A No-Craft Christmas Scavenger Hunt Kids Love

Because of my dislike of all things crafty, there’s no toilet roll angels or glitter-soaked baubles in my joint at Christmas time.

So you might think my kids get a bum deal, but this is far from true. Instead each day in the lead-up to Xmas my kids have a scavenger hunt.

It’s so simple and they really get a kick out of it and often a nice prize at the end. Or not. Depending on my current level of laziness.

Let me explain…

What On Earth Is A Christmas Scavenger Hunt?

Each night I write a series of notes that have clues on them. I put the first clue in an advent sleigh I picked up somewhere for peanuts.

But you don’t have to have a nifty advent thing. Just choose a spot so the kids know to look their for their daily clue, like under the Xmas tree. Once they read the first clue they run from room-to-room and outside in order to find the next one.

You can either do it before or after dinner. I suggest end of day as they look forward to it and it can be used to reward good behaviour and vice versa.

How Many Clues Do You Write?

This depends on how tired and cranky I am. But the more clues the longer they are amused and the more exciting it is. I think I wrote 7 last night and some were quite hard.

For example I did one that said “mum likes to light these at night”. And no it wasn’t Sambuca in the booze cabinet, it was candles, of which there are dozens scattered throughout my house.

Oh What A Shame My Kids Can’t Read?  (saidinsarcasticfont)

This is not a good enough excuse, sorry. You can still do it, last year I actually drew pictures of certain objects. Sure my drawing of a pot plant ended up looking a little phallic, but only hubby picked up on that.

Actually it’s often funnier when you draw images because it means the little ones have the chance to guess before the reading kids take off in search of the next clue.

christmas scavenger hunt

What Do They Get At The End?

This is the fun part, you can give them something or nothing.

I usually start off on Dec 1 with a BANG and they got a cool cheapie tealight angel candle. Another night they got a chocolate and last night a metallic pen to write a letter to Santa.

You can also put things there that they’ve already got, like Xmas books.

Or you can put a fun note that says ‘get in the car we’re off to see some Christmas lights, get an ice-cream, sing some carols, the bottle shop’.

Why Should I Bother Doing This?

  • It’s a great way to bribe kids to get good behaviour
  • The kids will work as a team for approximately 3.5 minutes and there’ll be no fighting.
  • You hate craft and would much rather write notes and spend a few dollars on gifts.
  • It’s a fun and easy Christmas tradition that they ADORE!

So there you have it, we’re on day 13 tonight and sure it’s getting tough to think of creative clues. But it’s honestly fun watching them work together.

It’s also interesting to see who has attention to detail in regards to searching for clues. All I can say is that if I’m lost in a maze, don’t send my kids to come searching for me!

What is something you do during Christmas?

Got a tradition to share with me?

Will you do this?


  1. Bahaha – can I say that we are headed to the bottle shop every night?

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