When Emotions Are Running High

Nothing says ’emotions are running high’ at Christmas like a frumpy woman crying into her dim sims at the local shopping centre.

This was me over the weekend when the kids and I left a hung-over dad at home and visited the library to return an overdue Willy Wonka.

We had just posted a parcel and about to spend $300 on food to keep kids fed during the school holidays when we stopped for Sushi and finger buns.

The boys ate theirs in record time while I leisurely enjoyed my food, which I didn’t need but really wanted because I have no willpower and am a verifiable guts ache.

Not being in a hurry to head home and face my bear with a sore head, I let the kids have a look at the nearby stall. It just happened to be a jewellery one.

A few minutes later my boys came rushing back to me with big eyes and really excited.

They had just seen a present they wanted to buy for me for Christmas; they said it was just perfect for me.

I would have been happy even if they'd chosen one of those ugly bags for me...

I would have been happy even if they’d chosen one of those ugly bags for me…

Luckily I had fleeced husband before I left that morning and had taken cash from his pockets.

It’s a funny story actually, you see when he woke at about midday I probed about whether he’d lost anything.

In previous years he’s lost various things, sunglasses, a phone and his wallet – not all at once but one a year say. His big smile confirmed that he had arrived home with everything intact, just lacking in funds.

What he didn’t know was that when he got home at dawn’s crack I sneaked into the bathroom and emptied his pockets of any cash.

Quite the haul. So while he thought he’d blown the lot, I was now cashed up.

And this is why when my boys asked if they could buy me something for Christmas I handed them over a crooked note and told them to go nuts!

With big sister making sure they didn’t get ripped off, my 5 and soon-to-be 7-year-old bought me a present without me suggesting it or any influence at all.

I cried happy/ugly tears as I watched them all standing there patiently waiting for their turn to be served.

My emotions always go crazy at Christmas, even a well-placed Xmas carol can start me off. #softie


My daughter didn’t see anything for me, although she was keen to buy herself something!

But for a brief moment I was truly happy and humbled by the bigheartedness of my boys. They were so excited and when they got home ran to show dad their purchases.

What little rippers they are. While it would be nice to think maybe some of my ranting hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, it’s them who are to be congratulated.

To be so thoughtful without any prompting on my behalf, I am one proud mumma.

And sure it might not be the hottest or most fashionable piece of jewellery but I will treasure it until I take my last breath.

What’s making you cry right now?

Do your kids love buying you things?

Had a parenting win recently, share it with me?

What about a hungover partner?


  1. That is so lovely Em! x

  2. must be doing something right em!
    just lovely!
    love m:)X

  3. Beware the hungover partner. Like the saying goes, A fool and his money are soon parted lol. I do it all the time!

  4. Awwww that is very lovely and thoughtful! I would have blubbered over that too! xo

  5. Well that’s got me going ???? Because that was so cute and I also reckon you may welcome a hug right now ????

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