Hey parenting ‘experts’ – stop labelling us! Laugh Link

When will ‘experts’ stop trying to find new labels for parents?

We’ve all heard about cotton wool and helicopter parenting but now there’s a new label on the block – the ‘lawnmower parent’.

How do they come up with this crap?

Are lawnmower parents good at trimming their kids’ hair or are they extremely noisy people who make cutting remarks and flick stones?

According to this blurb, “lawnmower parents clear a path for their child before they even take a step, preempting possible problems and mowing down obstacles in their child’s way”.

And I quote: “Lawnmower mums and dad are out there smoothing the way for their kids, giving them a soft, even surface to move forward on”.

I don’t know about your mower but mine certainly doesn’t smooth the surface, it just cuts grass!


I reckon a better way to describe this alleged-parent type would be to call them a concreter parent, seeing as how they supposedly give a soft, even surface to move forward on.

Seriously though, why can’t we all just be called parents?

Do these judgmental ‘experts’ have nothing else to do but make up new names to bag and criticise parents who are probably doing the best they can?

Furthermore, if this trend continues what appliance or piece of machinery will they come up with next?

Maybe parents who are constantly making sure their kids are warm enough will be called microwave parents?

Will someone who always aims to please be labelled a vibrator parent? The possibilities are endless.

Myself, I’m probably a bit of a fridge/leaf blower/smoke detector parent.

I’m not very organised but always have food, I’m always trying to shoo the kids away from me and I’ve been known to go off under extreme circumstances.

What sort of parent are you?

Do you take on board what these ‘experts’ are saying?


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  1. I left a comment but it’s disappeared. Not sure if it will reappear. I’m not having much luck with comments at the moment. Still haven’t managed to rescue over 9k of mine since the blog merge and don’t really have time to invest in fixing the issue.

    As far as parenting labels go, I’m not sure I’m qualified to give myself a label.

  2. Good point! We humans are obsessed with labeling everything! I saw a quiz recently asking how “crunchy” you are as a parent. Nope. Not even doing the quiz. I am raising the next generation- that’s important! I’m not likening it to peanut butter varieties! I refuse! 😀

  3. isn’t it all experimental anyway em!
    do you see any perfect people out there?!?!? … that’s a no!
    I would not like to be bringing up children at this in time line!
    I’ve done my job and it wasn’t all good or all bad! it was and always will be a challenge
    I read books at that time and one tried to do their best with the intuition, knowledge and circumstances presented!
    every generation is different! … I have zero tolerance with mother’s negotiating with little johnny who is 2 or 3 … too many choices and they are overwhelmed! … good luck hun! … common sense and love and let free play reign supreme! … over and out! lol m:)X

  4. The labelling & extreme defining of every-freaking-thing in life has been grating on me recently!! Just let people be!

    I would be a cocktail parent if I had kids. Or what’s a descriptive word for someone who’s scared of kids?

  5. It would take many many many labels for me…it depends on the day of the week, my mood, how tired I am as to what sort of parent I am….. I

  6. I’m probably a Home Brand parent. Cheap, boring but possibly not as bad as the world expects.

  7. I suspect the type of parent someone is changes over time and size of gaggle (is that the correct name for a group of kids… oh, wait… family!). I know of many first-time parents who were very pedantic, protective and particularly anal, but by the time the kid got older, or they had no.2 or 3 – they were encouraging them to play with knives and so forth!

  8. I’m a psychic parent … when the kids (18 & 20) are up to no good (which isn’t often really) I just *know* (ok you and I both know it was because I was young once and I remember what it was like!).

  9. “Will someone who always aims to please be labelled a vibrator parent?” Ha ha ha Emily, classic!!!

  10. I’m an ad hoc parent as well as an ad hoc blogger. I’m just ad hoc, period. Sometimes I’m on top of everything and think I know what I’m doing and other times – forgeddaboudit! I’m with you, we’re all just making it up and learning as we go. Enough with the labels! xo

  11. Ok I am a pram parent: I mow down people who get in my way just because they are in my way. Ever done that too? God I love pushing my pram in a crowd…

  12. Here here! I’m just trying to be a keep-my-head-above-water parent who wants to bring up well rounded and grounded children.

  13. I love your “label” Em. I have no idea what sort of a parent I am. Hopefully a good one? That’s the only label I need or want x

  14. lawnmower parents, hahahah I’ve heard it all now!! That’s too funny!! Think I might be falling under irresponsible parents as I wanted (in horror) as Master J crossed the road in front of the car yesterday. Luckily all was ok but how have I failed to teach him road awareness??????

  15. meant to say ‘watched in horror’

  16. Vibrator parent!! Hahahaha! My best guess is a mechanic bull parent. I’m just holding on for as long as I can before my kids throw me off and venture into the world on their own. I’ve lasted longer than eight seconds so I consider myself a winner.

  17. Mechanical bull, I mean. Rodeo bull. Something something cotton wool brains cold sniff sneeze. You know what I mean, right?!

  18. I’d like to write a book – “Today’s parents: Not perfect but doing a good job”. I dont think it would sell too well.

  19. I have no idea what kind of parent I am. Usually I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m parenting either. But we muddle along. The kids are mostly fed, clean, and happy so I guess that counts as OK in my book!

  20. I would have been an ASIO parent when the boys were in their early teens. Constantly spying on them and checking on their whereabouts. Sorry I didn’t link today Ems but I slept in 🙁

  21. And have you heard the references to the refrigerator mums in the 50s and 60s? They were cold women and unloving towards their children. Apparently these women were also the cause of autism.

    Professionals just need to stop describing our problems as parents and start offering assistance.

  22. I’d like to think of myself as a really cool and hip kinda parent… BUT … in reality I’m more the go to the fridge and get a drink, hope it won’t, didn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t have happened kind of parent

  23. Ba ha ha. They’re just trying to sell more parenting expert books, clearly…

  24. It sounds like it should be renamed bulldozer parenting! I think I’d call mine Magpie parenting. I hoard things and tend to swoop in when I see someone threatening my boy.

  25. Totally agree with you. I try not to listen or read to these so called ‘experts’. I just try to do the best job I can and I am ok with that. Thanks for sharing. #TeamMM

  26. You sound like a very useful appliance Em! Me, I’d like to label myself as ‘a better parent than I give myself credit for’!

  27. Isn’t it ridiculous! Some people have too much time on their hands if they have time to judge what parents are doing right or usually, wrong. It’s bad enough we all second guess the way we parent all the time.

  28. LOL. Microwave and vibrator parents. Classic.

    I actually know a lawnmower parent but ya know, they’re also just a parent.

    Who are these experts anyway???

  29. I saw that “lawnmower parent” article the other day and my eyeballs rolled back so fast they still hurt. I don’t think that one is gonna stick.

  30. Half assed/ slack ass parent here!!

  31. I’m always very weary about anyone who calls themselves an ‘expert’, an ‘expert’ in their opinion perhaps? I just laughed when you mentioned ‘microwave’ parent. I’m just a parent that absolutely loves my son to death and I do what’s best for him! Great post as always Em. x

  32. The labels give me the shits as well. I had a bit of a scoff when I read about the lawnmower parents as well.

  33. I’m more of a toilet flush parent – most of the time I do a pretty good job but occasionally I get distracted and leave a floater …

  34. I’ve often referred to my parenting as the Sheepdog Style.
    It’s where you herd them around by snapping at their heels, keeping them going in a general direction, but letting them have some free rein to learn, and feeling like they have some independence.

    With teens and preteens though, The Construction Parent prevails.

    That’s where you feel like the brick wall they are constantly pushing against.
    They need their brick wall, but it’s dashed hard work.


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