Why My Family Is A Dysfunctional (Yet Awesome) Team

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I like to think of my family as a team. Sure it’s quite a dysfunctional one with lots of infighting, wrinkly uniforms and a coach who has a tendency to yell more than she should, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just ask my kids, I’m always prattling on about how family comes first, usually to my youngest son who recently tried to break his contract and sign with another team.

You see he’s taken a liking to the family of one of his kindy mates and the other night said he was going to move to their house.

I’m not sure what they have that we appear to be lacking. It could be their uniforms are smarter, their house is quieter because they’re a team of 4 not 5 and that their mascot is a dog.

Or it could be because their coach appears to be quiet and placid while I have a tendency to raise my voice in public if needs be. It can’t be the equipment, because we have a pool and they don’t.

Anyway, it was during dinner that my son declared he was pulling stumps and changing teams. You see every night we have a team meeting at the dinner table where we dissect our day and tell each other the best and worst part of it.

Usually one of my three claims that the meal I have just served is the worst part of their day. I just roll my eyes now and don’t justify it with a comment. But often we get to find out what happened at school and who did what to who and why.

Secretly I love it because we’re all together and it’s a chance for me to get on my soapbox and preach about how we’re a team and must all stick together, especially at school.

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You see next year all three will be at school for the first time ever. To be honest the control freak in me isn’t keen on the idea but I’m not patient or smart enough to home school so I just have to get over it.

To help calm my nerves about the whole situation, I’m spending time reinforcing the message that our family is a team and that we’re stronger and more successful when we work together.

I want my baby to feel safe in the knowledge that when he’s at school his older siblings are not far away and should he need them, and in my absence, they will be there to support each other.

This concept that your family is your team is something that Bupa is passionate about as well. #greatminds

As such, they’re encouraging families to celebrate their own teams and recognise that it’s the small moments that matter the most.

The funny conversations we have with our kids as we bath them, the jokes we share at the supermarket queue and the discussions in the car on the way home from school all help to nurture our team spirit.

And while I’m yet to convince my five-year-old that it’s not wise to jump ship so early in his career, I’m fairly certain that he’s getting the message that family comes first and that we’ve got his back.

To find out more about Team Family and tips on how to keep your team at its strongest during the holidays, visit here.

Meanwhile, got any tips on how I can convince my five-year-old not to ditch us?

What have you got planned for the holidays?

Is your family big enough to be a netball team?


  1. So we are not the only team with wrinkly uniforms! LOL
    And just quietly I’d be accepting your smallest’s request for a team change… the miracle of one less could be on going!!!

  2. I am wondering if I will get a single girl to teach how to play netball – three boys strong, I’m okay if we just have boys – I love them no matter what! And my eldest is off to preschool next year which I am a little nervous about.

  3. Our team is weird and crazy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think your coach and our coach should really catch up and discuss coaching techniques over a bottle of wine. X

  4. We are seriously dysfunctional – but that is the way I like it.
    Oh and we are awesome too. xo

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