Date night before and after kids

It’s fair to say my husband and I were the only couple on ‘date night’ at Yum Cha earlier this week.

We were nearly seated next to a table of six 20-something women laughing and chatting so I asked to move to a quieter table #oldfart.

The waitress looked at me weird and then seated us beside an older sour-looking couple. The irony was not lost on me.

They barely spoke a word to each other the entire evening but did snaffle down dumplings like they were going out of fashion and took a doggy bag of food home.

Beside us there was a very young trendy couple, she had perfect make-up and hair, he had a nice collared shirt and they spoke in hushed tones while staring at us, probably hoping like hell they fare better in their old age than we have.

They were also probably shocked at the amount of wrinkles we have and wondered why we had let ourselves go. Children.

Families with teens made up the other two tables, and they all had blue and white teapots and were chatting with such mirth I hoped one day my fussy trio would grow up to be happy to dine with their oldies at a Chinese restaurant.

Hubby and I and the other young couple were the only ones who ordered alcoholic beverages. I am someone who notices such things.

Lucky for me I got to eat six dumplings because they were all seafood, something hubby isn’t a fan of. I know, he hasn’t lived right?

I made the biggest mess on the paper table-cloth and thought every other diner was staring at me, noticing how inept I was at using chopsticks. They weren’t.


We scoffed our mains, necked the dessert and made the 7.30pm screening of the Magnificent Seven, the eye candy in that movie be STRONG!

But it was a successful date night, although I actually hate this term, not sure why.

Maybe it’s because what my hubby and I do on date night bears no resemblance to what used to happen on dates we had years ago.

These days we rarely go out sans kids, maybe a few times a year which isn’t ideal I know. It’s just we haven’t got a nearby babysitter (hint hint anyone on the Gold Coast who knows someone who knows someone).

Date night before kids:

  • Spend 30 minutes getting dressed and wearing your best bra.
  • Laughing at every clever word that escapes your beloved’s mouth.
  • Listening intently to what your husband did at work that day and feel in awe of their cleverness.
  • Looking about at others in the restaurant and knowing you’re the most loved-up couple in the room.
  • Lovingly flirt all night, decide to ditch the movie and race home for ‘dessert’

Date night after kids:

  • Find something that’s clean, bung you hair up in a ponytail and spray perfume to hide the fact you haven’t showered.
  • Try to think of something interesting to speak about that isn’t about the kids, the house or the bills you have to pay.
  • Listen to what your husband did all day and think to yourself how nice it would be to have a lunch break and speak to other adults during the day.
  • Notice that everyone in the restaurant is WAY too touchy feel and lovey dovey.
  • Nearly fall asleep by the time dessert arrives at 8pm and discuss how you can’t wait to get to bed – to sleep.

Are you a fan of date nights?

Do you make an effort to spend regular time with your other half?

What do you do when you go out sans kids?

Got anything to add to my list?


  1. Lol – go you guys. We used to try and have a date night once a year when we were first married, but after child number 2 that went by the way-side. Until last week. We had a night away from the kids by sheer chance (school holiday sleep-over’s – aren’t they an amazing thing?! 🙂 We had dinner out at local and lovely pub, slept in the next morning until 8.30am (believe me when I say this is extraordinary :). It made me realise we need to reinstate date night. It’s a must.

  2. We moved to Sydney so that we could have a support network that would allow us to get a date night or two…but really, have can you have a date night when you have a breast feeding newborn? Oh well, there is always a quick coffee run, right?

  3. Haha I love date nights but like you, we get them few and far between! I thought about getting a professional babysitter at one point, but then did the maths and realised if we paid the babysitter, we couldn’t afford to go out ????

  4. Oh god, if only mine would go to a movie!
    I’m not sure we ever really ‘dated’ as such but I guess you could call those weekends we got to spend together a date weekend. These days we are too busy working and sleeping and seem to have hit you after kids date night (which we never go out for anyway) minus the kids part. Exciting we are.
    I guess we all just get busy but the time together is always good and hey, I’m always in for a good nights sleep.

  5. When not on a health kick, we have date afternoons, most weekends. This resembles the dates we used to have, as being second timers there is rarely a moment without children. I miss the carefree days, by wouldn’t change it for the world. xx

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