The day I dyed my hair brown and hated it.

I had no idea I was so vain until I had my hair dyed brown and I hated it.

I’ll cut an extremely long story short and will give you a run down on the incident in beloved bullet point format. I love bullet points, they really pack a punch.

  • Friday 11am went to my hairdresser of 7 years and told her I wanted to dye my hair brown. I had 3 coffees, 2 chocolate mints and a great scalp massage.
  • When the colour was revealed I hated it almost instantly and knew it wouldn’t grow on me. It wasn’t the fact I was no longer blonde, it was the colour I disliked, almost auburn.
  • Don’t get your knickers in a knot if you have auburn hair, I didn’t say I hated you, I said I hated the colour on me.

Exhibit A – A text message I sent to my sister after I got home but before I sat in my office and cried ridiculous tears about something as trivial as my hair colour.


Exhibit B – Notice a lack of smile in the selfie shot during the straightening process. Middle photo was taken at school pick-up and I would have worn a paper bag over my head to collect my kids if there had been one in the car! And then there’s the copper top shot (far right) I knew I would not get used to this colour.

copper hair

The Reaction:

How did the kids react when I finally had enough courage to leave the safety of my car at school pick-up?

One child covered their mouth in shock and told me they hated it.

Another was stunned initially but seconds later had their precious arms wrapped tightly around my neck and said they loved it.

The other one didn’t give a shit.

Husband chose his words VERY carefully, unlike the other day when he told me, blonde at the time, that he preferred brunettes! More on his faux pas here.

As for me I kept getting a shock at the dark-haired woman who was now living in my house and started considering going back to blonde!

Exhibit C – my daughter using a drawing she did of me to convince me to dye my hair back blonde.

hated my hair colour

What happened next?

  • I drank wine and questioned my sanity, and not just because I looked like a copper teapot but because I seemed to care so much about my bloody hair colour!
  • I woke up, still looking like a copper teapot, got freaked out at the strange woman walking around my house and refused to take my daughter to netball because I was unhappy with my hair.
  • 2pm – back to hairdressers, hat in hand and begged Louise to fix my hair, she agreed.
  • On the way home my I called my husband telling him that I was back in love with my hair and he said that he knew I’d go back to being blonde.

Oh how I love proving my husband wrong – ta-da!


What happened during my second visit to the salon?

  • I sheepishly told Louise I didn’t mind that I wasn’t blonde but I wanted to be browner, like Princess Kate, yes I know I’m ridiculous. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone back to the salon saying you aren’t happy with your hair, but I have, and it never gets any easier. But it has to be done, with courtesy and respect, because if you hate your colour it can usually be fixed!
  • We decided to use my copper teapot as highlights for a new darker overall colour and VOILA!
  • 3 coffees, 2 chocolate mints, a massage chair, a scalp wash and a blow-dry and straighten later I had the colour I wanted.
  • It was love at first sight, unlike the day before when I left telling myself I would get used to looking like a copper teapot.

A happier montage of the finished product!

new hair take 2 - use

Not sure how long I’ll keep it his way but I have been toying over the idea of going darker for ages, this was even before I knew my husband had a secret thing for brunettes.

I can’t believe I actually took the plunge but I am excited about the fact I will now be able to wear a lot more colours than before and I won’t have to worry about black roots.

Speaking of roots, I hope I’m not more attractive to my husband now I have brown hair – a girl needs her beauty sleep!

Have you ever been bold enough to change your hair after having it the same way for all your life?

Tell me fashion gurus do I need to change my make-up? Should I wear less black now?

What are some of the rules of being a brunette?


  1. YAY for you having the guts to go back to the salon 🙂 I love the dark brown on you, you sexy woman you. Good on you for being brave to change.
    P.S so glad you went back although I liked the copper, darker suits you MUCH better xxx

  2. YES!!!! When I saw the copper-ness I was hoping you went back for a darker, chocolate shade. I’m loving that. It gives you a whole new personality. I bet you feel fresh and sexy! At least, you’re husband will be thinking so 😉 xxx

    • I was thinking the same thing. How weird that the original turned out more red than brown! I do love the chocolate version though, it really suits you. Will make it a smidge harder for me to find you next week, but challenge accepted!

      • I could have told the hairdresser that blonde hair goes copper when you put most shades of brown straight on, and she really should have told Emily that too. To go from blonde to ‘proper’ brown you need to do it in two stages. My girlfriend learned that the hard way when we were in high school, lol! Let’s just say, even after finally getting her hair ‘proper’ brown and eventually going back to blonde, she never could shake the nickname Red!

  3. Hey Em,
    In the last photo in the line up you look just like your big sister! It makes you look younger (you lucky cow) 🙂
    Love ya xxxx

  4. I love your new colour Emily. It is quite an adjustment when changing colour so dramatically from light to dark. You look amazing and thank you for sharing V x

  5. Oh wow! I love the darker brown! I didn’t mind the copper but the dark brown is gorgeous!
    I have a shaved undercut on one side and I’m brunette but I’m hopeless with rules so wear what you like, I say!

  6. It brings out your eyes Emily and makes you look younger. Very lovely!

  7. Kate @ From Katie to Kate says:

    Love the brown, Em, love it, but enough about you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of your daughter. LOVE.

  8. Ooh yeah that copper was not good on you!! but I love the brown 🙂

  9. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I’ve had my fair share of hair colour disasters, been back for a fix up many times, and have found it strengthens my realationship with my hairdresser. She’s been doing my hair for 13 years now. I have to say again, I love your colour. Xxxx

  10. Yep, definitely more Princess Kate! I love it 🙂

  11. LOVE the second colour, suits you so well! Can’t imagine you as blond now, seriously!

  12. Wow! You look amazing! I’ve never changed my colour that dramatically although I have cut it all off to go pixie cut short. Well done on going back and getting the right colour. I once had highlights which looked more like tiger stripes and completely freaked out and got rid of them rather than perhaps just toning them down.

    I think black clothes are gorgeous with dark hair, but a bit of colour always looks good, especially a bit of bright lippy.

  13. Yeah the copper pot thing looks okay on me because I’m originally a copper pot (ranga) but it’s so not you! LOVE the fixed version, though. Gorgeous!I’m glad you went back. Hairdressers get away with too much. I still blame them for my Leo Sayer perm and famous mullet-perm of the 80s.

  14. As you know, I went blonde last year unintentionally, and it was certainly a shock! It was not what I asked for at all, but I the end I really loved it, luckily! It’s half grown out now because with studying this year I just can’t afford the regular appointments you need to maintain blonde hair so now I look like I have that bayalage thing that people pay ridiculous amount of money for!

    I love the darker colour Em, it looks great on you! I don’t have any rules for dressing as a brunette, didn’t know there was any, lol!

  15. Ha ha, cool. I love it! Good to have a change. I actually didn’t mind the auburn, but the darker colour is great too. I went and had my pre-PB haircut yesterday, nothing too radical but nicely blow dried, and my Mr 4 cried when I walked in the door! He said he wanted me to look ‘normal’ read: in my tracky dacks with bed hair, lol.

  16. As a raging redhead I quite liked the copper on you but I think the new Chocolatier Em rocks!

  17. Both looked great but the chocolate rocks! Love it! xx

  18. It looks great – my hair throws copper whenever I die it brown so I understand what you went through. Toner is a girls’ best friend!

  19. Love the chocolate look! It totally suits you! Looking forward to seeing the new you in person next week! x

  20. Looks ace! But I didn’t hate the copper teapot either – you would have looked nice on my new industrial ladder shelves actually. Copper is so on point right now.

    Hurrah to no roots – either way.

  21. It looks much nicer a darker brown. It suits you x

  22. Ah yes… I like it chocolate brown better. I had mine brown for a few years (twice actually) and it tended to go chestnut-coloured but I liked it a cooler chocolate brown better…

    I really like it Em and am glad you stuck with it!

  23. Oh I love the chocolate brown! Looking forward to seeing it in person this week 🙂

  24. Dark hair totally suits you! So fresh my dear. I’ve changed my hair about five times this year, it was scary at first but I love choosing new colours now!

    Tip for brunettes (after being a brunette for 26 years) / red lipstick looks amazing with dark hair, embrace it !!!

  25. The chocolate brown looks fantastic!

  26. Loving the chocolate brown hon. Really love it! The copper look, well not so much. Loved your kids responses. Made me chuckle. I used a packet for the first time a couple of months ago. It cost me six bucks. I thought it looked ok until hubby put his 5 cents in. Went to my hairdressers the next morning! X

  27. You are so gorgeous in any colour Em!!! I actually didnt mind the auburn on you at all. But you are looking extra gorgeous/stylish as a brunette! Cant wait for PB to see you again!!!!

  28. You are one of the lucky ones who suits being both blonde and brunette! You are rocking that Princess Kate Brown. Can’t wait to see it IRL on Thursday x

  29. Oh darling, you look gorgeous in the brown… but the copper just didn’t look right did it? So glad you are happy with your hair and it took courage to go back and change it. Looking forward to seeing it this week in person. Not much rooting will happen this week with Problogger on I suspect. x

  30. I love the chocolate brown! You look great! Very sleek. I am naturally dark brown but I’ve been all colours. When I was blonde I used to love wearing turquoise, blues and greens. As a brunette I tend to wear warmer colours, more pinks and reds. Good on you for going back to the hairdresser and speaking up. Once years ago, I got my hair dyed red at the hairdressers – the kind where they have to strip the brown out (so it’s like hay) then the colour is added. At work, a senior colleague started calling me “Big Red” (she wasn’t very nice). I couldn’t stand the ribbing so I went back the next week and made it brown again!

  31. i freaking love it you big spunk! Wow it really really suits you. Too funny you have gone dark and I dipped my head in a bucket of bleach. Grass is always greener and all that. 😉 I think you look absolutely gorgeous xx

  32. HAWT!!! Love it darl, looks awesome! See you in a couple of days you chocolate bombshell!! X

  33. I love the darker colour Em – you look great! And you got two scalp massages. I’d count that as a winning week xx

  34. The brown looks great. I love your different faces through the process. See you soon.

  35. The first few photos are hilarious, thanks for the laugh. I recently did the same and when my 10 year old saw my brown hair for the first time said “God Mum you look like a grandma!” Needless to say I gave it a further twig and now it looks okay and will look even better after two more visits to the hair dresser. Yours looks great though.


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