The epitome of rudeness.

Sure I let my kids go a bit feral at times but there’s one thing I will NEVER tolerate in them.

A lack of manners.

In my house I don’t budge an inch if my kids forget the word please when they ask me to help or get something for them. Good manners are also rewarded with praise.

I have no doubt that I have haters across the land because when an adult ‘forgets’ to use their manners I usually say very pleasantly ‘you’re welcome’. Yes I’m that person.

Some might argue that they don’t need to say thanks because they didn’t ask me to hold the door open for them, to pick up something they dropped or to let them go ahead of me in the checkout queue because they only had one item.

Quite frankly that attitude stinks because I bet if I let the door slam in their face or make them wait for my 245 items to be scanned then they’d roll their eyes, sigh audibly and sarcastically say ‘oh thanks’.

I’m not sure whether it’s that everyone feels ridiculously entitled these days or whether they are just not nice people, but a lack of manners is the epitome of rudeness. It’s up there with letting go of a silent but violent in an elevator.

And might I add that a person’s wealth or alleged status in society does not excuse them from having manners. Everyone needs to treat each other with courtesy, even those born with a silver spoon in mouth.

Shyness is also no excuse, sorry but it’s not. A small whisper or gentle smile is thanks enough if words are too hard to say.

Every day I reinforce the use of manners with my kids, not just because it might make someone overlook their eating pasta off the supermarket floor or picking their nose, but because to me there is nothing more important than being grateful and polite to others.

Manners will never go out of fashion.

manners meme rude kids

There’s a part of me that wonders if some parents refuse to teach their kids manners because they see it as ‘uncool’ or as a sign of weakness.Β Think about the future we’re creating, imagine a world where no one gives a rats about anyone but themselves. It’s not a pretty place.

I fear the world in 40 years time will be full of entitled f-wits who only think of themselves and I worry for my kids and their robot pets and flying cars.

Thanks for reading and go forth and be polite.

What’s one thing you won’t tolerate?

Are you the manners police?

Or maybe you think I’m being a bit precious or old-fashioned – fire away?


  1. Haha, yep, I let my kids eat off the floor but I make sure they say thank you when I pass them the bowl!! Nothing cuter than a toddler saying ‘ank oo’ unprompted πŸ™‚

  2. I so agree. I am the shyest person alive but also the most polite. I can always manage a thank you or please even If I can’t manage eye contact (yes, I know some people think that’s rude too- I blame my Aspergers!) One time Mr 6 rudely demanded a drink by saying “Mum, get me a drink!” I told him firmly that he should never speak to me like that but say “Excuse me Mum, may I have a drink please?” A few days later I was told that I had been waking him up rudely in the mornings and should say “Excuse me David, can you wake up please?!” Little bugger! LOL

  3. Yes yes yes. I am also the parent that not only needs a please to do something, but hates it being referred to as ‘the magic word’. Please is not a magic word that my kids can use to get whatever they want. Please is the minimum requirement for me to even consider their proposal. x

  4. Oh I’m with you Em, it is my
    Absolute pet hate when people don’t say thanks when you are standing there like a tool holding it for them and I always say you’re welcome very loudly before flouncing off in a huff! It really annoys me when car driver don’t hold their hand up to say thanks when you’ve just tried to turn into a side road seen them coming and reversed back onto the Main Street to let them through, he even looked at me with a dirty look as I hadn’t given him quite the whole road so that he could drive past! Grrrrrr this *may* have just happened 10 minutes ago!

  5. Am in total agreement Emily. Good manners cost nothing. There is too much rudeness out there.

  6. Good on you for sticking to your guns! As a teacher there is so much lacking that good manners really stand out and I really believe they will open opportunities that may not be offered to you otherwise.

  7. merilyn says:

    definitely the manners police here em!
    it costs nothing to be courteous and have respect for others! … and a bit of kindness!
    please and thankyou is a given as far as I’m concerned!
    ok I know I’m old school and old fashioned! rudeness is in every level of society!
    people don’t give a toss!
    don’t get me started I’m over people! … i’ll stay in my hermitage! it’s heap nicer there!
    when did it all go awry! love m:)X

  8. Oh yes, please and thank you are no-brainers! I also struggle with kids who interrupt their parents when their parents are talking to someone else, but I know some well-behaved kids who do this so perhaps there’s an age at which this habit improves. My friend’s 3yr old can’t yet ‘wait’.

  9. I remember years ago I was coming home in an airport with five grizzly kids and as I was leaving the toilets with three of them I forgot to say thank you to the lady who held the door open for me. She yelled at me and I burst into tears. I don’t like bad manners and I felt ashamed of myself. I make sure to say thank you extra loudly now πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve always been pretty strict with manners in our house, even with the super shy.

  11. I so totally agree with this, manners cost nothing. I mean really, how difficult is it to say please, thank you and the like? Good on you for teaching your children what I consider to be the right way!

  12. I like manners. Luckily we haven’t needed to do much to get good manners in our house. My kids seems to be naturally well mannered. Yay!

  13. Absolutely! I don’t think it’s too much to ask, manners make all the difference. x

  14. My parents brought me up with manners & l new if l didn’t use my manners l would have got a biff on the back of my head.

  15. I am with you…manners or lack thereof is a pet hate of mine. I often hear myself commenting, often to adults to…

  16. We don’t budge on manners but the kids noticed in japan how much more polite everyone is than in Australia. They thought it was a good thing and, though they’ve always had great manners, since they returned are making an even bigger effort. Is there anything that travel can’t do? (besides pay the bills) πŸ™‚

  17. I am with you100%.
    I have denied small children chocolate because they REFUSED to say please.
    I am definitely one for saying “you’re welcome” to adults too.
    I had a boss who NEVER voluntarily said please or thank you so every single time he asked me for something, I made a comment and made him say it.

    Manners matter!!!

  18. I don’t budge on manners. My tornadoes may be full-on but they don’t get anything unless they say please and thank you. Yesterday Mr TT tried out “Mummy, get me a kiwi”. He knew straight away from my lack of reply and the look on my face how I felt about that! It wasn’t long until I heard a very polite “Mummy, can I have kiwi please?”. There’s still work to be done but we’re getting there!

  19. Yes I completely agree. The girls are pretty good with manners, but the two year old can be a little bit ‘I want … get me this’ which I politely ask her to rephrase and use, ‘Can I please have a …’. It can feel like I’m saying it over and over again, but I think it’s sinking in x

  20. Oh I’m definitely one of those “YOU’RE WELCOME!! Hmphf!” people. I always hold doors open and stand back to let people through and if I don’t get a thank you, I’m irate. It’s on par with not waving when you let someone in in traffic.

    I feel like all I say to my 2 year old is “Please!” and “Taaaaa!”. He does say it…. occasionally. But then he’s still learning to talk, so I’ll forgive his rudeness for now. But not for long! It’s vital. And not hard to do.

  21. Manners are paramount in this house, too. And it seems to be working because people often compliment me on this aspect of the kids’ behaviour. Nice to know because some days I feel as though I am raising straight up jerks. πŸ˜‰

    And the person who DOESN’T give me a little wave to thank me for letting them in on the road? Oh, man, that person shits me! How hard is it to acknowledge a good deed?

  22. Oh I am with you! As a mother and especially as a teacher, there is nothing I can’t stand more than rude kids! Talking over you, interrupting and arguing. Argh! Hopefully I have taught my girls better manners.

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