a birthday on the 15th of February used be quite the coup for me at boarding school.

You see my godmother is a florist and February 14 is THE busiest time of the year for such professions, well that and funerals. Just saying.

So when she was busily wrapping flowers with cellophane and gypsophila (you know that small white flower that used to be in EVERY flower posy in the 80s and 90s?) she would whip up a bunch for me and send it via courier.

Here she is gypsophila – otherwise known as baby’s breath!

Anyway, at boarding school nothing is private, if you saw a courier van drive along top terrace, after compulsory sport every afternoon, you’d have an extra spring in your step.

Of course we weren’t allowed to walk along top terrace until we were in 6th form, year 11 equivalent. So we mere turd (3rd) formers used to run along the lower path and hope like hell someone had felt sorry for us and had sent lollies.

The food at boarding school wasn’t all that bad, but we didn’t get to visit the shops like normal people and pester our parents for lollies. We used to get a weekly fruit order and that was as far as it went with extras.

Anyway, I’ll regale you with boarding school tales another time, back to February 14.

You can imagine the hormones of 200 plus girls aged 12 to 17 all hoping that some lad they’d danced with for 5 minutes at a social had taken a fancy to them and sent some flowers.

Of course the hot popular girls ALWAYS got the goods. Whereas the odds on the head of debating, eg me, taking delivery of Valentine’s Day flowers were as low as Donald Trump’s morals.

So you can imagine the sickly sweet smiles and fake gushes when a MASSGIVE bouquet arrived for yours truly. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. on Feb 14.

My besties were in on the secret but I didn’t let on to the entire school that it was my godmother not a boy with a hot crush on me, my braces, monobrow and bad bob-style haircut!

As for Valentine’s Day we don’t go overboard around these parts., although hubby has taken the kids out as we speak to let them find a birthday treasure for their mumma.

When I think about, anyone who’s been in a relationship with me had it good because often they did the 2 in 1 option or I wasn’t too phased about V Day as I knew the following day was MY day.

I do think a funny card or even a letter is a nice way to tell your partner you love them. Sure there are haters of Valentine’s Day but for those lovers, I hope you get a little somethin’ somethin’.

And in the spirit of LOVE and because I’m a writer who LOVES pens, I’m giving away THREE Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood (RRP $31.50) to my awesome readers.

636835 Frixion 3 Wood Brown OUT-1

I know I’m not as active on the blog as I used to be but if someone offers to give my readers something it’s a HELL YEAH from me.

So if you’d like aย three-coloured sharp-looking erasable pen, then just leave a comment telling me……..

What would you use the pen for or who would you gift it to?

Terms and Conditions:

The competition closes on Feb 20 at 5pm.ย Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
This is a game of skill and wit. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance. The prize will be posted to the winner by Bay Public Relations after they have been notified, preferably by email.
The pens have a RRP of $31.50 and are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable. Competition open for Australian residents only. Soz all you awesome folks across the globe.


  1. Holly Smith says:

    I would gift the pen to my husband as he uses pens a lot more in his job then I do with mine!

  2. My birthday is the 13th (today) so ditto re 2 in 1 and not being bothered much with V day since I have MY day the day before. Sitting up in bed waiting on my hot breaky as I speak.

    I’ve just started a journal of sorts to keep me focused on the things I value most and motivated to action some of my goals. It was inspired by a post by Kelly Exeter and it’s working! I’m feeling very accomplished! Having a good pen for that would be pretty special. Happy Birthday for Wednesday Em x

  3. My husband is hopeless at remembering dates or gifts – so I missed a Christmas present and a birthday present with all the efforts focused on the new business. So I would love one of these pens to cheer me up as I mark another event missed in my calendar.

    Oh another note – how awesome was debating! Sometimes I wonder if these activities just make us ‘look’ undesirable to our peers? At my Year 10 formal, a bunch of boys came up and asked me ‘when did I get hot?’…umm, I’m just not wearing my school uniform.

  4. I have an INKling that these are perfect for V-Day. They’re always on-POINT, and the only pens I can dePENd on

  5. DianeMargaret says:

    I have actually been contemplating writing again. Not for profit or anything…just for me, mostly.
    Maybe, if I had a lovely pen, like this, I might start sooner! ????

  6. I would let my kids use it to write to their grandparents in NZ.????

  7. I would keep it for myself as I embrace what’s falling by the wayside, and that’s sending cards and good old fashioned letters. Be it to family and friends who live far away, or my beautiful pen pals I have scattered across the globe. I’d even draw with it too, many of my favourite pieces have been created with one pen, on a whim.

  8. For my son, becasue he is starting High School next year!

  9. Every day I do a crossword & I am a passionate pen collector! I would love this pen to add to my addiction!

  10. Love this em!

  11. Well happy happy birthday, after Valentine’s Day. My mum always put a “from your secret admirer” card in my letter box and I really wanted her to stop because I always knew it was from her and desperately wished it was some gorgeous hunk. I am a huge pen lover. I always need a good pen at work and home. But I am so far behind the times clearly in pen buying because I didn’t even know you could get erasable ones. Clearly looking in the wrong section ๐Ÿ™

  12. Renee Ballantyne says:

    I would gift it to my dad who recently retired as he loves to write stories in his spare time

  13. Damn girl, BOARDING SCHOOL?
    Toilet sharing phobic me cringes for you. But I guess that shit woulda been smacked outta me pretty damn fast.
    (see what I did there? OMG I crack myself up)

  14. I didn’t receive flowers today because my husband is so tired from work so I’ll probably just buy me some. I hope i had an aunt like yours. Hahaha! ๐Ÿ™‚ V-day or Birthday, it doesn’t matter. I just love flowers. xx


  15. Kristina S says:

    I work at a primary school and have the best boss. Our wonderful school principal is turning 60 in 2 weeks we have a surprise party planned and this would be a fitting gift. #teachersareawesome

  16. For my daily crossword puzzle. Not that I need to erase anything!!!!

  17. The closet stationery freak in me got excited when I read ‘erasable pen’, ooooooh. This pen would go straight to the….middle compartment of my handbag, where my other pen(which isn’t a pilot) and notebooks hang out. It would be mine, mine, mine. Only because I am trying to practice self love a little more ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I’d make up my shopping lists and take it with me for additions ๐Ÿ˜‰ plus I’ve always wanted to pull out a woody in the main aisle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Pete Drummond says:

    I’d give it a test scribble, put it in the drawer and forget about it for a few months. Then one day while looking for where I left the pencil eraser I’ll pull it out and wonder why I haven’t been using this awesome pen instead of the nub of a pencil with which I’ve been scribbling the shopping lists. Not really an exaggeration, I’m truly forgetful with such things ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Bryan Rigby-Roberts says:

    I would give this to my wife, Joanna. She loves to write in her journal (it gives her great peace of mind and is a wonderful therapy. She has recently started a new journal and I’m sure a new pen would be a great accompaniment.

  21. To my darling mother coping so positively with her weeks of chemo. after her aggressive breast cancer diagnosis. She has had so many cards and gifts. This beautiful pen would be special for her to write her ‘Thank-Yous”.

  22. I would use the pen to write to my Little Buddy – a grade 6 student at a primary school in a low socioeconomic region. Last year I was a Big Buddy to grade 6 student Tianna through the Ardoch Youth Foundation Literacy Buddies program. It was a real joy to write letters (not type) to my Little Buddy and hopefully inspire her on to achieving great things. I also learnt a lot from my Little Buddy … and reminisced on my life when I was in grade 6 – my dreams, what I was doing at school and after school. So much fun, that I just had to do it all again in 2017!

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