What I did the day before I left Las Vegas

How does one even begin to write about a 5-day whirlwind trip to Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas?

Definitely not at the beginning, that’s not a very good place to start – sorry Sound of Music musical composers but it’s not.

I’ll throw you in the deep end and talk about the day AFTER my sister’s gigantic 40th birthday celebrations. Keep in mind this is just the daylight hours I’m referring to because that night was a whole other Coyote Ugly story, literally.

We slept in until 10.30am, and by we I mean my parents and I, we were roommates and they were the best ever. No wet towels on the floor and mum basically tidied up after me. STOKED! A little sneak peek at our room….


And here is how it looked the night before, with three pisster sisters in it!

palazzo versace las vegas

So the night after my big sissy’s massive 40th birthday celebrations, my sister’s and I found a buffet breakfast nearby (my parents opted for a nicer cafe) and got stuck it.

Alongside the sushi bar, the bourbon ribs and chicken fried steak, there was a bar serving mimosas and so of course it was rude not to indulge, I mean it was nearly 11.30am and that has to be 5 o’clock somewhere right?

After that we girls hit the ‘strip’ of Las Vegas and came across some incredible sights, sounds and silliness. I’m fairly certain we were consuming some beverages along the way and I do recall stopping for a margarita at a bar where I came across 20 ‘lads’.

They had flown over from London for an extended bucks night – and you’ll never guess what these gents were doing. They were standing around watching golf on the TV, talk about crazy mofos.

I was tempted to phone the bride-to-be just to put her mind at ease and tell her that the only hole-in-one she had to worry about was of the golf variety.

We carried on our way and come across some very interesting folk, including dozens of homeless people lying down on the street asking for money, some with bottles of beer in hand.

One creative woman had a sign that said ‘I refuse to become a stripper, please give me money’ and nearby a man had one that read ‘I won’t lie, I need money for beer’.

Then there was this dog who had its own stroller, true story, I wasn’t fast enough to get a clear shot in time but I managed to snap this as we passed each other on the escalator. And no there wasn’t a child in sight.


I could bleat for hours about what we saw but I’ll let some photos and captions do the ‘talking.’

Las Vegas

I like to call this ‘Margarita in plastic pretend blender alongside Louis Vuitton’ a juxtaposition like no other.

How I thought I looked...

What I thought I looked like…



What I actually looked like…


A newly wed with her hubby (in blue) and an Elvis celebrant AND she was actually wearing blue suede stilettos!

A newly wed at the Bellagio (where Ocean’s Eleven was filmed) with her hubby (in blue) and an Elvis celebrant AND she was actually wearing blue suede stilettos!


Not a bride, I think some 'coming of age' ceremony where you have to channel a meringue. She did look stunning and I told her so! Of course I did!

Also at the Bellagio, not a bride, I think some ‘coming of age’ ceremony where you have to channel a meringue. She did look stunning and I told her so! Of course I did!


My winnings for the night...

My winnings for the day… 25 cents.


Mum and I posing outside our hotel, she looks great, I look like a duck face gone terribly wrong!

Mum and I posing outside our hotel, she looks great, I look like a duck face gone terribly wrong!

Las Vegas in the day time blew me away, so many happy people just milling about and I was so grateful to be one of them.

But I’m home now and happy to be back in my little household where I am everything to three little souls – this is something that I missed while I was away.

In saying that, watch this space for some crazy Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and in-flight stories!

Have you been to Vegas, where did you stay? What did you do? What was your fav thing?


  1. Oh mate, you all look so happy. I’m thrilled you got this time with your family. Memories for a lifetime. xx

  2. Oh this all looks so wickedly fabulous! I love that you all escaped together and Las Vegas sounds like a very big change from home. Never been there myself but the flow of margaritas it serves up sound very appealing xx

  3. Looks like you had a ball! We were there a long time ago – 14 years! Eeek! We stayed at Circus Circus – super cheap for a gigantic room, it was summer so ridiculously hot – too hot to stay outside for long during the day, but we loved it. There’s so much to do and look at just wandering around. We went from one free show to the next. Disneyland for adults!

  4. What a fantastic family holiday. Your sisters look as nutty as you! Love your stories. I’d put my dogs in a stroller. What’s wrong with that?

  5. Looks like great fun! I was 12 when I went and the thing I remember most is going inside the Luxor casino.

  6. Oh Em, I can’t wait for more stories….. don’t hold back on us. More photos please!!!!!! Love it.

  7. Sounds like you had a FABULOUS time! Can’t wait to read more stories about your Vegas adventures. Yep, I’ve been there and reading your post today has reminded me of a very awkward/funny thing that happened while I was there – I might have to share it on the blog tomorrow!

  8. Your motel room looked amazing! Luxurious! Lots of happy in these words and pics. Looking forward to more. 🙂 Xx

  9. What an awesome time!! Loved there pics. I want to go to the Bellagio.

  10. What an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear about everything. Las Vegas is such a fun place full of crazy and kooky people. I remember when we first arrived we were walking the strip at night and there were these dodgy people handing out cards. Dave took a few and I slapped him. They were cards for hookers … I’m assuming. We stayed in The Excalibur. Very nice. We even won some money. I’m so glad you had an amazing getaway with your family xx

  11. How much fun does that all look? Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  12. What a fab grown up family adventure! I won a trip to Vegas a few years ago (pre-husband and kids) and took my sister with me – it’s all a bit of a blur but I’m absolutely positive we had a lot of fun!!

  13. Oh what an adventure.
    You are always making me LAUGH.
    I’m on catch up now my cheeky cherubs have returned to school.
    I only went to Phillip Island and Vic. and did a bit of backyard bush camping (in a caravan)
    Thanks for linking up.


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