My husband’s little secret.

My nostrils were flaring after my husband let me in on his little secret.

We were discussing my desire to dye my hair brown and he quietly said that he actually preferred brunettes over blondes but “it was lucky that I had such a great personality”.

Now there’s an insult in there somewhere but I’m taking it as a win and unusually didn’t take the bite. Mr HALOM prides himself on being able to go fishing without leaving the house!

When we met I was blonde, not of the stripper-grey variety, although I’m not against it, but slightly more natural-looking than platinum!

Like this, shit how can I have changed so freaking much in 10 years. Excuse me while I go and hide in the bush and cry. Fark haven’t I let myself go?

me when I was young

ANYHOE, naturally my hair is a non-colour! Actually the Toxford English Dictionary describes it as ‘the most boring mix of brown, ash blonde, almost grey-like, think bland’.

A few weeks ago my son told me that he didn’t like my yellow hair, I told him it was called blonde and he laughed and kept on calling it yellow. Boo.

Thing is when you have a hair colour that’s lighter than your natural one then it’s a right royal pain in the butt. Much like a leaky bladder, regrowth is the gift that keeps on giving.

As you know I’ve turned a corner and feel that I finally have my shit together and so maybe it’s time for a lick of paint on top. That sounded ruder than it was meant to.

I was born with white hair and it’s been a variant of blonde for almost 37 years – I have never gone any darker than a few risque caramel foils. Well except for that time I dyed my hair purple but I was 16 and so that doesn’t count.

So I thought maybe it was time to try something different, but I wondered was I really plucky enough to change the one constant in my life?

I asked my gorgeous Facebook friends what they thought about this ‘mock-up’ and it was a resounding – HELL YEAH!

dying your hair

So I went to see my hairdresser of 7 years and we talked about how I wanted to go darker and I could tell she was itching to be able to do something other than a 1/2 head of blonde foils.

But did I have the guts to go through with it? Could I really turn my back on the colour that has defined me for nearly 40 years?

You’ll have to stay tuned until tomorrow and I will tell you ALL the gory details, including the part about when I cried…..

Do you dye your hair? What is your natural hair colour?

Have you ever spoken to your other half about their preferred hair colour – who even gives a shit?


  1. Oh damn I was hoping for an “after” shot at the end there! Cheeky 🙂

  2. You cried? Oh dear!
    Bearhands has never admitted a preference – not even when I came home with red hair!
    Looking forward to the next instalment when the tears turn out to be tears of joy.

  3. Hanging out to see what happened next!

  4. I hope you go for it! It will look terrific. If you change your mind, just go back & change it again. In the scheme of things, this is an easy change and one to have fun with – for you!

  5. Gahhhh … the suspense is killing me! Crossing everything they are tears of joy! xx

  6. Oh…. Next instalment please!
    Bloody husbands and their ‘innocent’ comments!

  7. You’ll look fabulous, no matter what your hair colour is, so go for it!

  8. My husband prefers what ever hair colour I’m currently sporting if he knows what’s good for him. Love the Toxford dictionary! Hehehehe.

  9. My husband prefers brunettes. He’s never even pretended otherwise. Which, given I’ve been varying shades of red since I met him, makes me wonder if he may need glasses! Can’t wait to see your new hair. No matter what shade you’ll rock it!

  10. Cliffhanger much! My husband does a lot of fishing from home too! Xx

  11. Cliff hanger … meanie! Sometime a change is as good as a holiday and there is some truth to that annoying quote (personally I am always thinking well I’d take the holiday). Sometimes it is just nice to try something different. And hey, it’ll grow out or you’ll cover it if you get sick of it. I’ve been considering getting foils again, just to lighten a bit, but then I recall that in about 1 week I will have regrowth and need to tie it up constantly until they grow out or I get a patch up.

  12. Oooh, cliffhanger! Can’t wait to see it.

    And yeah, I so hear you on what 10 years can do to a person. But actually, I think it’s more what 3 kids and fuck all sleep can do to a person. Anyhoo, breeders gonna breed.

  13. Agh you’ve left me hanging! I want to see the after pics too!

  14. Wanting to see the after photo! Yes, I dye my hair too. I’m a redhead with sadly a LOT of grey so have to make sure the little buggers are hidden! I blame my husband for them as they only started to appear when we starting living together. Coincidence? I think not…

  15. Ooh! I can’t wait to see what happened! The suspense!!! I think based on your mock up pic, you’re going to look amazing!
    My hair is naturally black with a slightly reddish sheen in the sun (for example other people have more of a blue black etc). Being Asian, it could be really boring, but I don’t mind it. See, I’ve been more willing to take risks with colours over the years, because if I screw it up, I can go buy any permanent black dye from anywhere and fix it right there and then – no worries!!

  16. The anticipation is killing me! Looking forward to seeing the reveal.

  17. I’m a bit like you and have no idea what
    colour my hair actually is! Haha.. Have seen the sneak peek on Insta.. Looks great!!!

  18. Aaaah yes, as someone who naturally rocks a mousy shade of dark blonde, I feel your pain! I used to have gorgeous golden hair when I was younger, now I get my kicks from a bottle.


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