Why You MUST Return To Dreamworld Despite The Recent Tragedy

It’s time everyone returned to Dreamworld, the Gold Coast theme park where four people died in tragic circumstances in October.

My three children went today and I didn’t have any reservations at all. In fact I was thrilled to be able to support it and all the local employees.

While we should never forget the horrific accident, it’s time to return to the place that thrills kids and makes them laugh.

It’s only been open for 18 days since October 25 and every time I drive past the car park is virtually empty.

Well except for the employees cars, which I can only guess are parked in a way to give the appearance that people are at the park. But from today’s visit, the truth is very different.

No one is there.

And it’s the school holidays AND a weekend.

In fact my family didn’t have to wait in a queue at all and in fact roamed the theme park with only a few hundred other people. They got to ride Mick Doohan’s motocoaster, the vintage cars, the bumper car, The Big Red Car and the Puss in Boots swing chairs – just to name a few.

They had their face painted by an Aboriginal woman who was making fires beside Dreamworld’s Corroboree and saw snakes and other native creatures.


The $7 million revamp of Tiger Island is incredible and the new show attracted a crowd, but even then many seats were empty. I’m sure the tigers appreciated having an audience again.

The splash pool means you can watch the fearsome cats play and fight any time of the day.

Staff were friendly, plentiful and the vibe is good. There’s been lots of upgrades and changes and it appears there’s a few new staff members kicking about.


While it’s great for my family if you don’t visit Dreamworld, because we won’t have to wait in any queues, it’s not so good for staff, the local economy and the animals.

If you’ve got young children or those who love animals, crocs, snakes and birds then get back there. Right now you’re treated like a VIP because there’s so few people there.

Sure the big thrill rides aren’t operating and water rides won’t reopen, but there’s still so much to do, including Whitewater World.

And no I’m not being paid to write this. I just think it’s time we overcame our fears and returned.

The four precious lives lost will never be far from our minds as we walk through the gates, but having fun at the theme park isn’t a sign of disrespect.

It’s a sign that we have to keep moving forward through our grief. We can’t let it take over our lives. Instilling fear in our kids isn’t the answer.

So if you’re a local or planning on visiting the Gold Coast, don’t avoid Dreamworld. You won’t regret it.

Have you been to Dreamworld recently?

Will you go back? Or will you stay away? Why?


  1. Good on you, Em! I’ve noticed the empty car park too. We have only been to Dreamworld a few times in the past with the kids, but we’ll be back to support them.

  2. I agree with you. What happened is a terrible, terrible tragedy which none of us will ever forget. When I first heard about it, I thought ‘never in my life am I going to let my children go to a theme park again’, but today my son was asking if he could go to the theme park in our state because he’s never been (he’s been to the ones on the Gold Coast, just not here at home). And I thought to myself that yep, in the near future I will let him go because we cannot live our lives ruled by fear.

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