9 Skills You Must Possess To Survive As A Parent

Written in collaboration with Upskilled

Taking a roast out of the oven without burning my thumb is not a skill I possess. But I do have a fabulously massive gap between my big toe that enables me to collect items off the floor effortlessly.

Another skill I’ve honed over the years as a mum who works from home is that I can brush my teeth while I blow-dry my hair all while reading something on my phone!

Speaking of skills, if you’re thinking of retraining or taking a course next year because all your children will be at school like me – WOOOHOOO – then why not consider an online course to ensure you’re at the top of your game or up-to-date with what’s new in your industry.

Maybe you want to revamp your career and become a beauty therapist from home, an events planner for kid’s party. Perhaps you want to become a teacher so you don’t fork out wads of cash for childcare in the holidays?

You could also be someone like me, a small business owner who needs to get a bit more organised in regards to bookkeeping and financial stuff. Well regardless of your circumstances, there’s a raft of courses you can take online thanks to Upskilled.

Best part is, you can learn at your own pace, avoid having to attend classes with strangers and you can do it while working full or part time, the possibilities are truly endless.

So why should I consider an Upskilled course? 

I’m thrilled you asked, here are just 5 reasons:

  • You can start immediately, study at your own pace and do it in your pyjamas if you want!
  • It has developed a unique online tool called MyUpskilled in order to give you the latest in technological upgrades and internet-based learning aids.
  • MyUpskilled means you can learn through regular webinars, live and recorded, have access to a trainer through a messaging system and view all learning materials with the click of a button.
  • Detailed feedback is given so you aren’t left guessing what went wrong or right!
  • All qualifications are nationally recognised and many are VET FEE-Help enable so you can study now and pay later.

So while you’re chewing over your future and what professional skill you’d like to pursue in 2017, here’s another list. This time of the abilities you should ideally possess when you have kids.

To survive as a parent you must be able to:

1. Non-verbally tell kids off with a nasty look and a vicious head shake and arm flap when they aren’t within earshot.

2. Make a book week costume the night before and dig food out of the pantry/fridge for a class party you had no idea about until two minutes before school drop-off.

9 Skills You Must Possess To Survive As A Parent

Toothless the dragon I made from an old hoodie the night before Book Week parade.

3. Become fluent in the intricacies of children’s car-seat seatbelts, stroller folding and baby wrapping.

4. Turn a blind eye when your three-year-old is eating pasta off the supermarket floor.

5. Have the ability to morph into your surroundings when you daughter tells everyone ‘my mummy has a fat tummy but there’s no baby in it.’

6. Decipher the difference between crocodile tears, tired tears, cranky tears, I’ve hurt myself tears and I’ve broken a limb tears.

7. Leap to conclusions and fly off the handle at the wrong child and then have to apologise.

8. Change a swear word into a G-rated one mid-sentence, for example ‘shhhugar’ and ‘farrrrr out’.

9. Turn a plastic bag into an item of clothing, a nappy-change mat, a hat, a library bag, a shell collecting bag and of course a spew bag.

Have you ever studied online? What was it like?

Got any plans to study online in the future?

Maybe you’ve got another skill to add to my parenting list? 


  1. I think one day I’d like to study but it would definitely have to be at my own pace and when my kid is a bit older and more settled into school! I’d like to brush up on a few things!

  2. You have book week costume SKILLS woman! I’d love to do some study, I can’t pin down exactly what to study though. #indecisive

  3. I’ve done a couple of online photography courses from a really good website, I’m planning on doing another early in the new year if the American Dollar is kind! And I love your list!

  4. I also pick up items effortlessly from the floor with my toes! It’s a very important life skill since it means no bending is required and therefore eliminates unnecessary exercise 🙂 I am impressed by your Book Week costume skills – far better than mine! Your parenting skills list is spot on. Possibly the only other one I’d add is that a parent (at least in my house) needs the ability to magically turn the ‘five second rule’ into a ‘five minute rule’ when it comes to rescuing good food off the floor.

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