Stupid decisions, liver conditions and my physician.

Doesn’t time fly when you have to pin down your kids to put in eye drops?

I suppose it’s better than having to visit the neighbours (again) to ask if they’ve found a pair of your knickers in their backyard.

You see my son has started helping me hang out washing by flinging small items up in to the air and hoping like hell they land on a line. It’s hilarious to watch, but not so funny when items end up on Bruce’s head, this is our neighbour’s dog.

My recent procedure has actually been a good thing for the kids to go through, it has shown them that parents aren’t bulletproof and they’ve been willing to help more than usual.

For the win!

For the win!

Funny story, actually it’s more of a lesson I learned in regards to what not to your tell kids about surgical procedures you’re about to have. My fabulous friends and online community suggested the upfront and honest approach and it worked a treat.

Well except since my hospital visit my son has started getting night terrors and won’t sleep without me beside him, however, that’s probably more related to the stupid decision my husband made a few weeks ago.

Anyway in the interests of keeping things simple I told the kids that there was something in my stomach that shouldn’t be there and it was going to be removed and that doing so would make me better. They asked how it got there I said it just grew.

So imagine my surprise when I hear one of my kids tell a kindy teacher that mum’s in hospital because there’s something growing in her tummy that shouldn’t be and it was being removed. Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a few conclusions were probably leaped to. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve filled my kid quota.

It didn’t help that when they do keyhole surgery they pump your stomach and abdomen region up like moon hopper so they’ve got plenty of room to throw around knives and cameras.

I look upduffed at the best of times but last week I was hobbling as well, you can imagine the chit-chat about the place. Although it might have just been perceived not actual.

ready for surgery

T minus 45 minutes until surgery

Speaking of cameras, you can imagine my surprise, and utter delight, when my surgeon told me that my liver was looking fabulous. With a slightly perplexed look on my face I wondered how he knew I wondered how Mr Liver was holding up since the birth of my three kids.

It turns out while he was in my body he ‘flipped’ the camera up and had a look at my liver. Nothing dodgy there. Day made.

What about those night terrors – any tips?

What about Chinese whispers and kids, ever had a story get out of control?

Did you miss me? Or even notice I’ve been too busy (lazy) to blog?


  1. Welcome back mate.
    Pleased no one has done an up-close inspection of my liver lately. Can’t believe you had to go next door to get your knickers back. Hilarious!

  2. Congrats on having a good looking liver. I hate to think what mine looks like! Hilarious story your son told his teacher, bahahahahaha x

  3. yes we missed you em!
    we’ve been on the beautiful sunshine coast for 5 wks!
    the other day I thought where is em?
    good news about your liver! hope you are in good form soon!
    love m:)X

  4. All the nice people have good looking livers… as for the gas they pump in. OMG what a lot of P for PAIN that brings!! More than any operation scarring. I had keyhole – read 3 points where they cut – for my gall bladder removal in 2008. OK, that went well until I could not freaking move because of the gas and the pain into my shoulder (a common side effect they told me). I was in so much pain from THAT I hobbled down to physio in the hospital for them to undo the mess there. And discharged myself when I could not bear another moment in shared room. Oh my I hate shared rooms. D x

  5. Good to see you lovely! I’m not sure I want to know the state of my liver. It might be bad news xx

  6. What an ace Doc you have! So pleased all is okay! When my prep aged boy (at the time) had a friend over for the first time he was showing him around the house when my husband came out of his room in his electric wheelchair – Son says, with a wave of a hand gesture, “Oh, and that’s just Dad. That’s not his wheelchair it’s a borrowed one and he has to give it back when he dies!” Then without even taking a breath continued on his tour. Kids! 🙂

  7. Hahaha glad you’re on the mend. You guys are so funny and your blog name is so apt 🙂

  8. Bahahahhahahha to your kids and the kindy teacher! Good to see you back on your feet again and ready to kick ass. And how weird that you actually got to see one of your internal organs!

  9. I’m not laughing I promise!! Hilarious. As for that liver – high fives mate xx

  10. I’ll raise a glass to your healthy liver! 😉

  11. Glad all was okay….

    And I’m always shocked when blood tests and similar show my liver functioning to be normal. The body is an amazing thing!

  12. Welcome back and congratulations on your lovely liver! Here’s a cheers to good health! x

  13. Cheers for having an unimpaired liver!

  14. Oh, god, I wonder how my liver is tracking? Presumably better than my gall bladder which I managed to break before I was 30. Goodbye, gall bladder. Am trying to be gentler with other organs now.

    Hope you’re feeling better. And as long as you look better in your knickers than Bruce does, all is well. xx

  15. Did he charge extra for that ?
    Cheers to a good looking liver.
    Kids are so funny and i’m sure teachers don’t even listen to half of what they say (or I hope so).


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