Taking stock above the clouds.

The in-flight entertainment isn’t working on my phone and my husband has my book and water 5 rows ahead of me.

We’re not sitting together and he was a little too excited about that for my liking!

So I’m flying along the Australia coastline and thought it was a unique place to take stock.

Taking Stock is a fabulous list post every blogger worth their weight in widgets does from time-to-time when they don’t have anything else to say, or is stuck in between two women reading Kindles.

Thanks for creating this list Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes you’re a genius!
Making: a bit of a mess with my cheese and crackers.


Cooking: nothing until I return home on Monday!

Drinking: Richland Pinot Grigio 2014, airplane-size mini bottle!

Reading: nothing as Mr HALOM has my book in his bag and we’re not sitting together.

Wanting: another wine but I don’t want to look like a booze hag.

Looking: forward to answering NO questions for 48 hours.

Playing: Keeping my elbows to myself.

Deciding: that I will get another bottle the next time the hostie walks past.

Wishing: for a safe landing.

Enjoying: being by myself.

Waiting: to see if my hubby gets a beer.

Liking: that the passengers beside me don’t smell or are sick.

Wondering: what books the women are reading.

Loving: my new Fitbit Charge HR. It’s the ducks nuts people.


Remembering: how fortunate I am to have my gorgeous parents minding our cherubs.

Watching: my hubby’s head five rows down.

Marvelling: at how amazing it is that planes can fly!

Needing: nothing, I am content and slightly tiddly.

Smelling: that airplane aircon smell.

Wearing: a smile, and black shorts, black top and an uberkate Russian circles necklace.

Noticing: the man behind me won’t shut up and the woman beside him looks bored.

Knowing: that I will need to pee 10 five minutes before we touch down.

Disliking: that someone fluffed and the woman to the left just looked in my direction, it wasn’t me!

Snacking: on cheese and crackers.

Hearing: that hum and loud noise that comes with flying and sitting near a wing!

I didn’t order that second wine, my crackers are smashed and my Fitbit tells me it’s 2.59pm, my heart rate is 81 and that I’ve travelled 3.48km today!

We have just landed in Cairns!
What do you love about flying?

Have you taken stock recently?


  1. I’m impressed and slightly disturbed that you’ve found time to blog. Enjoy your time away. I’m super envious.

  2. Never question that second mini bottle of wine. You’re on holiday – enjoy!

  3. Did you bring the sun with you? There seems to be some blue sky out there. Where did it come from is my question. I enjoy thinking on flights, staring out the window and on the last one watching a great new release movie. I can never get the things to work on my phone? Or maybe I just have no clue. Maybe I should use one of these lists one of these days. Enjoy your break.

  4. You’ve done extremely well getting this blog post out while squished between two readers! Have a gorgeous holiday, Em xx

  5. Ha ha you are a funny one! To answer your questions: I hate flying! – Love Pip’s Taking Stock; time I re-thunked it 😉 Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Why weren’t you sitting near each other? I hate flying so make sure I’m sitting next to the person I’m travelling with.

  7. Time away?!?! Yip yip!! Enjoy that. Hope it’s not too flooded up there in Cairns for you x

    you are looking happy!
    how come mr halome wasn’t sitting next to you?
    oh well good to have time out T to take stock!
    do it as a constant! I bet it’s gorgeous there! love m:)X

  9. Happy birthday babe! Hope you have a fab time (and thrilled you go that Fitbit!) xx

  10. There really is nothing better than flying without the kids…. getting that little baby bottle of booze and kicking back. One of my favourite things to do….h aha ha ha, get me a life STAT!

    Happy Birthday, hope you are having a wonderful time. Are you off to the QT tonight? Lots of photos of that trendy place please. xx

  11. You are hysterical. Have a great time in Cairns lovely and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! xx

  12. I’m going to do one of these soon. LOVE the idea.

    And LOVE this post!

  13. I will do one of those lists, at the moment I’m just sitting at work on another boring Monday but secretly excited inside to see that Virgin now serve Pinot Grigio inflight after having to drink yukky sauvignon blanc for so long, yah, all hail Pinot Grigio!!

  14. Love your mile-high-taking-stock. I am a very nervous flyer and have to sit next to the hubster. It would be a bit untoward to grip a stranger’s knee and ask “what’s that noise? Are we about to crash?” every 5 minutes. The thing I like about flying is landing at the other end and getting out of that thing with wings. Hope you had a totally ace weekend x

  15. I am hoping for a Fitbit Charge for my birthday this year too. I love my Flex, but I would love to be able to see exactly how many kms I’ve done without looking at my phone and the app, and also the built-in heart rate monitor would be cool too!


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