No news is good news.

It’s been all ultrasounds, X-rays and weeing in a Jerry can for 24-hours at my joint recently. Too much information?

But I got some news about my renal artery, heart and hormones and it’s what I expected it to be.

A big fat nothing. There is no nasty reason why I have hypertension. I’m just the lucky winner of high blood pressure at 37 for no reason at all, well except genetics as my beloved dad was diagnosed at the same age.

Pill popping is now my game and so is trying to drop 10kgs that my bones weren’t designed to carry in a bid to keep my BP from getting any higher.

Not a baby in sight don't worry mum!

Not a baby in sight don’t worry mum, unless a food baby counts!

Don’t stress I won’t be making a green smoothie eBook or shouting from the rooftops about my many steps I’ve done. Well at least I’ll try not to. Instead I’ll be a starving in silence and morphing into Forrest Gump and walking.

I hear the healthy people sigh and say ‘but you don’t have to starve’ to be healthy. Not true in my case, I eat about three times the amount I’m supposed to because I love all the food so I will effectively be starving myself.

Dead-set, you look at the smallest person you know, bet they don’t snaffle down more than a fist-size amount of food at each sitting. Eat less, get more active, that is the key to healthy life and so there’ll be no gimmicks from me.

In saying that, all advice on how to get fit and healthy will be GLADLY received because I am NOT a patient person and after one week of eating well I am expecting to be 10kgs lighter.

I have much to say right now but I must away because I have the special privilege of visiting our local special needs library to interview a Down’s girl who loves meeting her friends at the library. Sometimes I love my job.

So there you have it, I now have more boxes to tick when they asked about my health history, I will no longer be eating snickers bars at the supermarket checkout and alcohol is now a discretionary item. Excuse me while I go and cry in the corner!

I’ll leave you with a piece of positive propaganda that people keep sending me, it’s like they think all I do is moan about my life and don’t see how great it is, which is of course bullocks.

But who wants to read about how much I adore my kids, the way they say Jeremy not Germany and that I’m so grateful to have a husband who makes great spag bolle. BORING.

Ever had to make a big lifestyle change because of serious health concerns?

Are you inpatient when it comes to getting fit and healthy?

Do you want me to start blogging all grateful and that shiz?


  1. Get out that Fitbit mate!!!

  2. I had two years of drinking way too much champagne, eating way to much cheese and dip, scoffing way too much chocolate and when I finally came to my senses, (my pants ripped when I got out of my car just before walking into work) I was mortified it was going to take months if not a year for me to loose my extra weight, even after exercising my butt off in the first week. So I hear your frustration.

  3. sorry to hear about your health situation, It’s the pits but at least something you can manage. I have a friend with HBP and has been able to get off meds after losing weight, don’ t lose hope! And you are very lucky with your job!x

  4. Good luck with everything! Start with small steps – whatever that might mean to you. Some people can lose at least 2kg just by giving up soft drink or other such things! When I feel like I’m scared of starving or not being able to sustain a better lifestyle I just focus on one better habit at a time.
    I have been trying to lose weight for months. Not hard enough, though my exercise habits are awesome now! Which means that everything AROUND my pot belly is toning up nicely. So that’s gonna look interesting…I’ll probably be plagued by MORE pregnancy rumours – typical! Haha.

  5. Good luck with it all Em! Am sure you can and will do this!! I’m trying to shed the near 10kg I put on whilst overseas so I feel your pain! My advice would be, what’s the smallest thing you could change that could make the biggest difference? Like, full cream to lite milk? Soft drink to sugar free? I think it’s way too hard, and you’ll set yourself up to fail if you try and give up too much too soon! Portion control was always you biggest issue, now I eat smaller meals but more of them..
    Look forward to seeing your journey..

  6. You’re right, no news is good news. You know what you’ve got to do, you know how to do it and most importantly you know WHY you’re doing it. You’ll be fine. One day at a time and yes, what Rachel said, get the Fitbit out and watch the steps. I do it. It helps. Good luck!

  7. Aww sweet. That sucks and to lose 10kg? I have no doubt you can do it because you have motivation to do it, just wish it wasn’t so hard. Can you eat up on protein to keep you full? Bliss balls or something that is supposed to be good for you and taste great?

  8. Please bring out a smoothie Ebook! I’d buy it x

  9. You know my sad and sorry medical history. Suspected stroke, yada yada. When something like this happens, it makes you question everything but you do what they tell you to and you get on with life. More pills, less alcohol and more medical items to tick off the boxes, but life ahead of us to enjoy. We can compare medication next time we catch up over our mocktails!

  10. I’m glad it’s nothing more sinister. High BP is bad enough! I quite like your plan for weight loss, I’m thinking I might sign up 😉

  11. i really like your list. Trying to pinit to Pinterest but there isn’t a Pin It hover button.
    Perhaps install that for more shares.
    p.s. – your hair looks best buttery blonde.

  12. Urgh, all of that sucks! The trick I’ve found is to try and find the one or two things that you really enjoy doing and make it all about you. I’ve tried and hated just about every type of exercise and then I discovered that I really love running with headphones on so I can listen to music or podcasts. I’m also waiting to get my treadmill back and I have a TV series on DVD that I’ve been dying to watch lined up and ready to go.

  13. After changes had to happen for medical reasons in our house, all I can say is make it work for you. Be patient. You’ll learn what works.
    Of course, I am none of those things. But hey, it happened. Now I don’t notice or want the stuff we don’t have.

  14. Oh honey… I love that list…. look I am finally trying to catch up on your life! xxx

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