Parenting – the one job you can never quit.

Parenting is a mixed bag of love, frustration and overcoming the urge to just give up.

At school drop off, after I confiscated my child’s tuckshop money for doing something to upset another kid, I exchanged a ‘kill me’ look with another mum who’s had a tough time when her child.

But instead of giving me her usual ‘I hear you’ eye roll she smiled and had a spring in her step. She told me that she’d had a break through and things were getting better.

I was overjoyed for her and said so before revealing I wanted to quit this parenting role but the HR department told me my contract was watertight.

A parent’s love is unconditional but their patience and tolerance level has a limit and anyone that tells you otherwise is telling you porkies.

Every day we’re battling the strong wills of incredibly awesome yet stubborn children, we’re teaching them right from wrong and it’s bloody exhausting.

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At times it can feel like you’re the only mum in this situation because more often than most other parents keep their fears, concerns and frustrations to themselves.

Obviously I am not one of these parents. In fact there are times I’m a shitty mum because I punish my kids for things they didn’t actually do!

I’ve often wondered if other parents cringe at what I say, perhaps they think some things shouldn’t be said out loud. Maybe they even feel sorry for my kids because they think I’m a cow who is mean to her kids.

Don’t get me wrong I do sing the praises of my kids but I also lament the things that aren’t so great about their behaviour, not to everyone but to some people.

But there are times when I wish I was that sort of parent, you know the ones that smile politely and never say how tough they finding parenting. They always seem so happy!

Maybe the key to nailing this parenting caper is to just smile and nod and give the appearance that ‘everything is awesome’.

What do you think?

Do over-sharing mums like me drive you insane?

What is frustrating you right now?


  1. The one thing that does my head in, every single day, without fail, is dinner time. I hate it. It doesn’t matter what I cook, how I plate it up, what time we eat, if I sing his favourite damn song the entire time, there is whinging. A few weeks ago, we tried the bribery method. Again. If our six year old ate all his food, without whinging, he got a tick on a chart. Get through one week, bonus half way prize. Get through two weeks, main prize (books by his favourite author). I was hoping that this time frame may help develop new habits and make him realise he actually get through a meal without whinging and me wanting to drink a whole bottle of wine 🙂 We did it, and it was fabulous! Mealtime was enjoyable, we chatted, we laughed. My husband and I didn’t sound like broken records. Six year old didn’t go to bed without his dinner or a tantrum. Yet after three weeks, we’re now back to the same old behaviour. Four years we’ve had this. That’s right, four years. We have tried everything we can think of. I keep telling myself it will get better. That when he is a teenager he will eat us out of house and home. But for now, it is so frustrating. So yes, I feel like a shit mum pretty much every day who is always wearing cranky pants. You’re not alone with stubborn children!

  2. There’s one thing about parenting, it wouldn’t matter what stage you are at, it’s always the worst stage. I’ve had it fairly easy by comparison. My three have always been super easy. Having all girls, close in age has helped.

    Lately though I’ve had more than a few battles over school work with my eldest (about to turn 17). Small in the scheme of things but considering we are not as a family use to battles, it’s doing my head in and feels like the end of the world to all involved.

    On one hand I would like to step back and let her do her own thing, which would probably have her fail year 11 and on the other hand I’m wanting to show her what ‘micro-managing’ someone is really like. Either way I’m sure I’m damned. In five years time, if she fails, it will be my fault for not pushing her. If I push her too hard I lose out now.

    I want long service leave.

  3. I’m an oversharing mum too. I couldn’t get by if I didn’t. Even the checkout chicks aren’t safe from me. I reckon those mums who just smile and look like nothing troubles them are actually robots. Great post. Loved the part about the watertight contract. Made me laugh 🙂

  4. Well Em, I will know what being a parent mean in only a few days! This ecard is priceless!

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