I just got a little weirder + giveaway!

*This hilarious post is bought to you by Kneeplay

Just when you thought I couldn’t get any weirder I’m about to drop another doozy.

I’m a cricketer! I was in my high school’s First XI as an opening batswoman and I was the best silly mid off on the team!

It was fun even though my captain was a scary cow who gave me a firm slap on the back when I caught someone out or stopped a boundary shot with my thigh.

Have you ever had a seam mark from a cricket ball? It hurts. Bad.

These days I’m confined to hitting deadlines and catching colds from my germ laden kids, but I still get a kick out of the game.

Next week my sisters and I will no doubt get the ole’ GM out and have a crack in between Xmas dinner and pud!

My passion for the game is why I was pumped when I was introduced to the creator of Kneeplay, a mini cricket game.

Nz up to batting

Straight off the bat (man I’m good) I have to say this game brought my competitive streak to the surface which Mr HALOM found hilarious!

It’s an action packed game that allows you to play a mini game of cricket in your lounge, the best thing is that no skill level is required at all. If you can hold a bat you can play!

A little snapshot of the game and how it works:

1. You’re on your knees with a sturdy little bat and you must control your urge to slice the ball across the room and instead carefully aim for signs that are worth 1, 4 or 6 runs.

2. If you hit a Catch’a sign you have to pick a card and do what it says. These are funny and make the game exciting. Hubby hit it 3 times in 6 bowls – amateur.

catch card hit

3. You can pick which country you want to bat for. I chose NZ and Mr HALOM was Australia. I smoked him. Okay that’s a lie he won but in my defense I do have a niggling hamstring injury.

4. It’s hilarious and fun to play and even though Mr HALOM would rather watch paint dry than watch cricket he admitted he had a ball.

And I quote: “This would be a laugh with a few mates after a few bevvies”. Classy.

As a mum I reckon Kneeplay would be great for all kids aged from 5 upwards, especially those who love cricket and hitting things. It also gets them away from screens!

Be warned – you WILL get fired up and start to complain about the bowler and the heat. The one thing you won’t have to worry about is attitude or nose picking from fielders.

fieldsmanWhile I wasn’t asked to talk about the price I’m going to. It’s just $55, plus postage, and worth every cent because you get so much stuff and it’s surprisingly good quality!

Mr HALOM is also a fan because it packs nice and neatly back into the box it came in. Supposedly that’s an important thing for some people!

Kneeplay - packs away nicelyHave a look at the Facebook page and website, there’s a cracker of a video about the game that will make even the crankiest of people smile!

Before you read how you can win one of these for yourself, have a laugh at the many faces of me playing the game.

You can totally see what a great cricketer I am right? Check out my stance, the way I hold the bat. A nob natural.

batter up collagesWin your very own Kneeplay game!*

For you chance to win this family friendly game just leave a comment in the section below answering the question below.

Have you ever played cricket and did you bowl, bat or keep?

What sport did you ace at high school?

* Competition only open to Australian residents. Sorry.

** Enter before December 29 and the winner will be randomly selected and details posted on this website and notified by email or FB so please like my Facebook page so I can track you down if you win!

*** For more boring terms and conditions contact me via my agent. I am my agent.


  1. Hilarious, Em! Forget the kids, I’d like this game for Dave and me to play! I was not the sporting type at school at all. In my first job while at uni I had to write short sport updates and I just could not get the cricket lingo down :/

    • Cricket I was not great at. I was keeper at school when the batsman swung so hard they swung around and knocked me out with their bat. Concusion for 2 weeks. Hope knee cricket is safer haha. Never the sportsgirl luckily I could always laugh at myself when I came last 🙂

  2. This makes cricket look almost exciting! I think Mr HALOM is right, this would be perfect after beer entertainment!

  3. I love a good game of Chrissy cricket. I always want to bat and only bat but my brothers make me pull my weight and field and bowl when they can put up with my terrible chucking! This game looks super fun!

    In high school I actually played girls footy! Now that IS weird!

  4. Only with my rellies during holidays but the Test Match board game was seriously popular with my family back in the 1970s!

  5. It’s so cute! That’s the wrong thing to say, right? Not a cricketer but my three boys LOVE cricket and my 2yo piffs anything and everything just cos. I may as well channel his energy into something useful:)

  6. This is funny – how are your knees now? We used to have great cricket games in the long corridors of Channel 7 Brisbane – on weekends it would often be boring (and you hoped it was – better than the crime and death ridden alternative) and it would be a toss up (excuse the pun) between cricket and cards. I got pretty good at playing 500 too. Remind me again, when and how did hubby become Mr Halom?

  7. I’m horrendous at bat sports. All of them. No coordination. Wait… I’m bad at most sport actually. I was the high school girl who faked that time of the month pains if it was a sport like cricket haha but I have played a couple of times. My family & my hubby’s family all love Christmas Day cricket. This game does look fun though.

  8. I was always relegated to fielding. Always. This might turn the tide!

  9. What a cool idea! I love me a bit of cricket (was on the girls team myself at one stage)! I could imagine though my knees would be a little sore lol!

  10. Em this is awesome! I loved playing backyard or beach cricket with my dad and brother when I was little. I love that this is inside so you don’t get sunburned!
    I used to do everything – bowled, batted and field but my favourite position was batting.

  11. Backyard cricket! My brothers and I grew up in a small village in rural NSW & all the kids in the neighbourhood would flock to our open backyard in the summer school holidays for a game of cricket. Those were the days when the “Catchit” slogan and “c’mon Aussie c’mon” jingle reigned supreme on our TV screens. Those were the days! Can just see my brothers and I reliving the memories with our own kids through Kneeplay. What a cack!

  12. Well, just when I thought you had no more surprises up your sleeve! This is such a fun idea Emily. Indoor cricket at it’s best. I wasn’t what you’d call a natural athlete at school. I excelled at the 100m sprint – from the lockers to the library as I ran away from the mean girls! I’m actually learning a lot about the benefits of team sports through my kids now, which is awesome. Hope the Christmas Test goes well at your place! x

  13. Oh you so have a wonderful way of words! Love it, and I am really embarrassed to say that I have never played cricket, for that matter I am not into sports….but gee don’t tell anyone!
    My oldest {maybe he got switched at birth – kidding!!!} was a mad sportsmen in High School – he played every sport you could ever find through out his schooling, and then joined the Cricket teams, Footy teams, and even joined a running team. Yeah weird considering hubby doesn’t like sports either.
    Now days the only sports we get to do is walking, and we all love that.
    What a fantastic family game for Xmas time 🙂

  14. This looks like great fun – perfect for backyard cricket which is all I have ever pplayed. Though with three older brothers I think that is a feat in itself. I had a go at everything so I batted,though the girly french style, bowled as I got old enough to throw it hard enough for them and more often than not I was hit with the ball. Time for my come-up-ence I think.

  15. You never fail to crack me up hun. Although I love this idea.. my boys have no self control and I can see myself being up for a new TV, lights, head stitches etc lol. Even my own competitiveness might be a little too hard to control lol xx

  16. I’m not a fan of cricket at all, but I think even I would have fun playing it this way.

  17. Penny George says:

    I always bowled, no injuries that way!! I aced softball, sort of.

  18. Hated all sports but managed to marry a cricket tragic who watched the test while on our honeymoon ! Now three sons later who all played and watch cricket I’ve learnt to smile nod and make drinks and snacks while watching from sidelines !

  19. What fun! I’m half-way through my first season as a cricket parent and loving it! From a totally non-cricketing family, who knew I’d get into it at 40? I now get plenty of bowling practice : )

    During high school I loved long distance cycling with a girlfriend. More often than not to get to the next town for a party but it was a healthy pursuit nevertheless!

  20. I had just posted this on my FB …Of course being summer in Australia it is the cricket season. In full swing…so we have to play cricket with grandson Harry. I’m a hopeless bowler but do my bit to give Hubby a break. We play with a lot of balls, whatever we can get our hands on Tis Hubby’s turn to do his bowling bit again but decides that he will do a juggling demonstration to show our grandson Harry. “Guggling or duggling” according to Harry.
    I mention to Hubby that he juggles holding his mouth open to which Harry replies, open your mouth grandpa!
    Our daughter and I were in stitches just about tipping our chairs over as Harry and Rob take turns. Harry’s is over so quick that Rob hardly gets a chance to sit himself down….great summer fun times ….priceless…
    PS. Forgot to mention that hubby was trying to stand on one leg as well 🙂
    Em, your game sounds fun but my knees would protest whilst grandson would whack the ball too far.
    Love your post Em x

  21. Laura Powers says:

    I think I sucked at all of them equally!

  22. Jeanette Latter says:

    tried once at batting but think everyone laughed at me, running away from the ball.

  23. That game looks like so much fun and I could see it getting pretty competitive in our house. I’m a bit of a sports nut so did most sports in school. Yes – even one season of cricket as the girls team desperately needed players at the time. I was a batter and because I played tennis and softball I tried to slog the ball every single time. Wish they had 20/20 cricket back then! So lovely to hear of a fellow weirdo – as a sports nut my girlfriends think I’m weird as I play hockey and love watching cricket, golf and F1 racing. Handy Hubby thinks it’s pretty awesome though 🙂

  24. Only backyard cricket and normally a fielder 🙁 However this looks like one I could get into.

  25. That would be the perfect regular cricket size for my kids – they’re all knee high to a grasshopper! Lol

  26. Anything you can play in the shade sounds like a good idea to me. I played vigoro not cricket and I was terrible at it 🙁

  27. I am bad at them all equally, I think. I am much better at watching cricket. Still, I enjoyed a bit of backyard cricket around Christmas time. My girls watched their first cricket game on the telly the other night (my hubs hates it) and I think they would love to play and they already have more ability than me!

  28. Well that looks like fun, if only I understood cricket!
    Have a beautiful Christmas Em, and enjoy a fabulous break with your family up the Coast xx

  29. omg hobbit cricket – cool. I played at school as a batsman but was only average but really hit my straps playing left wing on the Hockey field-loved it

  30. I wish I’d know about this cool looking game a few weeks ago when I was doing the Christmas shopping – I think my son would really enjoy playing with us.

  31. I love it! I absolutely love cricket. But I’m generally not so good at sports where you use a bat/stick/racquet to hit the ball. Hence I was a bowler. Medium-fast. And you’d generally find me at second slip or out in the sticks on the field when I wasn’t bowling.

    As for sports I was actually good at, I did pretty well in volleyball, but netball was my best. That is, until a career-ending posterior cruciate ligament injury at 27. Sob. (It actually came at a convenient time for hiding the fact I was pregnant!! “I can’t play this week, sorry, I’m still recovering… from vomiting all day and night. Sorry? No, I said I’m still recovering from the knee injury.”)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Merry Christmas to the HALOM family! x

  32. I didn’t ace any sport at high school,
    I reckon, I could ace this one!

    That would be awesome, I know my guys would just love this.
    I would too, because it’s got no running involved.
    BTW, MR HALOM and I have something in common, I like the way to packs up neatly in the box too! lol!
    Have a fabulous Christmas with your family and friends. I bet this gets a workout, especially if it’s raining on Christmas day. x

  33. My girls would love this, but who am I kidding, I only want it so I can laugh at hubby playing it. True story.

  34. What a great idea!!
    No I didn’t play cricket, I am a big scaredy cat when it comes to playing games where I could get hurt! Lol…. Hard ball and bat and all. And I wasn’t much of a team player as always worried I would let the team down (bad self esteem from all those days of being picked last! Lol..)
    I was tennis captain! Loved me a good game is singles! Hahaha

  35. You crack me up Em!! Looks like a fun game 🙂

  36. claire evans says:

    tee ball because everyone was scared id hit them in the head with eirther the ball or bat, they would miss the ball!!!

  37. This is hilarious,….. I was a net-ball and soft-ball person. I have a small niece and nephew that this is absolutely, so so so so cute for!

  38. Charlotte S says:

    If bagging a computer in the library at lunch was a sport… and as far as I’m concerned, it was… I smashed it in highschool!!!!! 😀

  39. Renee Ballantyne says:

    love this as it makes cricket accessable all year round
    I was good at gymnastics during high school….wasn’t good at much else 🙂

  40. I played Cricket at school but got put off with a fat lip from a ball, swimming was the sport I excelled at and tripped away with the school on meets

  41. Amanda Gorton says:

    I think cricket is built into the bloodline of Aussies! Even I loved cricket during my school years my only downfall was I was a lousy thrower!

  42. With lots of brothers I always wanted to bat
    But somehow never managed to stay in long enough…
    Growing up in the 80’s it was netball all round for me!

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