The Bicycle Seat That I REFUSE To Use!

Don’t fall off your couch, bicycle, throne (no judgement), pool lounger – or wherever you are reading this post from….

I, Emily have taken the time to sit down to my much neglected blog and say HELLO POSSUMS!

We’ve spent the past few hours in the pool because we’re in the middle of some crazy heat wave here in south east Queensland. Makes the thigh rub situation a lot worse let me tell you.

As for the double chins, they are no longer my friends!!! I have welcomed a third member to the family and am now the proud mum of a triple(t) chin!

Probably because of too much of this…


And not enough of this…

new bike

While we’re on the subject of my new bicycle – can we just take a moment to discuss the size of the SEAT.

What the actual. Because I fear for my own life and physical safety I have only got on this bicycle once. For obvious reasons.

I stood for a few minutes just staring at it wondering if he had actually got the bike man to put a broomstick handle on my bike?

More to the point, has he not seen my ample backside recently?

Was he just doing it for comedic purposes???

I told him I will not be mounting my new bike until a new seat is acquired, and it has to be at least as big as a loo seat. And it has to be padded.

We then had a little discussion about how boys and girls have VERY different anatomies. Yes I went there.

Anyway, it’s been a rather crazy start to the New Year with a fabulous camping trip where we were expected by the locals and their super-sized tarp set ups.

In fact, one camper of 30+ years even complimented me on the water trough I had at the entrance to my site that removed sand from kids’ feet.

A few midday beverages were consumed, which is possibly how I acquired the triplets.


But once school goes back, Jan 23 (yes Queensland is WHACK for starting back when there’s a public holiday midweek) I plan to reign in my eating and drinking.

So that gives me approximately 10 days to get it out of my system. Then I shall be flooding my social media accounts with photos of my runners and active wear. No I won’t.

However, one can not indulge in such delights all day every day because well, there is nothing to look forward to otherwise!

I must away, work to do, because that never stops, and I have about 2 hours before the iPads lose their lust and three kids start to nag for another swim, food, I’m bored break and OH MY GAWD the pre-teen DRAMA.

That is a whole other blog post…anyone with a tween will know what I’m talking about! The struggle is real.

Happy Friday and I’d love to know what you’ve been up to?

Got any tips on how I can rediscover my willpower?

Got triplets too?

What about a bike seat that resembles a broom stick?


  1. I can SO relate to the bike seat. I have a bruised derriere from riding a bike with a seat like that around a beach side town with the kids for three days. Yesterday, I simply, REFUSED and walked instead. I couldn’t do it to my poor bum.
    And I’d love a post on the pre-teen drama, just so I know I’m not the only one listening to it. 🙂

  2. My vajayjay needed a reconstruction after a ride not long ago. The last 16 kms were pure agony. Best buy yourself a lovely padded number.

  3. That bike seat looks nasty! All three at school this year for you. Might take a little time to adjust. Enjoy the rest of holiday time together. Xx

  4. The last time I rode with my husband I couldn’t walk for about 3 days. What is with the no padding? According to him it was padded! Well I didn’t see it. Looks like you have had a fabulous time even if the 3rd chin did pop in to say hi. I would be right there with you!

  5. I don’t understand the words ‘fabulous’ and ‘camping trip’ in the same sentence. This concept is foreign to me. Fabulous only comes after 5 star my friend.

    Also ‘bike riding’ OMG ARE YOU SPEAKING FRENCH? Is this your New Years resolution to blog in another language? I don’t understand these phrases…

  6. Bike seats need a complete readjustment. It’s been a long time since I’ve found one that I haven’t had to refer to as the “beaver cleaver”.

    Enjoy this last day of school hols. Another week for us to go. I can’t believe I am actually making it through!!!

  7. I bought a new bike recently – seat is not too bad.
    I’m sporting a bit of a triplet chin too lol – age related saggy jowls.

    I’m starting a SHE RIDES course next weekend to learn how to ride better (I can ride well) with road rules and mostly to find other women interested.

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