5 ways to make your child’s December birthday special!

Once December 1 hits most children are counting down to Christmas, but what about those kids who celebrate a birthday in the same month?

Often their special day gets overlooked. My son was born on December 17, just 7 sleeps before one of the most exciting days of the year, and let me tell you it’s no picnic.

This year I’m making a BIG deal about his birthday because otherwise it would just get lost in the chaos.

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Sure it’s not easy but there are ways you can ensure you child’s birthday is special, it just takes a bit of planning and a lot of thoughtfulness!

Here’s my top 5 ways to make sure your December baby has a fabulous birthday:

1. Celebrate one month early!

Last year I was particularly organised and celebrated my son’s 5th birthday an entire month ahead of schedule, this meant his big day wasn’t overshadowed by Christmas. At this age they aren’t 100 per cent aware of times and dates so you can get away with it, but even when he’s older I’m still going to stick with this idea.

2. Countdown to their big day.

When Christmas trees are up and children are exchanging Christmas cards and candy canes, it’s important NOT to talk about how close December 25 is and talk a lot about how many sleeps until your child’s birthday. Forget about how many sleeps until Santa, every day in December remind your child of how many sleeps until their big day, just watch their face beam.

3. Unique gifts.

When your child’s birthday is so close to Xmas it’s tempting to just merge gifts but I say NO WAY JOSE! Why should they miss out or feel as though their birthday isn’t as special because it’s so close to Christmas? Even if their birthday is ON the 25th, make a point of wrapping presents differently or even gift their birthday gifts at a different time.

TIP: Don’t be selfish! Who cares if you are stressed about Christmas, your child’s birthday trumps this!

4. Get your family on board.

Grandparents, aunties and uncles are often much-loved family members so ask them to phone your December baby during the lead-up to their birthday to increase the excitement levels. There’s no greater thing than being told by people you love that you’re going to be another year older, well unless you’re an adult!

5. Go overboard.

I hate to say it but if you’re born in December you often feel as though you’ve lucked out, especially when you’re a teen or at school. Always having a birthday during holidays is no party. This is why I believe parents and family need to make a BIG deal about their December child’s birthday. Talk about it a lot, leave notes and even have a three-day countdown with balloons.

Food for thought: Most kids can’t WAIT for their birthday, but imagine if no one got excited about their birthday because everyone they knew were too excited about Christmas – I say celebrate the December baby!

Do you have a December baby?

Are you a December child? Did you feel as though your special day was properly celebrated?


  1. Let me just say – as someone with a late December birthday – you are a legend!

  2. Love this! Our daughter’s birthday is December 20th & we always give her a birthday party with her school friends in November & then celebrate her actual birthday with the grandparents and cousins etc. She’s turning 11 this year and so far it’s a strategy that’s worked really well. She loves Christmas and thinks it’s pretty cool that having a birthday so close to Dec 25 = two birthday parties!

  3. My birthday is in early January and that sucks big time too – everybody is either broke, away, or all partied out after Christmas and New Year celebrations x

  4. I’m sharing a giveaway for mums whose Birthday falls in December because it unfortunately does get lost in the lead up up to Christmas. I love these ideas and think you are a fabulous mum for making sure your boy feels special. And I also agree about the combined presents… unless of course it is really really expensive but even then, it’s nice to receive a small gift on their Birthday and Christmas.

  5. My kids were mostly born in summer which was hideous for me but good for them. What an awesome mummy you are Em. I was born in the school holidays which was bad for me when I was a kid but is awesome for me as a teacher.

  6. As my boy’s birthday is after Christmas thus we do a countdown to Christmas. My rule is a very low key Christmas, mostly keep the pressies for his birthday, the decorations come down on Boxing day and we start gearing up for birthday celebrations, Nanna 28th, Little Tree 30th.

    Thankfully at this point the couple of little friends he has had since he was just over a year old don’t go away between Christmas and New Year so from his pov all the important people are there making a fuss. I’m not looking forward to the school years because I know there will be times when his heart people just ain’t going to be available to celebrate him.

    Best Wishes


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