It’s not you, it’s me.

Have you noticed a bit of a theme around these parts lately?

My writing has been a bit reflective and grumpy with only just a dash of humour every now and then. Quite frankly every time I start to write something I realise that what I’m about to write shouldn’t really be for public consumption.

I don’t mean to talk in riddles, but you know what it’s like when life throws curl balls when you least expect or want it? I’ve had too many unwanted balls in my court recently.

This week I intend to rise above my little funk and before I do I’m going to take stock using this list created by Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes.

Making : the most of having my parents stay, lots of cups of tea and wonderful conversations.
Cooking :  a roast for tea, THE easiest meal ever!
Drinking : water, to re-hydrate after a few Sunday drinkie poos in the sun.
Reading: the first page of The Book Thief.
Wanting: willpower, a house cleaner and an office with a view.
Looking: for inspiration to write a speech I have to stand up on stage and perform on Sunday.
Playing: can I eat an entire pottle of leftover pumpkin and feta dip in 2 minutes? Answer: Yes.
Deciding: that it’s definitely time to get back on the treadmill.
Wishing: that no one thought their beliefs were better than anyone else’s and then there’d be no more war.
Enjoying: Doctor Who – I am totally addicted. My husband thinks I watch it for the believable storyline. But. David Tennant.

Waiting: for nothing, I am very impatient.
Liking: how nicely my kids are playing with each other right now.
Wondering: why no good deed ever goes unpunished.
Loving: that through the power of words I have made lots of children of WWI survivors very happy.
Pondering: what makes some people act a certain way.
Considering: starting another blog…
Watching: my son make his granddad laugh by being cheeky and stubborn.
Needing: mental toughness.
Smelling: pumpkin and feta dip.
Wearing: ugg(ly) boots, 3/4 pants, 3/4 top and new earrings Mr HALOM got me for Mother’s Dad.
Following: in my mum’s footsteps by making a shit-hot pumpkin soup.
Noticing: that this blogging community is a lot clickier and bitchier that it likes to think it is.
Knowing: we are all responsible for our own happiness.
Thinking: it’s time I stopped over thinking.
Giggling: at Amy Schumer, I can’t get enough.

Feeling: determined, tired and reflective.
Snacking: on ALL the food because tomorrow I’m being good.
Disliking: how I haven’t even made one funny in this entire post.
Wishing: that parents did not outlive their children.

Knowing: that this is probably THE most boring and depressing Take Stock ever written.

Have you taken stock recently?

You in a funk right now?

You noticed I’ve been a bit off? Or maybe I’m over thinking it?


  1. I’m regretting telling the Big Sister she could catch the bus home this afternoon. I’m so anxious I feel sick! Hope your week is happy one. xx

  2. Not boring, just real xx

  3. I’m pretty grumpy lately too. I don’t mind grumpy. Life just isn’t all laughs and I’m okay with that. Oh and I’ve definitely noticed your noticing too! And I’m also very curious about why you’re considering what you’re considering… x

  4. Maybe it is something in the air or water or … who knows but finding the happy pills is something that needs to happen a lot more up hear at the moment. We might know we are responsible for our own happiness but how do we make it happen. Love your fashion statement. Your notice comment is quite possibly very true. Another blog, that should be interesting. Hmmm maybe I could do that too, one about FNQ through my eyes and get some touristy company on board and paying me to look at stuff and take photos so I can bum around, ahhh now there is a dream and a half of which I have no idea how to even think about. I am also an over thinker and maybe if I cure that, other things might work themselves out. What you might see as having no laughs does have a bit of humour and uh ha moments for your readers so don’t worry. Love your real life blogging with and without the laughs.

  5. It reads to me that despite your funk you are doing some good stuff with your words Em! x

  6. A new blog? That sounds interesting, I want to hear more! I need to clean my house so badly but I have so much tafe work to get done and I just can’t be bothered with the house cleaning. I’m sure I’m going to regret that come the end of the week!

  7. It’s funny you should write this because I had been wondering. I also wondered if your focus hadn’t changed to more of the business side of things, since launching your Write Styling website/blog. I’m interested to hear more about the new blog you are considering and always here to talk if you need to someone to bounce ideas off.

    Thinking of you.

  8. It doesn’t matter how you use your words Em, they’re always wonderful to read. I think we’re all in funky town at the moment but this too shall pass. xx

  9. Ohhh, you have inspired me, I haven’t done one of these in ages!

  10. merilyn says:

    can’t expect to be funny and entertaining all of the time em! … that’s life!
    i haven’t had much to say myself lately, only in the mornings usually!
    lucky i don’t have a blog!
    you are always genuine! love that! …
    love m:)X

  11. I haven’t noticed but as others said, you’re always genuine. I tend to not-blog when I’m down. Thankfully I’m doing the book reviews so my blog ticks over even if I’m barely functioning!

  12. You havent seemed totally yourself lately chick and I have been a bit worried about you. I so wish you lived close enough that I could arrive on your doorstep with vodka and chocolate. You know I would be there in a flash right? xx

  13. I am totally in a funk right now. Not my story to tell either, so I have to be careful what I blog. Taking stock doesn’t have to be funny- stop putting so much pressure on yourself! Click those clicky clickers – life’s too short and full of enough bullsh*t without adding that nonsense to the mix. Hope you have a good week xx

  14. How could that possibly be a boring and depressing Taking Stock when you have that photo of Amy Schumer and her “action men”?! That girl is so out there and makes me giggle too. And I’m with you on David Tennant – yes. He well and truly makes up for the questionable Dr Who make up, props and storylines 🙂

  15. Well you still gave me a giggle with your consumption of the dip within 2 minutes!
    I love your honesty Emily.
    You give me comfort with your thoughts and what you’ve been noticing, I lost a bit of my blogging mojo last week, think it was just all the overwhelm here at home nothing major just general hectic.
    Love your work! xx

  16. Aww hon. I hope life gets a bit better for you. I’m interested about your new blog. And clicks in blogging? They seem to be everywhere. I think you’re awesome.x

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