I miss men.

I like women I really do but I also like men, a lot.

Not in that way you cheeky things, but in a way that they are completely different to women and I find that refreshing.

Sadly my life is void of males that stimulate me, again, mind out of gutter. I’m talking about those conversations you have at work and the flippant approach many have to life.

For years I sat next to an incredibly talented journo, he’s now the editor of one of Queensland’s top daily newspapers. We used to talk some shit. It didn’t hurt that he had nice eyes and a fabulous belly laugh.

We also used to discuss EVERYTHING and we both taught each other a few things about the other sex. Communication was what I taught him, not being a nag is what he tried to teach me. I’m a slow learner.

Fact is I miss talking to men, I miss watching them flirt with people and I miss looking at men. They’re truly are interesting creatures, smelly and hairy, but often fascinating.

What about Mr HALOM, I hear you cry! Of course I adore him but he can’t be every male can he? Just like I can’t be a lot of different women, although I do give it a red-hot shot when I have PMS.

Working from home means I rarely get to speak to men, well I get to chat to the parcel delivery man a few times a week but that’s only for a few seconds and he probably thinks I’m strange.

At school if you talk and laugh with dads a large chunk of mums think you’re trying to hit on him and feel sorry for you. And there’s only so much groceries, booze, petrol and pizza you can buy.

At uni most of my best mates were guys, half the bullshit, twice the fun. But again this usually doesn’t endear you to other females.

In saying that some men are big into drama and love nothing more than gossip – these are not my sort of men. I prefer my men sharp-witted and intelligent.

And it doesn’t hurt if they’re easy on the eye! Like most people in relationships I do like to look at the menu even though I know I can’t select.

magic mike

Do you miss interacting with men on a daily basis?

What is your favourite thing about men compared to women?


  1. YES! I am secretly a bloke in so many ways. I love being around guys. Like you say, it’s not necessarily a sexual thing (unless it’s Channing Tatum haha), it’s just a human interaction thing. I went to a kid’s birthday party where I knew no-one recently and the dads seemed SO cool and I wanted to sit down and just chat with them the whole time (I kept overhearing fascinating snippets of conversation about travel to places I’d been and they were all watching the footy on the TV guilt free), but I had to sit with the mums who were all awkward or busy or overanalysing how to impress each other, because it’s not good politics to make a bee line for the husbands. I found a lot of my guy friends disappeared when they got long term partners by the time I got into my 20s and that made me sad because I’ve never been a threat – I have a healthy sense of appropriate boundaries and it’s not like I’m shit hot either haha. I miss the banter and the balance between genders. I like when our whole close friendship group is in attendance at an event because then I can sit down and talk with the dudes and no-one cares. My husband gets along well with his female friends too. I guess we probably balance each other out a bit or something.
    I told my mum I missed just sitting back with the guys talking shit and she reminded me that my best friends were boys in primary school for a while. Then she told me that ended when one of them died…yeah, so I asked her where my therapy was haha (it’s OK – I’ve had years to work through that one). I was always the girl that liked the same music, sports (surfing in particular) and cars as the guys growing up. I miss men too x

  2. While at Uni I worked in a few retail stores with for the most part gossipy, bitchy Women. So I loved it when I landed a job in a small hardware store, working with predominantly men & interacting with men was so refreshing!
    Most of my friends at Uni were male & working in insurance I sat alongside 3 of the funniest guys & got along with them famously. We spoke about their wives, life, everything & generally had a blast. When I went through a miscarriage they were some of my biggest supporters & then my subsequent pregnancy, they were fantastic. I left there when I had my eldest son & went on to teaching after that, which is back with mostly women & I miss that male working environment. Now I’m at home, married & my only male interaction is my Husband, he’s a good listener & is a no drama kind of guy, but yeah if I look back on those earlier days, I guess I just miss friendship.. Support.. #missloner here 🙂

  3. I think journalism, marketing/PR and certainly blogging can be far to female for our own good. I have two female bosses at work, although the big boss is male. There are a fair few guys floating around our office though and I do enjoy the banter.

  4. Yes! Despite being a psychologist (largely girls) my career has been in primarily male dominated environments. I have a more male than female brain in many ways and I miss the straightforwardness and interesting conversations with a different spin. If I’m honest I miss the mild flirting and the platonic male-female interaction too. Thankfully my consulting work is picking up and I generally find that my clients are male. I don’t think I’d cope well with all blokes all the time but a more equal mix is great.

  5. I definitely miss hanging with men AND women in a work environment. I remember workplaces not for the work I did there (or didn’t do – whatever) but for the relationships I formed. Oh man, I have some amazing memories.

    But men are cool, you’re right. I like men, too.

  6. Studying and then working in IT meant that my colleagues were all male for a long time. I loved their company and thought they were fun to hang around. However, I really value the friendships I have with my close girlfriends in a way that I didn’t when I was younger. I still love having a geeky convo with a guy (and the raised eyebrows that go along with it). But if you offered me a night out with the blokes, or a night out with girls, for probably the first time in my life, I’d choose the girls.

  7. Hey Emily,

    I certainly enjoy men a lot more. And I am with you, not the gossipy, bitchy types, they can only take you so far, but men that love to laugh and flirt and are full of self confidence. I am over the men who think childish behaviour is appealing and sexist remarks are going to win my attention.

    And as for woman, for whatever reason, my presence seems to bring at the competitiveness in them and I bore so easy of this behaviour. But that’s humans for you. Better stop bitching or the next woman with a remark that sounds even remotely like a boring whine might just get bitched slapped. Okay only joking but I have a great imagination.


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