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Telling my kids that I met their daddy in gay bar isn’t something I’m ashamed of.

In fact I consider myself grateful I found him at all.

Sure it would have been nice to have a romantic story to share with our children but maybe it’s not a bad thing they don’t expect a fairy tale hook up because empty castles and dwarfs are in short supply these days.

All I want for my kids is good health and happiness. I also want them to know that sometimes love can be found when you least expect it and in the strangest of places.

Last week I put the question to my fabulous Facebook readers, where did they meet their significant others.

I thought you’d be interested in how other people met their beloveds, I know I got a kick out of it!


Thanks to those for sharing their stories – YOU ROCK!

1. My other half was on a cloth nappy forum.

2. I met mine at a local pub was introduced to him by his cousin who I was going out with at the time….doh!!!!

3. In a Reggae Bar.

4. Mine installed a cd player in my car. I asked for a discount, he said no but asked me out for dinner.

5. My best friends engagement party…. I chased his car down the street.

6. A kibbutz in Israel when i went traveling after uni. First country on my big travels and I fall in love with an English bloke and the rest is history.

7. I met mine when he came to pick my sister up for a date!

8. Well I met my husband on a bus.

9. I met mine on the radio… Lol we’re old school and ancient.

10. I met mine when he came to pick my sister up for a date!

Care to tell me how and when you met your significant other?

Maybe you know someone with a great, romantic story?


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  1. I love hearing stories of how people met their partners. Handy Hubby and I met working at our local fish and chip shop when I was 19. We flirted over doing the dishes at the end of each shift. Nothing romantic about the setting but strangely enough our kids rate fish and chips as their favourite food. Don’t think we will ever escape it!

  2. lol I love the when he came to pick up my sister for a date one!

    I met my husband when we were cast in a theatre show together. The cast would all be on stage except us two who would be getting our make up done in the dressing room, where we’d find each other’s eyes in the mirrors. It was fairly instant although we played it cool for a bit 🙂

  3. We got introduced by a friend who thought we’d be perfect for each other. Turns out she was right!

  4. My DH and I were friends for years and years and years before the spark ignited (well, before we were both single I guess). We met at a high school party where I started dating one of his mates.

  5. I met my husband of the Internet which is quite a boring answer these days. I did meet my ex-husband at my engagement party to someone else though!

  6. I met my wife through a friend when she was 15 and I was 22 – but I let he do some growing up (and finish uni) before we went out. These sorts of things sound very sordid when you write them down – I wish I’d met her in a kibbutz or in a cloth nappy forum instead.

  7. I met mine through two friends he went to high school with – one I knew from LiveJournal communities. Then I moved back to Brisbane and took up a job because someone was leaving to go overseas – that was another friend of his from high school. So basically we had no choice about ending up together 🙂

  8. I met my husband in a grotty old pub way back in 1994!

  9. I think meeting at a gay bar is actually a pretty cool and quirky story! I met Mick through Rootaract. I mean, uh…Rotaract, which is like a sort of social and community service type group for 18-30 year olds sponsored by Rotary. You actually had to leave the house to meet people in those ‘olden’ days of the early 90’s. Weird.

  10. I arrived home from work one night and found my hubby to be sitting in my lounge room reading my far side. I was dating someone else at the time, as was Mr C. Anyway, will save the long story for a blog post.

  11. Most recently (ie. for friends in their late 30s and 40s) they all seemed to meet online. There are a couple of marriages and two long term relationships as a result. Hardly the stuff of fairytales but increasingly necessary it seems.

    I took to RSVP and speed dating etc in my mid-late 30s. My friends had all coupled-up so we rarely went to bars and no one seemed to have parties / knew any eligible men. Alas.

  12. I met Dave in a hotel room before going out in the city for a night. I worked with one of his best friends, and we had organised to get together some of our friends and have a big night. Funnily enough my Mum was there too! I think she knew before Dave and I did that it was meant to be! From the moment we met we started talking and didn’t stop all night!

  13. The kibbutz story sounds especially exotic. I spent a few years on a kibbutz and loved it. I had to travel back to the mother country and surf the interwebs to find my man, though!

  14. I am such a boring cliche. We had the secret office affair an then BANG, 14 years later we have two kids. So romantic.

  15. I met mine at the pub on new years eve (well technically it was about 1am new years day by then).

  16. I met mine online waaaaay before it was cool and around the time it was pretty damn daggy!

  17. I’m so glad you compiled those responses, what a great idea! For me…nothing romantic – we met at a nightclub! x


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