The End Of An Era, And Taking A Lover!

My husband just told me that I could now get a boyfriend.

Why now? Because today all three of my children have started school and I am officially HOME ALONE!

Well actually hubby took the day off work to help me ferry three kids and their books to their new classes.  So he’s still about.

It truly is the end of an era for me. I haven’t had the house to myself in almost a decade. The last time it was just me here it was when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my first child and on maternity leave.

This was nearly 9 years ago.

I’m sure many of you have been in my position and many more are waiting until you are in my position.

first day at school

Best/worst part? I didn’t even get to cry! No one was sad, my preppie (first year) was in the same class as his best mate and both my other two had theirs as well.

Talk about a bit of a let down. In a good way.

It’s cloudy but yet I took my sunglasses for those tears I was sure to have. Maybe when my 5-year-old has his official first day in class on Friday I’ll cry.

You see this year the preps have a day in each classroom with new teachers and they’re tested to ensure classes are the right mix.

So it’s not really his first day. That is Friday. But then again, if he’s got his best mate then maybe I won’t ever get to cry.

Which is a good thing. But it just feels so weird that everyone is settled and happy.

I feel a bit like a jilted lover.

Speaking of lovers, the husband needn’t worry about me taking one. One man in my life is enough. I also have THE worst memory which means I’m a shocking liar. The game would be up in seconds.

So there you have it – all of my children are now safely at school and life will never be the same again.

Now it’s time to book lunch by the beach and make myself a coffee and get some work done.

But I can’t help feeling like I should be celebrating or something, like watching TV in my pj’s all day or treating myself to a full day spa treatment.

Maybe tomorrow, or the next, or the next day, or the next day!!!!!!

Are you back to school yet? How did it go?

What did you do to celebrate when all your kids started school?


  1. Congratulations for surviving!!! You made it! Now to just make it through the teen years! Punky starts school next Tuesday and there will definitely be tears! I honestly don’t know how I am going to be able to walk away from her crying face, it’s going to kill me! Zee starts preschool next Wednesday and I think that will be slightly easier. I have a plan though, I got a spa voucher last year for shooting my SIL’s wedding, so I am going to make a booking and use it next Wednesday to take my mind off it all, and also, to reward myself for surviving 5 years at home with Punky!

  2. Amazing job! My eldest started preschool two weeks ago. It feels so different to only have two at home. I didn’t cry on his first day – although last week, when I came to pick him up, he threw his arms around me and asked ‘why don’t you want to look after me any more?’ and I had a little cry. Don’t worry, he awoke this morning happy as ever to be off to preschool again. It’s way more fun at preschool then around here at the moment. Who wants to stay home for Maintenance Monday? Not even Mummy and I have to do all the maintenance 🙁

  3. How exciting for your fam with all three at school. We go back next week. And one more year till my youngest starts.

  4. Congrats on this milestone! My one child enters full time school for the first time this year. It feels like a mini milestone for me (we still hold out hope for starting again with a second child some day)! I can’t wait (I think…)! And as for taking a lover…screw that (pardon the choice of words)! If I get time alone, I am spending it ALONE! Haha.

  5. What a feeling, Em!!! You must be beside yourself with excitement (about the kids all at school, not the potential lover 😉 ) You should definitely take some time out for you if you can. Celebrate this milestone xx

  6. Happy New Year Emily. I’m not back to my usual online swing of things and blog reading hasn’t been a big priority but still like checking in with my favourites, like you, when I have the chance.

    Our youngest, Meg, turns 16 next month and goes into year 10, middle daughter heading into year 12 and our eldest is just about to start nursing, having completed year 12 last year. I remember the year before Meg headed to school and she announced “I probably can’t go to school because who will do coffee shops with mum”. I think we went once a month, to a friend’s cafe, where Meg was treated like royalty.

    We are still on school holidays till Wednesday and I’m really enjoying the lack of routine. Our girls are so easy and pretty much do their own thing and don’t get under my feet while I’m working from home, which helps. When they were younger, I would always take the week off when they returned to school. I would think of it as my long service leave but really it was to get the house back in order and get super organised for the term ahead.

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