It’s Time I Conformed…

It’s time I conformed and joined the rest of the world in Moderationville.

You see for the past few months I’ve gone rogue and been living it up large in Excessconsumptionland. What a blast it’s been, but my time there has resulted in some rather unfortunate consequences.

Not least of which is an extra chin, the shrinking of ALL my clothes and a lack of energy and patience.

It’s just not possible to keep up with the demands of a 5, 7, 8 and work and keep your sanity when you’re not taking care of yourself.

My default setting has been cranky and irritable. Sugar I believe is the main culprit. And a lack of sleep caused by other factors.

My adult beverage intake needs to be that of a person on Moderationville, only on the weekends or special occasions.

So I’m packing up and ditching Excessconsumptionland for good. It’s time I become the rule, not the exception.

For example, most people don’t….

1. Have 3 dim sims while they’re waiting for their child to do their drama class and then still eat a huge dinner.

2. Buy a chocolate bar at the supermarket and eat it in between the checkout and the car!

3. Consume 3 coffees a day, all with almond milk, not water.

4. Tell themselves they deserve a glass of wine during the week after a particularly stressful day!

5. Buy an olive and cheese pull apart made to share and eat most of it by themselves!

6. Put lashings of butter on 3 slices for fresh bread and inhale, repeat every other day.

7. Cook toast, let it go cold, and then add visible layer of butter and put a smattering of Vegemite because that’s what they did when at boarding school with a 13-year-old metabolism.

8. Find a piece of chocolate in the fridge and scoff without giving it a second thought.

9. During brunch out, order toast, eggs Benedict with hollandaise AND then finish their child’s pancakes and bacon!

10. Fight their children for pork crackling!

Basically I have not refrained from eating ALL THE FOOD. And this my friends has led to shocking eating habits becoming part of my daily life. And unless I want to buy an ENTIRE new wardrobe then it’s time to embrace moderation.

I love food, the taste, the smell and boy oh boy I’m one of these people who makes a disgrace of herself at a buffet. I’d give my third chin to be someone who doesn’t get a thrill from fine fare, I’d be a lot healthier.

But alas, because this isn’t the case I have to make a conscious effort to eat small portions every other hour or so. And as someone with high blood pressure, a ‘chubby belly’ as my son lovingly calls it, is dangerous for my health.

I’m outing myself and hope that anyone who knows me IRL will ask me how my new home in Moderationville is going.

And if they see me trying to pack up and head back to Excessconsumptionland they’ll give me a stern talking to.

Meanwhile, how is your willpower?

Do you have to work hard every day not to eat ALL THE FOOD?

Or do you just see food as something you must eat in order to function?

What is your relationship with food?


  1. Hello and welcome to the Moderation neighbourhood! I’ve also moved in recently and what do you know, can also scoff a whole pull apart without blinking an eye and was also faced with needing all new clothes hence the forced move. But in all seriousness, moderation doesn’t have to be no fun at all. I just make myself move a lot more and actually stopped buying all the stuff that was too tempting to resist and when the family complained I told them they could all stand to eat better too and to just shut the heck up. 🙂

  2. This was me after Winter last year. This year I will be eating a lot of vegetable soup to stay warm not fish and chips. As far as #3 and #4 go I will never stop doing that! Good luck, Em 🙂

  3. Yup, just spent nearly a month in Japan where everyone tells you the food is so healthy. But it is also so GOOD, and there is so much of it, and it is so cheap to eat out, and they give your kids a prize for every 5 plates of sushi at the 100 yen sushi-go-round, and then there’s the flaming tray of 66 gyoza dumplings for 999 yen, and the all-you-can-eat yakiniku BBQ meat restaurant, and 6 days at a ski resort with all you can eat buffet of deliciousness for breakfast and dinner including 4 different types of gelato and soft serve… not to mention the variety of cocktails that come in a can from the supermarket so you don’t even have to mix them. Lemon Chuu-hai… Now that I’m back in summer Australia none of my summer clothes fit anymore. They must have shrunk in the wardrobe while I was away. Packing my bags with what’s left of the stretchy stuff and heading to Moderationville along with you. Please remind me to keep on the right track to get there! Damn that was a good holiday though.

  4. I don’t know… it took me 5 years to save for that trip, so maybe in another 5 years I’ll deserve another excursion out of Moderationville. Just a brief trip. Got to have something to look forward to! 🙂

  5. Hmmm… Fairly sure you’re not the only chocolate scoffer but I too have to realise my metabolism isn’t what it was at 13

  6. It is so tough. I enjoy my wine and when I do I am stricter on what I eat to make up for the extra calories! When I am not drinking I am all I am going to lose weight yay but I never do because I am too busy stuffing my face. I can’t win. Good luck though. I am trying to be more moderate all round and hope it pans out for me. Seems a bit boring though, I am sure some weekends I’ll make up for it!

  7. I feel like I get to the end of the day and am like ‘argh shit – did I eat anything at all today?’ Running after three small children and making sure that they are fed and watered is taking it’s toll. I can’t consume all of my daily calories in one go once everyone has gone to sleep.

  8. Will power 0!
    I’ve been pretty lucky I think that my tastes in food have been pretty picky while pregnant but that seems to have eased up recently and I really need to not just eat everything in sight for the next 2 months.

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