21 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers That Don’t Suck

As kids zombie drag themselves through the last few days of school, we parents get to fret about what to buy teachers this Christmas.

Not just for having an enviable amount of patience, sanity and tolerance – I mean come on – 25 kids to parent? HELL NO!

But for teaching them the fundamentals of education. I mean I couldn’t home school for quits. I would be committed after two weeks.

A couple of years ago I got my daughter’s teacher some new clear folders and it saved her about two hours of work fixing the old ones.

christmas gift ideas teachers

I also put a call out to the fabo people who were on my FB page at the time. They gave me some great answers, and about half of them are from teachers.

So here is it again for your viewing pleasure…

21 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers That Don’t Suck

1. I am taking cuttings off our tree and putting them in biodegradeable pots! Should work out to be about $2 per present, plus a nice card from the child!

2. We’re going to make a couple of different flavour fudges. It’s super easy – 1 tin condensed milk, 2 blocks of chocolate (milk or white) plus what ever you want to add (I’m going to do caramel, chocolate with clinkers and lemon meringue). Just melt and mix together – done!

3. Booze – they’ve earned it.

4. As a teacher it’s always nice to be appreciated. But I get embarrassed by some parents generosity and sad for the children who don’t have gifts but watch on as others do. A lovely hand-written card with home-baked cookies or even two movie tickets is a fab idea.

5. I used to make a little personalised cake for them.

6. Typo goodies!

7. This year I got them a nice Christmas tree decoration each. At least they don’t have to eat or drink it.


8. A Scarf Girl scarf!

9. I used to be a teacher and to be honest I would have loved anything (but especially wine!)

10. Last year I gave my sons’ teacher a fabric/thermo lunchbag with red apples motif. I was delighted to see her using it one day when I popped into school mid-year.

11. Always champagne and usually some choccies.

12. Bianca made candles and some flowers from the garden will be the business!

13. I always think of tweezers, she has the longest black nose hairs and I can’t look at her in interviews.

14. Herb garden/cactus garden for my kids’ teachers.

15. As a teacher myself, I know how much we all enjoy the nurture part of our job. The bonus with a plant is it won’t talk back! Stationary is always appreciated and needed – esp nice stamps, stickers and pens. My fave gifts last year were magnets for my whiteboard and a lovely noteblock.

16. Noteblock as in a block of patterned paper that you can send scribbled notes (to the office etc) on.

17. I got them a gift that keeps on giving from the Salvos. I bought some books for kids living in poverty and a literacy program for a very special teacher.

18. I think we will be making & decorating some Christmas biscuits (my grandmothers fab recipe) to give – thoughtful and not too expensive but made with love!

19. Chocolates, candles or a voucher!

20. Taking the easy option and giving gourmet tea bags.

21. Post-it notes because I am addicted to them myself (this is my suggestion)

So do you do presents for teachers, kindy teachers etc?

How much do you spend?


  1. This year I got a few of the parents together and we’ve all chipped in and got her a bottle of Moet. The kids in this class have had 4 different teachers this year so a lot of changes but she’s the latest teacher and she’s done a fantastic job.

  2. I’m lucky. I forked out some cash earlier in the year to the ‘class parent’ who has organised everything! If I was to give a gift, it would probably just be a little home made something and a card with a meaningful and personal message in it. I never became a teacher but I did do several practicums as a student teacher at uni – the things that meant most to me were messages that made me feel like I’d made a difference.

  3. The past few years I’ve gone to Pink Woods (Facebook store) for my teacher’s presents. I bought A’s prep teacher a gorgeous red apple brooch for just $12 and bought the daycare teachers funky earrings for $8 each. Such a bargain!!! When you’re buying for multiple teachers $8 is all you want to spend really, or it is for me anyway. They look beautiful too.

  4. You know what, I am a teacher and you can never go wrong with stationary! Thoughtful gifts go a long way too, as you said, a nice handwritten card or note with some baked goods is something that we remember.

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