I hate homework WAY more than my kids do!

I don’t know what my kids are moaning about, I hate homework more than they do!

The amount of patience I have to muster up in order to stop myself from spontaneously combusting when my 5yo can’t recognise the sight word ‘said’ after 273 times is MAMMOTH.

My daughter gets the shits after two pages through her chapter book and then when she loses her spot because she’s not putting a finger on the words she cries and says it’s MY fault.

Throw in a threeanger wearing an Iron Man suit and screaming because his brother is trying to run him over with his bike and you’ve got a recipe for a shit sandwich.

Every day homework threatens the already fragile fabric of our peaceful household.


As soon as I say “okay let’s do your h…..” my kids disappear as fast as a parent does when the P&C president is looking for volunteers for the cake stall.

I get it, after a long day of learning the last thing they want is to learn more stuff. I suppose it’s a bit like when a chef gets home the last thing s/he wants to do is cook a meal.

But what our kids don’t realise is that we parents despise homework more than they do.

Yep it’s up there with toilet training and discovering nits.

We hate having to dig deep at the end of a shitty day to spell out 15342 words, teach them how to count in 10s or think of ways to make a science project out of a rubber band, a toilet roll and some pin tacks.

Most of us would rather chew off a limb, volunteer at the school disco or scrub the men’s loo with a toothpick than do homework with our kids.

But it’s part of school life and we just have to build a bridge. Or drink. Or run. Or make excuses not to be available at homework time.

Tell me how you cope with homework?

Please tell me it gets easier?

Can you believe I’m moaning with just two kids at school? In 2017 I’ll have three sets of homework?


  1. I hear you! The sight word thing is so frustrating. My eldest daughter just picked it up in two seconds flat and is still way ahead of everyone in her class but my second daughter started prep this year and whilst she knows all the sounds the letters make for some reason she just can’t put them together. The patience we need is astounding and I have to keep reminding myself she’s only four. And like you, dealing with a threenager and two early primary school aged children trying to do homework is a tough juggling act. We need cloning machines!

  2. Easy! If my kids don’t do their homework then there is no screen time for the weekend. Works a treat x

  3. My youngest who is 2 will quite happily sit and try to read with me and it’s pretty chill. I think she’s going to be the over-achiever of the family (like her mumma) but my 6 year old… oh sweet mercy. She’s doing really well in Math and Science things and her general knowledge is great, but her reading was just ‘OK’ so we spoke to the teacher, got all the sight words, and started trying to read and write with her every day…

    Mummy is a writer. It’s what I do, and I’ve had to explain to my husband that if I have to fight my way through three written sentences, three pages of sight words and a chapter book every day… someone is going to die. Probably me. During the school holidays when she’s not as buggered it’s much easier, but trying to get this stuff done in the school week drives mummy to drink!

  4. It’s only been just recently, with my daughter now in year 11 that we’ve had any real homework issues. They all just loved homework time and found it easy. That changed at some point in year 10 for my eldest and in Year 11 she is now expected to do 12 to 18 hours homework a week. I can’t see that happening. Not without a cattle prod intervention. I’m guessing by making homework fun and something to look forward to when they were little, I’ve made things worse.

    Although my younger two, are still doing ok.

    • Just a perspective from a High School teacher, this is pretty normal behaviour at that age with kids who have always found the work/homework “easy”, and then suddenly they have to work at it because the expectations at that age ramp up and they can’t just coast and meltdown.

      I tell parents not to fight the kids over it, the kids need to learn to cop the consequences of not doing the work. Also homework is often a diagnostic tool for teachers to see where kids need more and when parents are forcing the kids we often don’t see that (because there are a large percentage of kids who are forced to do it again and again and again until it is “perfect”)

  5. Granted I only have one lot of homework to do and it’s with my 5 year old so very much a novelty to both him and me but… I love homework!

    Re the sight words, I recently copied them all onto coloured cardboard to make flash cards. I have him close his eyes and I’ll hide a sticker under a few words. I tell him which words and he finds it, if he lifts up the right one he gets a sticker. Has been very successful – even had him asking to play “the sticker game” before school this morning 🙂

  6. Oh I hear you. It really does shit me how much homework kids get and how much tension it causes in a household!!! When my son finished school I was so proud of him and even more proud of me because I survived 12 years of homework!!!

  7. My niece went to a Montessori school in Brisbane (for primary school) and they didn’t get homework. I worried that it might disadvantage her when she went to high school but it didn’t. In fact she attacked homework with gusto then!


  8. Why schools persist with assigning parents homework I’ll never know!

  9. OMG I hate it!! I think it should be banned! Total shit sandwich every single day!!

  10. “my” “it” “is” FUN. So far our preppie wants to learn which is great. Our Year 6 girl isn’t so enthusiastic. I think we might have to get her to work with her brother – now that’s a way to get out of homework.

  11. My son struggles due to dyslexia. All home learning is done in the morning before school which means afternoon is PLAY TIME!!! I get ’em while they’re fresh 🙂
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  12. I’m not exactly the most patient person around and totally get what you mean. Just one more way to prove that I’m not home-school material! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. This is awesome. Love your descriptions. May this weekend be full of r’n’r and no abcs. (Tonia, stopping by with #FYBF)

  14. Oh I so hear you, my first week of homework started last week, more work for me, I thought, then I thought if it helps my guy be the best he can, then yes… I will just have to build a bridge and get over it! I don’t like it either, but don’t tell him that! lol!

  15. Homework is a pet hate of mine. It is the projects that I find such a waste of time – my time. The kids get these projects and I need to help and do most of the work on something I have no interest in. I have stopped with my primary school kids (I no longer care) and I have told them if they can’t do it on their own, then don’t come to me.

  16. So totally agree. The biggest problem is that homework happens when you return home from the after school activities, at that horrible bewitching hour as you are trying to make dinner.

  17. I hate homework soooo much….it’s not the actual homework that I hate, it’s the nightly fight to get them to do it! The teenagers are fine and just go off and do it on their own…. but the 9 year old is a nightmare! I think they are given far too much at this age!

  18. I’m not at the homework stage yet so I can only sympathise. The nagging to do it I imagine is a real downer. Just what you feel like at the end of the day, I’m sure x

  19. Ahh sorry. I am laughing right now, but only because you’re so bloody funny and I know that all of this is coming to me in good time. One more year until I’m in homework hell. Hang in there xxxx

  20. We have just got homework this year. So far, the novelty hasn’t worn off and the teacher has the good sense to make it a little bit fun. She was asked why kids need homework that young anyway during the parent teacher information session. She said it’s so that your kids understand that you really value their education and want to help teach them things. Yep, that shut us up (for a little while anyway).

  21. Emily I feel like you were at my house this week and just read it back to me except I have a female threenager. You had me agreeing and talking to the screen of this post, so much comfort for me in your words, you make me feel I’m that little bit more normal!
    I think the first 3 years at big school are the hardest (I do have to be the nagging homework shadow).
    I find a set routine helps (on the days we can manage it)….snack, chat, homework!
    Good luck for 2017! xx

  22. I hate homework time and (I’m ashamed to say) rarely enforce it if the kids throw a tantrum and don’t want to do it. Every now and then they lose a lunch hour at school to make up the time, but that’s a little lesson for them too. It is getting slightly easier now that the oldest is a confident reader and I don’t have to listen to 2 lots of sight words simultaneously while a toddler tries to pull pages out of their books. The year I had one in Prep, one in Grade 1 plus the bub was HOMEWORK HELL!

  23. I live in terror. We just have OT exercises so far and it drives me bonkers x

  24. Thankfully my little one is only 5 weeks in and loves homework. I know this wont last though. My next step I suppose is to hold back on something (like screen time) until it is done.

  25. I am doing readers with my FYOS 5 year old. I am so feeling you on this. AND! The word is AND! We just read it like FIVE times. LOL.

  26. This makes me want to cry just reading it. Homework starts next year for us. That and making school lunches. I used to think the ‘going to school’ stage was something to look forward to. Now I’m not so sure.


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