A lazy shoppers guide to saving money!

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Saving money is like shaving, we could all try harder but what’s a little fuzz between friends?

Some people are fantastic at going that extra distance to save a buck, unfortunately that person isn’t often me.

I’m what you call a Lazy Shopper, a person that puts convenience ahead of most other things.

On the rare occasion I do go to different supermarkets to get my groceries, instead of buying the cheap stuff from one and the rest from the other I seem to do a full shop at both!

Sure my Lazy Shopper mentality means that I’ll never be in the Forbes Top 100 List, it also means I spend less time faffing about, something I love.

For those that can’t relate, I envy you, but to those that are from the ‘yes I want to save money but it all seems too hard’ school like myself, I thought I’d share 3 quick ways you can save money without having to break a sweat.

1. Start a ‘square’ jar.

Get yourself a swear jar, or as my middle calls it, a square jar! That sucker will be packed in no time, especially if your kids are like mine and think that ‘stupid’ is a square word.

I also reckon it would be a valuable tool for car trips, supermarket visits and the witching hour.

My kids call it squaring and not swearing.

My kids call it squaring and not swearing.

2. Online Shop A Dockets.

Hands up if you have a wallet stuffed full of annoying metre-long supermarket receipts because of the coupons on the back?

Well those wee beauties are now available online! Yes no more trawling through the bin so you can score a cheap meal or searching your messy handbag for a tiny piece of ripped paper so you can get cheap airport parking or a deal on carpet cleaning.

My friend shared this secret when we were heading out for her birthday dinner, I was passive aggressively moaning that I didn’t have a coupon to get a $5 meal and she told me Shop A Dockets were now online.

For this Lazy Shopper being told I could get a bargain without trying was a bit like being told that you could find out which side your petrol cap was on by looking at the fuel gauge in your car!


This is the stuff that Lazy Shoppers LOVE, scoring bargains without having to chase them down or put in any sort of effort.

Anyway, I implore you to check it out for things that you are already planning to do, have a night out, a weekend adventure or simply a coffee by yourself.

3. Unsubscribe to those daily special emails.

These messages that tickle your inbox every morning are targeted at Lazy Shoppers such as myself. They are designed to make you buy things you weren’t even considering getting in the first place, such as an inflatable pirate ship for the pool!

I found I was spending money just because I was getting a bargain! Once I unsubscribed I didn’t know what I was missing and it was great!

Are you a Lazy Shopper?

Maybe you have some tips to share with me?

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  1. I’m a lazy shopper like you. But I do have $250+ on fly buys for my Christmas shop and we wrack up a lazy $1000 a year on credit card reward points.

  2. I’m a lazy shopper and sig other is a list boy it works! mmmm!
    we shop together and sometimes we/I nearly strangle him at the checkout!
    we a have a deal with woolies orange card at the mo … three weeks of $100 dollar shops gives us $50 voucher!
    so he goes with the math brain and list while I/we put things in the trolley that we need/don’t need/want!!!
    closest we’ve been is 5cents out! … hope you had a good trip hun! love m:)X

  3. I generally am a saving retard but of recent I have had to budget my arse off with Mr Vick becoming a student. I’ve never watched every penny like it. That’s not entirely true of course because I once was a student myself and managed to live off like $40 a week.
    I have no tips to really share other than right lists and stick to them when it comes to shopping. Hard to do but when you really want to be frugle you can do it. I look forward to reading some tips on here x

  4. I haven’t looked at the back of my docket in years but now they’re online this is definitely worth checking out. The older two boys eat adult sized meals now when we go out – it’s hard to make someone who’s as tall as you stick to the kids menu! So I would jump at the chance to get a couple of $5 meals lol.

  5. I hate budgeting but I’m forced to do it!

  6. I totally agree about unsubscribing from emails Em. So much temptation crammed into one inbox!

  7. I had to unsubscribe for those daily deals too, they sent my credit card into meltdown. I love a good list and try to stick to it religiously. We probably swear too much to make a swear jar economically viable, but we do have a workout tips box where we drop a gold coin every time we exercise. Workout tips for the win – make you feel better, look better and spend better!

  8. Unsubscribing to those daily emails is the best thing I ever did! I was buying so many ‘deals’ and then promptly forgetting about them and wasting my money. I like to think I am becoming not so lazy when it comes to shopping, I’m certainly getting more responsible and not making so many impulse buys now.

  9. I think I could so rival you in the lazy shopper category. I am all about convenience! I’m also the worlds WORST saver!! Greats tips, I could use all of them and I am going to hit unsubscribe right now!! x

  10. I’m a lazy shopper too. In actual fact – I don’t like shopping! Yes you heard right!! I’d rather select and purchase online than have to go to the shops. If I do have to go to the shops, I’ll see what I want and I’ll get it. I might consider price in my decision but I will not consider ‘shopping around’. Blow that! 😉 xo

  11. God I wish I was better at this kind of thing.

  12. I’m kind of a lazy shopper. I won’t shop in three different places for groceries because that’s insane. But I also refuse to pay full price if I know I can get it somewhere else cheaper.
    I always forget about the shop a dockets. Good to know they are now online.

  13. You will not believe the number of online shops I have subscribed to! And the email subjects always beckon me. LOL Must unsubscribe!

  14. Oops, today I was a lazy shopper…went to pick up some nappies, came out with prepackaged latina fresh spaghetti and sauce. I could have not been so lazy and made something from the fridge and cupboard….but hey, it gave me an extra hour and I’m happy to pay a little bit extra for that.

  15. Yep, super lazy shopper here. When I have to take a toddler and a four year old shopping, I want to go to one shop and get in and out as quick as I can. There’s no way I’m going to faff about going to 10 different shops to get a bargain. Hot tip about the dockets online. I will have to check that out. Thanks. #teamIBOT

  16. Hold the phone the arrow actually tells you which side the petrol tank is on, genius! I’ve never even taken notice of mine because I already know its on the right, but if I had a dollar for every time Trent asked me which side its on I’d be rich. I’m so sharing this bit of knowledge in a passively aggressive sarcastic way next time he asks.

    I totally need to unsubscribe from loyalty emails, its cost me so much money in online shopping!

  17. I am a total spontaneous shopper – I see, I Like I buy. My hubby and my bank account hate me for it. I have unsubscribed to so many because the temptation was too much xx

  18. I’m a bit of a snobby shopper sometimes which drives the cost of my grocery bill up higher. Other than that I am a bit of a bargain hunter, but money often feels like it’s burning a hole in my pocket so I don’t have a lot of it to spend on the bargains lol!

  19. I didn’t know shop a docket was online… I’m the sort of person who says no to dockets so I rarely get them and when I do they fill my tiny purse and annoy the crap out of me.

    As for the swear jar, I live alone so never actually swear out loud!

  20. I found out that petrol thing only this week too! (In my defence, I have a new car.) And I am very guilty of going from Coles to Woollies to IGA for different things and coming back with too much shopping so please NEVER raise that sore subject with my husband, ‘k?

  21. Another option for lazy shoppers is to let those fanatic deal hunting types do all the hard work for you. Once they’ve done the research to figure out where all the best deals online currently are, you can then simply cherry pick the ones you want. Job done. 🙂

    Otherwise, I fully agree with unsubscribing from all those “daily specials emails” too. IMO the majority of the time they end being nothing more than over-hyped promotions offering little in the way of any real value for money.

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