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Everyone is our household is a freaking know-it-all right now.

It makes parenting tough when everyone is an expert, it makes it ever harder when we’re all stubborn!

The most common thing you’ll hear my kids say is “I already know that” or “You don’t need to tell me that”.

Forget trying to teach them how to play a board game or Go Fish; they think they already know how to play. Apparently they have become child geniuses overnight!

Sure I adore their confidence and spunk, but quite frankly a 3, 4.5 and 6-year-old do NOT know everything.

My husband and I on the other hand, do know it all. Actually I’m being a bit hard on myself, I’m probably more of a I-know-a-lot.

See I only fight to the death on a point when I know that I’m 100% right, if I’m not sure I’ll confess that I don’t know because no one likes a smarty pants know-it-all.

The husband? Well he’s a freaking genius and is always right (I wish there was a sarcastic font).

google husband

I really wish I had bought this when I saw it!

So over the weekend we had to stop at the pet shop on our way home from an early birthday party celebration for our son.

He turns 5 a week before Xmas and I wanted him to have a party with his little mates because he always seems to miss out because of the silly season.

Anyway, I knew the party would go well and that he’d love bowling followed by laser tag. But after one go of clunking the ball down the alley he told me he didn’t want to bowl anymore.

For those non-bowlers out there, everyone gets 10 turns per game. Fan-farking-tastic I thought to myself.

I inwardly screamed but looked at my fellow mums and shrugged my shoulders. Thankfully they’re a great bunch of gals who tried to make me feel better by telling me fake stories of when their boys did similar things.

Once the party was done and dusted, and I had lost and found my phone and my new sunglasses, we braved 40C temps to get a cat door because I detest the flies that sneak in while the door is ajar.

Hubby found one but I asked him to swap it for a black one to match the colour of the screen door. He told me it was beige, I disagreed.

Okay I didn’t disagree I poo pooed him and rolled my eyes when he said “I installed it, I know what colour it is”.

I counter attacked with “I’ve gone out it a million times a day to hang out about 24,500 loads of washing through it, I KNOW IT’S BLACK”.


Got home, the fecking door is beige.

My husband had that smug know-it-all look on his face and I moaned because now I’ll have to go back and change it!

As I shook my head I could hear one of the kids yelling in the backyard “I KNOW THAT”.

Are your kids know-it-alls?

How do you parent little ones who won’t be told?


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  1. I can soo relate. I am in total awe to my family’s superiority on every level.

  2. Oh, it SUCKS to lose the moral high ground. You should totally go and paint it black just so you can be right:)

  3. Haha! I remember buying shoes and saying to hubby that they would go with my navy dress. He said he didn’t recall me ever wearing a navy dress. I rolled my eyes as described it- the shortish one with white flowers that I wear ALL THE TIME. He told me that particular dress was black. Cue more eye-rolling and muttering about the fact that I bought it, I wear it, I know what bloody colour it is.

    Got home, checked. Black. My navy dress was black. Talk about annoyed!

  4. God I HATE when that happens. I think I have made one mistake in 14 years and it’s one my husband will gleefully remind me of at many occasions.

  5. My husband knows everything. My eldest son knows everything. When my baby can talk, I am quite positive he will also know everything (he already determines everything even without the benefit of speech). I have come to accept it. Although they are all “big picture” people – when it comes to actually DOING it, well, that’s mums job!

  6. Aww Em. I laughed at this. Dad and I used to always do this kind of banter at work. Most times I was right and Dad would always joke “I hate when you’re right”. I’d be smug if my dad was ever right because I was pretty proud of my high record of being right. x

  7. Oh I HATE when that happens! Nick thinks he knows everything, and there is no telling him when he is wrong, he insists that he is right. So much so that for a long time I let him believe 1+1 was really 3. x

  8. I hate that when you’re absolutely sure of something and end up being… wr-wr-wr… not-right!

  9. Haha I hate that!!!! I am so stubborn I think I’d still protest that it was black!!!

  10. I’m yet to reach the know it all phase. My boy just keeps asking why, why, why, freekin’ why. I thought I’d enjoy having a curious child, but boy can it drive me bat shit crazy. Mum says, I was the same and she has that grin, that knowing grin. Bah!

  11. Oh Em, I HATE it when that happens, HATE it!!! There is nothign worse than when you are convinced you are absolutely right about something and then your fucking husband is the one who’s right! Thank God it only happens on the very rare occasion (and don’t tell I ever admitted that sometimes he’s right!).

  12. Oh Em! I hate it when they’re right! xx

  13. You are allowed to be wrong once in a decade. I’m pretty sure I had my wrong moment with hubby just before he left for sea. I’m hoping he will have forgotten all about it when he returns.

  14. My husband is exactly the same and it grates on me to no end. I ended up buying him a Mr Perfect mug because I couldn’t find a Mr Right one for him! My kids also have all the attitude at the moment and are big fat know-it-alls. Thank goodness i have the pugs – they might smell, snore and fart but they don’t tell me that they know it all already!!!!

  15. Yeah, plenty of know it all action in our house too. We’re doing minor renovations and I HATE having to defer to my husband for advice, or sheer strength, to get basic things like painting a wall done. And I sympathise re bowling! We were at a party recently and it was like pass the parcel – very hard for kids to sit and wait for their next turn for 10 WHOLE ROUNDS! Thanks for hosting the link up 🙂

  16. Oh no! I think you should have quashed hubby’s smugness by telling him you would have had more chance of remembering what colour the bloody door was if all the bazillion piles of washing you carried out of it weren’t so high that they blocked your view :)) Gotta love those champ mamas who make fake stories to make you feel better. xx

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