Don’t be offended but….

I’ve discovered something weird and wonderful since being a brunette – I’m growing white hair like a BOSS!

Photo or it didn’t happen? Well lap it up my lovelies!

going white

Taken hours after my recent surgery.

Also – I’m just as ridiculous as I was when my hair was blonde! Interestingly, after I dyed my hair dark brown one of my FB readers left a comment that will probably offend a lot of you, although I’m sure it wasn’t meant to.

She wrote, and I quote:

“Be prepared… People expect so much more of you as a brunette. Giving a ditzy giggle after doing something stupid will no longer get you a look of endearment from friends and strangers. I cracked and had to go back to blonde under the weight of expectations!”

I took it with a grain of salt because it’s virtually impossible to insult someone who barely survived rearing 3 kids in 3.5 years. Seriously, we parents have a mental toughness that can not be measured.

For the record, no one has ever appreciated my ditzy giggles, I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong or if the snort and nervous laugh that follows only serves to make people feel sorry for me.

As for doing something stupid, it’s the story of my life but I no longer have any shits to give. My field is completely barren of shits.

Back to my impending whiteness, I’m actually a wee bit excited about the fact because it’s a reminder that I’m growing older and wiser. Ageing has never worried me. Everyone that has galloped through the gate of 40 assures me that I’ll feel differently when it’s my turn.

It’s my aim to prove them wrong. As far as I’m concerned growing old is a freaking gift that isn’t afforded everyone so it’s something to embrace, not get your knickers in a knot about. Life can be cut short and this is something I learned quite young in life.

What I do fear is my temple, aka my body, not lasting as long as my crazy-ass mind. Mind you I’ve put myself through a lot of checks recently and got lots of big juicy ticks so that’s reassuring! Now to ace the 24-hour blood pressure one next week.

How is your white/grey count? Do you even give a shit?

What about ageing, does it freak you out – why?


  1. Not one “you’ll feel differently when it’s your turn” type of comment has EVER been true for me in my life.

  2. Lol. Congrats on the whites! You’re such a top chick. I don’t know too many people who would be so breezy about some whites appearing. How are your pubes looking? (this is probably not a question meant to actually be answered) I hear they turn first. Being a ranga, I think I’ve got a while before anything happens down south. Okkkkeeee, this is perhaps one of the weirdest comments I’ve made on a blog so I think it’s time to say, over and out x

  3. I stopped handing over my precious money & time to the hairdresser for her complicit role in keeping my head of hair from exposing the secret that….
    I HAD more real silver than fake gold.
    She took some convincing! I said NO more streaks! I have in-built ones anyway.
    Best decision ever.
    Love a hair appointment now that takes under 20 mins & is $25. I never liked that “reading a magazine & having a coffee time” ever.

  4. it’s all good hun! …
    I love what she wrote! … I think it’s kind of true!;
    it’s all in the attitude!
    I was born with black hair! … only streaked it in the last 5 years!
    50% grey is good! all in the mix!
    enjoy your age whatever it is! … love m:)X

  5. Bring on the 40s I say! Age is a state of mind, you’re only as old as you feel, and so on and so forth with other cheesy platitudes ;). You’re awesome x

  6. I freaked out about turning 40 but now that I’m two years in, I don’t know what I was worrying about! No grey hairs here (yet) but I do have a forehead that could probably do with some sort of botox situation pumped into it fairly urgently!!

  7. I’ve actually decided to grow my colour out. People are a little bit horrified because the new growth is almost completely grey. I’m just sick of all of the faffing about with having thick hair that costs twice as much and twice as long to colour. Seriously I’ve never had a hairdressing appointment that lasted less than 2.5hours.

  8. Multiple grey hairs appearing hard and fast this year and I really am giving a major shit! Freaking out. My biggest thing is not being able to stretch out dye jobs. Why do they always arrive in your part first?? I should research that! Not that it is going to save me.

  9. I am fully grey and have been since the age of 30! I have an awesome hairdresser thankfully but geez it costs a mint to continue being a red head. I’m not usually phased but why oh why does it always look really grey and grow back all of a sudden when there is a wedding or an event where u need it done and have no $100 bucks spare to do it. Story of my life but I blame 3 kids under 4 and quite frankly that is an awesome excuse!!

  10. Being a year off 40, I love going to the hairdressers and being told I hardly have any grays and then trying to convince them I really don’t give a s#$t. I shaved my head for a fundraiser 2 years ago and haven’t bothered much with colours since. My husband tells me it’s false advertising as when we met my hair was about 10 different colours, so I just remind him that he has lost more hair since we’ve been married!! I’ve noticed that a lot of the people who warn me about feeling different when I get to 40 are those who haven’t felt able to be themselves before then. I just don’t care and am happy to be myself, no matter what age I am.

  11. My two younger sisters hate me – they are both almost completely grey, whereas I am only just starting to get a few glittery strands!!!! I’m finally at an age where I enjoy looking younger than I really am!!!

  12. I don’t mind aging because whatever age I am there are always great people who are older than me that I look up to and hope to be awesome like them when I get to their age. I see aging as something to look forward to rather than be worried about.
    Having said that though, not super happy about the white hairs I have suddenly seen sprouting all over my head. My husband assures me he can not see them but I would like to wait another decade or two before I start rocking the silver hair.
    Hope you are recovering from your op quickly.

  13. I am loving your brunette look, honey!! Life is too short to get stressed about other people’s expectations of you, right? I have STACKS of greys and have dealt with them from my mid 20’s. Just another excuse to pamper myself at the hairdresser’s 😉

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