Watch out schoolies I’m on a mission to hug Hughesy!

If my little sis can meet Richard Branson and my older David Attenborough, surely I can find a way to hug Hughesy!

Watch out schoolies* and toolies, this mumma’s on a mission.

Tomorrow night I am being released from my parenting shackles to laugh my arse off at comedian Dave Hughes show Pointless.

To get a cab to the venue I’ll no doubt have to fight through crowds of young girls showing their crumpets but nothing will stop me.

I’m sure the husband won’t mind but I hope he at least pretends to tsk tsk the amount of boobage he sees.

As most of you know I love my wit dry, a bit rough around the edges and full of self-depreciation – Hughesy encapsulates this for me.

Since becoming a dad Hughesy’s basically living the hell that most of us parents are and the way he talks about it is hilarious.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a good belly laugh so I’m ridiculously excited watching him.

A few months ago I put a photo on IG saying I’d like to meet him and the funny man himself replied: “We will meet!”


If I actually did meet him I’d probably say the least funniest thing on earth and he’d just stare at me like I was some crazy stalker.

He’d be right I suppose.

I’ve always been someone who likes to tell people what I think of them, just ask one of my deadbeat ex’s who got an ear full in front of his work mates after I found out he had cheated on me.

Like I said, crazy stalker.

Come to think of it my husband probably has more in common with him Hughesy than I do.

They both married journalists, have three kids each and probably cop a far amount of bullshit from their unrelenting wives who simply must know everything – it’s the journo in us.

Maybe I should just get him a present, but what to get?

If he’s anything like my hubby what he really wants is his wife to stop nagging, his kids to stop fighting and an entire weekend to himself.

But there’s as much chance as that happening as me being mistaken for a schoolie.


I’ll just settle for a photo with him – but I won’t make the mistake of asking the hubby to take it because he gets the shits if he has to take more than one photo.

Sure I could just ask him via some social media tool if we could meet but where’s the fun in that?

Back in the day if you wanted to meet someone behind stage you had to stalk them, beg and bribe bouncers or say you were a singing telegram.

Go on dare me to try and meet him in a crazy way that won’t get me arrested, divorced or plastered across the news.

Any suggestions on how I can get a photo with Hughesy? 

What would you say if you met someone you thinks a bit awesome?

Does your significant other HATE taking photos of you?

*For those that aren’t familiar with what schoolies, it’s a term referring to high school graduates who descend on the Gold Coast about now and get smashed and drunk for a week and try and pash as many people as they can.


  1. Sounds like a job for the selfie stick! Hope you get a hug and a photo. Will be following along on social media. This little event needs a dedicated hashtag and that’s what I would be asking him… ‘Can I have a photo of you and how would you like me to hashtag you?’

  2. I’ll be watching the news over the weekend, to see if there’s a story about you, Em 🙂
    Have the best time, I love Hughesy too xx

  3. If anyone can do it Em, you can!! I’ve seen your work at Problogger. You’ve got this.

  4. I dare you… make that double dare! How flippin’ exciting…
    What about asking him to sign your butt so you can make a tattoo out of it, someone did that at Robbie Williams concert once?
    That way he can be the butt of all your jokes… oh no, best leave the comedy to you and Hughesy.
    Have an awesome time. x

  5. Have fun mate. I have total faith you’ll pull it off!

  6. Would you be jealous if I told you that I had a beer with him and his mates a few years ago at Nova Christmas party? Such a funny bastard! Have fun and if anyone can pull this off, you can! In fact, I may just give it a gentle nudge for you 🙂

  7. If anyone can get a photo with Hughesy, it’s you! But I’m with Raych, this might be one for the selfie stick. You don’t want to let a reluctant spousal photographer spoil your shot!

  8. Exciting! Let us know how it went!

  9. Enjoy! Will keep an eye out for that pic!

  10. What a fun ambition! Can’t wait to hear of/see the outcome! Enjoy the show!

  11. You’re awesome! Geez I hope you said you were a singing telegram x

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