19 things I should not be proud of.

I am that person who…

1. Has lost 2 Fitbit chargers in the past 6 months.

2. Lost 3 hands-free ear devices in a year, back in the day when they didn’t make iPhone headphones with a microphone.

3. Is yet to write in a nifty book she bought for her sister’s 40th in April even though I took it with me to and from Las Vegas. It is sitting on my bedside table.

4. Leaves most of her work until the last-minute but never misses a deadline.

5. Buys foaming handsoap refills even though what we need is the other type.

6. Buys 3-ply double length paper towels and loo paper because I appreciate comfort and hate running out. 

7. Hasn’t done a proper tidy up of her bookcase in 10 years.

8. Will post embarrassing photos of herself on the internet because whatevs.

9. Can’t sleep without water and a tissue beside her bed. Even when I’m at a strangers place I’ll find both those things, even if I have to improvise.

10. Makes her kids hug each other in photos so I can at least pretend to myself that like each other.

kids at the gold coast seaway

11. Still has not got around to having her wedding dress dry-cleaned more than 9 years after the event. 

12. Counts every step when walking up or down stairs. There’s something odd about that right?

13. Pretends to use the bathroom a lot at social events because sometimes I can’t be bothered talking shit.

14. Can talk to a room full of strangers off the cuff about what I do as a writer/blogger and not feel one ouce of nervousness.

15. Is really shit at standing up and trying to remember a speech/debate I have written, prepared and almost memorised.

16. Has no shame in going up to anyone to ask anything eg directions, what’s going on and whether I’m in the right queue. 

17. Randomly talks to strangers and sometimes gets ignored but it doesn’t stop me from doing it again.

18. Begs my kids to eat those free apples/pears they offer at Woollies just because they’re FREE!

19. Has nearly 3 weeks to look at her son’s kindy book but only does so the night before she has to return it.

Can you relate to any of the above?

What sort of person are you?

Are you a 3-ply person as well?


  1. I wonder what is wrong with my kids when they don’t want the FREE fruit. I haven’t thought of stooping to handbag a banana while I pass. Technically it’s not shoplifting!
    When I go out walking I find myself subconsciously counting my steps. I do wonder if I am a weirdo too.

  2. I relate to so many of those…
    The pretending to go to the bathroom a lot so I don’t have to talk shit at social events – Yes!
    My son’s christening gown and the silk dress I wore that day – have been in a bag marked “dry cleaning” – for the past 7 years! (And I’m sure if the wedding dress drycleaning had been left up to me, it would also be in the bag more than 10 years and a divorce later). There are so many other things on your list I relate to, but I have to sign off now as I have an impending deadline!

  3. Hee hee, you’re funny! 3 ply all the way – and yes, you will find me in the toilet numerous times during social events just making sure there is 3 ply paper in there too (or because I’m shy and have trouble talking shit). 😉

  4. Definitely a 3 ply person, can’t remember anything I have read, said, written (I call that etch-a-sketch memory) and if it makes you feel any better, I still haven’t had my wedding dress cleaned either and it will be 10 years in February! Probably worse than that, is that I haven’t made a wedding album either! I might take a leaf out of your book and last minute it in time for the 10th anniversary!

  5. We have a black hole for Fitbit anything so your chargers are probably here. 3 Fitbits have disappeared into thin air!
    I forgot to bring the kindy book home for holidays. I walked in on Monday and saw one lonely portfolio on the shelf. Ari couldn’t care less.
    I’m a Sorbent only, Costco bulk buy, have no idea what ply, kinda woman.

  6. LMAO yep I totally relate hun. I have a gorgeous diary I was given that I was saving for a special time to write in it… only it’s a dated diary and its now fricking July lol xx

  7. So with you on the deadline thing – in my mind the deadline is always the day prior.

  8. Yep, all of them just not the hugging photos. I do try but my kids are usually trying to kill each other.

  9. Ditto 4 and 12. And I’d be with you on 11 if it hadn’t been so FILTHY after a late-night run down the race track! (We got married at a racecourse in Bendigo. Just HAD to have a finishing line photo!)

  10. Apparently, I use too much toilet paper, the debate about quantity and quality in our house is real! I don’t count the stairs, but I set a rhythm…Is that weird?

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