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People like me don’t just quietly live their lives, somehow we seem to offend, upset or mortify others without even knowing.

And by people like me, I mean those who speak their minds, wear their heart on their sleeves and usually call a spade a spade.

I don’t intend to offend but sometimes I do.

post-it-note-quote-corrected.jpgBut I also pride myself on having the ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes, even if at times they don’t fit so well.

I could warble on here and give a zillion anecdotes but I’m going to spare you the melodrama.

Here’s a few things I know about myself that must annoy the crap out of people but they never tell me.

1.  What you say?

I speak WAY too fast, like auctioneer fast, and if you throw in my Kiwi accent then half the time I know people are just nodding and smiling because they have not a clue what I just said.

2. Verbal diarrhoea

Over sharing, it’s a hobby of mine, I divulge lots of random crap to strangers, check-out chicks and daycare teachers.

From PMS, period pain, why my eyebrows look so unruly and why my hair is up because it’s dirty, you name it I’ll share it! I have no idea why, I sometimes just suffer from verbal diarrhoea.

Okay so I probably wouldn't tell a stranger something like this!

Okay so I probably wouldn’t tell a stranger something like this!

3. My way or the highway

I will put my screaming and tantrum-throwing children in a makeshift naughty corner in a shopping centre.

It doesn’t matter where, in fact last week I made my son sit on the ground at the end of the checkout until I was done.

I didn’t blink an eye, stood tall and strong and didn’t make unnecessary excuses for what I was doing. I was parenting.

I get about 15 of these a day, when he doesn't get his way, usually they are accompanied by heading banging on tiles or whatever surface he has throw himself on.

4. Welcome to the real world

As my children hit about 4 or 5 I will let them decide who they want at their birthday parties, why should I make them invite kids that they don’t want there?

I know this isn’t a popular point of view but I’m also a parent that believes kids should learn they won’t always win and that sometimes they will come dead last.

This might sound tough but I want to slowly and carefully prepare my children for the harsh reality that is the real world.

And in the real world they won’t always get their way and will have to learn to cope with many setbacks.

5. Straight up now tell me.

I rarely sugar coat it and if someone asks how I am I will tell them, straight up!

If I’m struggling, going half insane and wish I could run away with the circus then I will say so.

The way I see it is that if people don’t want to know how I am, and I mean REALLY how I am, then don’t ask!

A few years ago every day was a shitty one and that is pretty much what I told anyone who asked and with some I could almost hear the eye roll over the phone.


Do you over-share info?

Tell people how you really are?

Or do you prefer to keep your private life private?

(oh and if you feel as though you have read this post before it’s because you have – in March 2013) 


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  1. We could be twins! Although in saying that I’ve possibly offended you.

    Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I have a permanent case of foot in mouth disease. I blame the fact that I don’t get out enough for my verbal diarrhea when I do.

    I’m also really bad at doing the whole positive, positive, negative, positive thing when it comes to anything. Who has the time or patience for that? Not me.

    I had my hair chemically straightened on Thursday for free, it was a training session but when the trainee asked me for feedback and I agreed with the trainer that her technique needed work, she huffed off. I should be grateful she didn’t take it out on my hair. She eventually came back and finished the job and I kept my mouth tightly shut for the rest of the session, trying to think of something positive to say.

  2. Firstly I dont see not inviting the entire class to your child’s birthday party as particularly harsh. I’m not really an oversharer in person (but I love that you are). I save all that shite for the blog.

  3. I don’t want to run away with the circus. I want to run away with the day spa. As a permanent guest.

  4. love it that you are honest to a fault em!
    i’ll share with people who i trust and i like, but not all and sundry!
    had to learn diplomacy as a h/dresser … mum’s the word!
    I am quite quiet verbally and private, however i can speak up for a cause that i am passionate about
    i particularly like to write and paint it out of me! … as you know!
    I’ve given up trying to convince people about my ideas! because most don’t get this nebulous abstract thinker
    anyway … so who gives a ….! … go girl! … you are the honest business! … love it! :)X

  5. If I am going through a particularly crap time, I tend to be the over sharer. Poor people who are paid to ask “How are you” get a gob full and I shrug and think “well, you bloody asked.” I don’t tend to do this when I am in a happy place. Why is that? Okay, that’s all way too existential for a Laugh Link Monday. As my mum used to say: Everyone likes vanilla ice cream, but who wants to be vanilla?

  6. These five traits will stand you in good stead for your future career as a crazy cat lady! xx

  7. Not an oversharer but my background is in the behavourial sciences and I will often rabbit on about social behaviour and cultural norms and I suspect that people probably think I’m judging them or something but I’m not really interested in someone’s individual behaviour. I’ve been trained to think macro, but I think people tend to relate stuff back to themselves. I dunno. It’s far too early to get your sociology on, Zilla.

  8. I’m a huge over-sharer. (Obviously!)

    Sometimes I do it strategically though – to put others at ease or if I really want to say something but have struggled to work out how… if that makes sense!


  9. I too talk fast and talk a lot. I don’t overshare in person but I’m guilty as charged for oversharing on the blog where I’m a serial brain dumper. I love your 5 top traits, that’s what makes you YOU-nique!

  10. These are all the things I love about you Em, and I suspect that is true for anyone who really “gets” you! And I am 100% with you on not inviting the whole damn class to your child’s birthday, mainly because it’s too farkin’ expensive!

  11. YES!!! I’m the biggest over sharer, always have been. But, I also like when people share their stuff with me. It just makes me feel like we’re all kind of in the same place (OK so this is obviously my verbal diarrhoea kicking in, because reading that back, it doesn’t make so much sense).
    And I just won’t invite kids that my kid doesn’t like!! Political correctness is getting way out of control.
    Finally Em, I LOVE that you don’t care what people think when you parent. That’s me too, and I can’t imagine how many eye rolls I’ve got over the years…..whatever 🙂
    Keep on making us laugh gorgeous, don’t go changin’ xx

  12. I think blogging attracts us verbal diarrhea, wear our heart on our sleeve, type of people – so count me in that crew too!

  13. I’m really quiet and struggle to articulate my thoughts, which is one of the reasons I prefer writing. I can tell you that being quiet annoys people too, considering how many times I’ve had it pointed out to me in a very accusatory way. “You’re SO quiet! You HAVE TO come out of your shell!” Blah, blah, blah….

    Anyway, I love that you’re a straight up person. That’s what makes you YOU. xo

  14. The things about you that annoy people are also the things that people love about you – at least I like you’re straight-talking, no crap, have a laugh at your own expense, heartfelt ways. I wear my heart on my sleeves but wondering whether it is time to go short-sleeve rather than long ones.

  15. I’m a speed talker too… think it’s because I work from home and most of my conversations take place with the toaster. When I’m around actual people I tend to spit out a months worth of conversation in two minutes. I even annoy me.

  16. Massiver oversharer here – you know just in case you havent already figured that out. Although I have to admit, for far too many years I invited certain kids to my boys parties so that I didnt offend the parents. I like your no bullshit approach chick. But then again there isnt anything about you I dont dig! x

  17. I overshare all the time and apparently I always talk too fast!

  18. Nothing wrong with us over-sharers Em. I always talk the ear off anyone who’ll listen – or not, more often than not!!!!

  19. Are we the same person?! I could tick all five of those boxes – plus we’re both Kiwis, we (almost) share a name… Okay, now I just sound weird and stalkerish…
    Seriously tho – don’t ever stop being real. It’s so refreshing.

  20. I tend to over share in a blurt it all out kind of way. I usually say ‘not too bad’ when a random person asks me how my day has been, but it annoys the hell out of me that they ask and are fully prepared for most people to give that answer.

  21. Hmmm I didn’t think you spoke too fast at all! I’m pretty sure I speak much faster….which is saying something about me then!

    I’m not an oversharer…I don’t know why, it’s not intentional….but I LOVE that you are!!!


  22. Oh verbal diarrhea – I’ll just talk and talk and talk to fill the void. Though it tends to strike when I’m leaving phone messages, which is why I’ve gotten in the habit of hanging up and trying again later. It’s that bad.

    I’ve also been accused of being too blunt – I lack whatever gene it is that’s needed to sugar coat my opinion. Some people like it…some not so much!

    Great post!!

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