Help! I rescued a bird from our pool & the parents have farked off!

I’m so mad right now I could scream but instead I’m crying because I really hope the baby bird I rescued from our pool doesn’t die.

What’s more I want the parents of the bird to get their stupid screechy arses back to check on their baby.

You see our backyard is the proud host of four new baby birds, they’re about two weeks old.

I have no idea how they all fit in that nest but they do, well not so much now that they are out and about exploring.

They are demanding little shits and it's a never ending  job feeding them!

They are demanding little shits and it’s a never-ending job feeding them!

This past week they have been learning to fly etc, although some are better at it than others. There are four of them.

Survival of the fittest has already come to play and two are thriving and two aren’t. It gnaws away at me but I know it’s life. Still it sucks.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the little Hiccup to make sure no harm comes to him or her.

little bird

Learning to fly is a bitch.

So an hour ago I was plugging away at some work and thought I’d check out how the family is doing, they were all chilling around the pool and then all flew off when I walked outside.

I then noticed Hiccup in the pool, I raced in and rescue the wee thing and there was little fight in the wee creature. I put it under the kid’s play hut in the sun but out of the wind.

That was 20 minutes ago and where are the bloody parents?

Surely they haven’t deserted Hiccup and buggered off now they can all fly reasonably well?

I tell you I’m not happy right now.

Furthermore, who builds a nest so high up and above a swimming pool? I mean what were they thinking, and they called Michael Jackson an irresponsible dad for dangling his kid.

These parents take the cake, they must have balls of steel. Bird brains.

Why couldn’t they have chosen to make a nest in the nice natives in our garden instead of the neighbours horribly tall bamboo plants that lose all their farking leaves in our pool?

nest up high

I just peeked through the window and no one has come back to see how Hiccup is going.

This really upsets me and I knew this would happen. I would get attached to the stupid birds, one would die and I would be a basket case.


Nature sucks. Survival of the fittest sucks. The parents of Hiccup are wankers and if they don’t come back I’ll get a bunch of crows together to kick their butts.

This is why I can’t be a farmer or anyone that cares for animals, I’m not tough enough.

I took this through the window as don't want to get close in case it's parents are nearby

In recovery, I took this through the window as don’t want to get close in case its parents are nearby.

What should I do?

It’ll die if its parents don’t come back?

What will I tell the kids? FARK!


  1. had a similar situation here last year with a baby magpie
    it flew into the side of our boat then dropped into the water … I saw it all
    got sig other to fish it out with a net … we brought it inside it was drenched and gasping for breath! … we dried it gently with the hair drier and got it back outside as quickly as poss it was getting more energy but still exhausted … where were the parents … same thing! we protected it against the wind in the sun … where it lay for sometime!
    finally one parent came nearer but pretended it had never seen it before … stupid! and we were getting clucky by then poor little thing!
    however I think it was a ploy … it took at least an hour before it finally acknowledged you are mine ok come with me!
    all good in the end … hope will be the same for you hun! love m:)X

  2. Last Spring we had one of those baby birds fall out of the nest onto the road. We put it in a shoe box to see if it’s parents would come to care for it but it they flew away. I rang the RSPCA on what to do and they said to leave it outside for the night to see if it would fly on its own because it may not have fallen from the tree but tried to fly being a juvenile. The next day the poor bird was not well so we took it to an animal shelter where they would care for it and put it back into the wild. Sometimes parents neglect their young if they are sick or have worms. If the bird doesn’t get any better, I’d take it to your nearest shelter to be looked after. I’m the same with animals. If I see one hurt I have to rescue it or do something.

  3. I’m sorry Em, but this post made me almost spit my tea out I was laughing so hard!! Not funny at all though – poor little hiccup. I hope those irresponsible parents come back soon. xx P.S. Love your big soft heart xx

  4. Call WIRES. But if you’re keen on saving it don’t take it to a vet. An injured seagull was flapping around our yard and WIRES was busy, so they told us to catch it and take it to a vet. The vet said he’d “take care of it”. Which even my 9yo realised meant put it to sleep. A couple of hours later WIRES rang back and the girl who rang freaked out because “you know what the vet will do!” She got the address of the vet and rushed over there to save it. Not sure if she got there in time or not though…

  5. No advice sadly…

    I haven’t had a pet since I was a kid and even though I’m over my fear of being seen as scary (single) cat lady I can’t have a cat in my complex, which is a good thing cos I’d get WAY too attached.

  6. Have you learnt nothing from Mike Wozaski (aka Billy Crystal) Monsters Inc when refering to Boo???

    “Don’t name it! Once you name it, then you become attached to it!”

    Hiccup is a pretty good name!

  7. Poor little thing! I hope the parents come back for him. If not, then I guess you will be a fur mom, I mean feather mom. 🙂

  8. Good on you! Who needs Mama and Papa Bird when you can have a guardian angel called Em! With your angel wings, you’ll be able to fly better than Hiccup at this rate. If his folks don’t come to get him, I suggest you take baby bird to WIRES. They’ll see him right. Can’t you tell the kids he’s sleeping? Or maybe he just has a fear of heights! Keep us posted… I can see the blog post “Hiccup – the sequel.” Crossing fingers for you, and Hiccup xx

  9. Oh honey, I could tell this was going to end badly when you gave him a name. Poor little bugger. I notice that this was posted yesterday so I hope that Hiccups parents have realised the error of their deadbeat ways and come back to claim him. PS. I am a big sooky-hearted softy when it comes to animals too.

    • I just went to try encourage it to move and noticed it’s only got one leg that’s all curled up! Reckon it’s got dodgy pins. Parents are back and feeding it but not looking good. It’s ruining my buzz I’m obsessed with checking on it

  10. I’m up right now watching a baby bird I. A box after finding him in our jawuzzi , I thought he had died , but he was still breathing, so we got a box and towel and a heating pad which I’ve turned off now. I think he came from a nest I e been peeking in on all week. So I opened my window and put the box near it and his nest is right outside the window , he seemed have perked up from the sounds outside and fresh air and now he’s sleeping. I hope by morning I can return him to his nest. I have covered the jaquizzi with ply wood just incase! Say a prayer for this baby bird, he is so tired and so cute, god willing mom and dad won’t notice he was out all night ! Lol

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