An open letter to lazy speakers – Laugh Link!

Dear everyone who says real instead of really.

From one lazy person to another I get that sometimes it’s an effort to speak correctly, especially after a few beverages.

This weekend while sipping cocktails in the pool and gawking at schoolies I may have slurred ever so slightly when ordering another cosmo.

cosmo cocktail in the pool

Heck I’m even guilty of using the odd made-up acronym from time to time just to mix it up a little because YOLO.

But there’s never any excuse for saying real instead of really – NEVER!

For starters, when emphasis is put on the word ‘real’ it sounds like a noise a fire engine would make when it’s racing to a blaze.


I’ll demonstrate with a few sentences that may or may not have been uttered this past weekend when I escaped for a night away to hug Hughesy!

1. What really nice sparkly short crumpet showing shorts that schoolie is wearing!

2. What’s the real old dorky woman (me) looking at us for? Did she get eyes for Christmas?

3. That kebab was really amazing – *hiccup!

4. If he doesn’t walk real fast he’ll get hit by the tram, ha ha.

5. Wow did you see those really big hooters (husband almost gets whiplash trying to spot the lass).


Saying real instead of really doesn’t give greater emphasis to the point you’re trying to make.

Much like not having daylight savings here in Queensland REALLY sucks.

Yes I know there’s no correlation between the last two sentences but I wanted to vent about the fact that it’s pitch black at 7pm in the middle of summer on the Gold Coast.

It’s REALLY REALLY annoying!

What is your pet hate grammar wise?
Do you real or really? 


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  1. I hate that too!!! So annoying! And I don’t know how anyone could think darkness at 7pm in summer is a good thing! I loooooove DST and live for the days when it only gets dark at 8:30pm. Bloody farmers and their curtains Em!

  2. I fear my kids will believe that crazy is actually pronounced cray. I am blaming lazy “song” writers as cray and real are so much easier to rhyme. But then, slang is slang and it’s always been generational. Don’t get me started on DST – it will send me totes cray cray.

  3. Unit a fan of poor grammar. Or spelling. Makes my brain hurt. Real.

  4. I have so many pet hates it’s not funny. But then again I say things like ‘probs’ instead of probably and ‘jokes’ instead of ‘I’m just joking’. I pick up stuff from my kids in a weird role reversal sort of way!

  5. Nooooo not the kittens!!!! Hahaha

  6. I wonder if I’ve picked up on this lazy stance. I think I have when I really think about some of the things I say. I will have to really work on it. 🙂

  7. Oh my gawd yes I do have some grammar pet hates, these ones send shivers down my spine. First of all, the word mischievous is spelt that way, so should be said like that, without adding extra vowels to it. It doesn’t have an extra i sound in it, so when people pronounce it ‘mischeeveeous’ it really gets me hopping. Also, people who use the word uncomfortability. This is not a word. Discomfort is the word you want.grrr.
    As for words like cray and probs, they actually sound fun to me, might start using them more. And totes. Brilliant! Sorry, I am ways behind word trends, will pick up my own slack and get started on them now.

  8. Thankfully this cardinal sin is not one I commit. I have to admit I’m far lazier in my writing than speaking! Of course it’s harder (and wankier) to say # than it is to write it. #obvs

  9. REALLY annoying em!
    I hate brought and bought being confused!
    how easy is that rule!
    to bring is brought! … there’s an r in them
    to buy is bought! … there are no r’s in them!
    get it right people! … off the high horse! … love m:)X

  10. Adverbs and modifiers have been dying slow, painful deaths for decades. Every time I hear a Libra ad with their tagline ‘Live fearless’ I die a little inside too. Is the extra syllable really so hard to say?!

  11. Round these parts there’s one which never fails to give me that feeling akin to nails down a blackboard. It’s usually when you’re in an otherwise fine dining establishment or the likes. “How’d youse all enjoy yer meals?” Awful. I’m not a snob. Just awful. Also, why do some people say aks instead of ask?? Those same people can say mask, task, flask….. it’s enough to give me a nervous twitch.

  12. I thunk dis post wuz reel gud!

  13. We don’t have daylight savings here in WA either, it drives me insane especially when all family and most of my original virtual clients are in NSW and now 3 hours behind. I don’t do well with 4am phone calls.

    I’ve linked up today’s post, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that finds the war on shorts hilarious.

  14. Don’t get me started on all the terms I hate. I still detest “my bad” although it seems to be so common nowadays. It doesn’t even mean anything – how did it come to be????

  15. Yep One of my pet hates too.. My girls are always abbreviating words, half the time I have no idea what they are talking about!!

  16. Mmmmmm….. I think I might be guilty of this one….

  17. Totally agree – daylight savings would be such a winner for us up here.

    PS. I did my share of slurring this weekend too! xx

  18. I think I regress to ‘real’ if I’ve been watching too much American TV:) Looks like you had a fabulous time x

  19. Austraya comes to mind. I’m sure there are more, but my brain is fried today more than yesterday even. Great post – especially the crumpet showing shorts – I’ve seen so many of those during school runs – think its the modern day summer uniform for nannies…hmm now there’s a topic for a post: Mary Poppins versus Daisy Duke…
    love you work as always.xo

  20. Oh don’t get me started. I ‘seen’ instead of I saw. Somethink! And fillum instead of film. Even the ABC which used to be the bastion of correct pronunciation is pissing me off. Every time a reporter says hospital with the emphasis on the hosPiTal I want to yell at the TV.
    And sorry Em, but no way do I want daylight saving up here- I can’t wait for the sun to go down and for it to cool off, and no way do I want them curtains fading!

  21. I’m starting to think I am old person. I don’t abbreviate words – EXCEPT as an ex-govt worker I am very good at acronyms – oh yeah!! I have linked up to your laugh link for the very first time. I hope my post is funny enough for the laugh link! It’s as funny as I get I think LOL

  22. This post is unreal. Lack of daylight saving is unreal – why are we still in the dark?

  23. Daylight savings is real good except for when you have small children who refuse to go to bed until it is dark!!
    I am sooooooooooo over grammer and the English language in general!!
    Glad you had a real good time on the weekend!!
    Yes I really am a smart ass!! For real!!

  24. I hate when people say come instead of came. Yesterday bad come over. No, because yesterday can NOT ever be in the present tense. ARHHHHHHHHHHH pop! That was my head exploding.

  25. never thought about the word “Real” or “Really” but what I can’t stand is texts from my sons when its shorten words….I am not their age so I can’t understand what they are saying most of the time 🙂
    I have heard that someone once thought LOL was Lots of Love and sent it to another person in a text about something sad with LOL at the end….
    The person who sent the text was then informed that it means Laugh out Loud and its not suitable to add to sad news!!
    I reckon there will come a time when sentences won’t be around, there won’t be pen and paper – everything will be done on computers and everything will be so fast paced in our every day lives that short words will be used for every day situations.


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