How to write a fab personal profile or biography!

If you don’t back yourself in life then don’t expect the door of opportunity to just open for you.

Sure it’s not polite to be obnoxious about your successes but it’s important you know how to put your best foot forward.

Just ask Nikki from Styling You, she’s made a career out of teaching women about the importance of embracing their good points and she believes that showing off your strengths is half the battle won when it comes to beauty and fashion.

The same can be said for writers, especially those that are just starting out.

Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to write an exceptional biography or personal profile about yourself that editors will love.

FACT: It can be hard to write nice things about yourself but once you get started you won’t believe how incredibly talented you really are.


Before you begin you should…

1. Make a list of work you’ve had published.

Write down all the publications you have written for, even if unpaid or it was years ago, and yes include that one time you read the news on university radio.

2. Love yourself sick.

Write down 10 of your best attributes. Try to make them writing related, for example: produces factual, informative and interesting content, never misses a deadline and knows what makes a good story.

3. Get personal.

Throw in a bit of personal information to make yourself relatable. For example mention that you love a certain TV series, are addicted to herbal tea or would love to sky dive nude. Okay maybe not that personal.

4. Transform the mundane into magic.

Instead of writing that you are interested in writing about parenting try to jazz it up a little. Turn it around so you are telling the editor what you can offer them. They don’t care what you get out of it, they want to know the benefits they’ll get from hiring you.

TIP: Always include a few facts about yourself such as interesting people you’ve met or interviewed or list a few qualifications that aren’t necessarily relevant.

With all that information you have put together you have the makings of a fabulous biography. All you have to do now is weave some magic and you’ll be able to create a personal profile to send alongside your pitch when approaching publications you want to write for.

If all of this sounds like too much hard work then just ask me to write you one.

Do you have a hard time backing yourself?

What is the hardest part for you when it comes to writing a personal profile?


  1. I find writing about myself difficult. This is so helpful, thanks Em. x

  2. Oh yes, I struggle with this – on a writing front. In my old life I was fine and I’d offer up a spiel about myself that sounded mightily impressive… and mostly true.

    In this brave new world of freelancing however, I find myself wondering who the f*ck I think I am?!

    Of course on the couple of occasions I’ve done one for other blogs I’ve made sure they’re self-deprecating and kinda tongue-in-cheek. Cos, well… you know…

  3. Thanks for the tips Em I, I will need to rework both my About Me page on Toddlers and on my Freelance Travel Writer site. Include a bit my great stuff about me – why they should hire me.

  4. Great tips Emily. I recently had to sell myself in 100 words or less. It certainly was an interesting experience.

  5. Great tips here Em! Thanks so much for sharing. Sharing your post on my FB page.

  6. I certainly used to. But as I get older I get better at it.

  7. Great tips Em! Will need to review my about me and chuck in some more fabulous facts!

  8. Top tips, Em! The thing is how do you sell yourself when you haven’t had anything published yet. It’s like going for a job before you’ve had any experience. I guess you have to back yourself with bells and whistles in all the other areas to compensate 🙂

  9. OK, I fail at number 1… haha

  10. Love these tips, Em! “Love yourself sick” – absolutely! Women can be so hard on themselves to the point that they completely forget how wonderful they are.
    I think it’s important to remember what makes you awesome. It sounds cliched but when we really think about it, we don’t do it often enough.

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