In your car at school pick up

Are you, like me, sitting in your car waiting to pick up your offspring from school?

I bet you aren’t leisurely reading a book.

If you’re not scouring social media on your phone I guarantee in your mind you are calculating the time you have between getting the kids and making a sports practice or a doctor’s appointment.

You’re wondering which route will be quicker, debating whether you have enough fuel or if you’ll get there without having to stop.

Then what to cook for dinner pops in to your brain and you realise there’s no lettuce. Could you just cook steak and chips and make kids eat a carrot beforehand to assuage guilt.


Crap you’ve noticed it’s about to rain and all the kid’s sheets are on the line and so is your king-size mattress protector that takes 2 days to dry!

Your glance down at the floor and realise some fecker has taken the umbrella out of the car.

You also notice a scrunched consent form for a school activity happening later this week.

There’s no pen in the glove box but there’s a leaking bottle of sunscreen.

And don’t even get me started on all the bits of food smeared in the carpet or sticky dried ice-cream smeared on the windows.

And you’ve just had all of these thoughts in 35 seconds, such is the life of a busy mum.

What’s going on in your brain right now?

What item do you always have in your car?


  1. O wow – and you think my life is funny – I don’t think I would cope – imagine what sort of bat shit crazy person I would be if I had to deal with all of that on a daily basis….. school drop off, what the hell is that, and as for school pick up…ummmm my kids haven’t even been getting back to the house until around 4:30, sometimes 5:30 because our wonderful Govie is reading Harry Potter to them and they clearly have her wrapped around their little fingers… for me though, ha ha ha. Oh, and I have just realised I haven’t been out of the house all day….that is bad, but it did rain last night….don’t want to get muddy feet. Happy crazy afternoon!

  2. Our brains are full of crazy thoughts, school pick up is usually the time I realise I haven’t got anything out for dinner and have to run to the shops kids in toe….bugger !

  3. Yep that just about sums it up….this is usually me in the mornings as I momentarily stop to throw the kids out on my way to work!

  4. Hahahaha, oh this made me laugh! Got it in one lady!! Love the photo on fb too – story of my life! xx

  5. Oh yes this is me everyday. Not waiting for school. Pickup but getting in my car everytime. I always keep wipes, a pen and various books and small toys for Miss Moo ( 2) in my car.

  6. haha yep – although I usually spend my time picking up rubbish from the floor and throwing socks in the boot so the teachers on kiss and drop duty dont think I am completely useless 😉 xx

  7. This is hilarious! I definitely go through these thoughts when I’m in the car, and always at traffic lights.

  8. Oh, you have done it again! That is exactly what we do at school pick up. Beautifully written 🙂

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