A lazy girl’s guide to keeping a personal journal!

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday and I am completely unorganised for the small gathering I have planned.

I’ve got the food sorted, well kind of, I just need to make his birthday cake, cupcakes, and do up the goodie bags, make a treasure map and figure out what games we might play.

I also need to get some blue jelly so the kids can find lollies I set in it and the kids can fish them out.

Do they even make blue jelly? Maybe it’s only available on the black market because we aren’t supposed to feed our kids blue stuff anymore are we?

Okay so I haven’t done a pickle of preparation but it’s just 10 kids and 3 of those are mine so I’m not stressing, thankfully 3-year-olds are easily pleased!

Anyway I was procrastinating and I came across this Take Stock list by the incredibly smart and organised Pip @ Meet me at Mikes.

These lists are a great way to document what you’re up to, especially for people like me that are too lazy busy to keep a personal journal or diary.

Do you keep a diary or journal? If not then why not take part in this list challenge, in years to come it will give you a snapshot of your life at that time, it’ll be like a lazy personal’s journal!

Just copy and paste the below into a word or notebook document, delete my silly answers and you have your very own cheat’s diary. And go over and tell Pip she’s a legend!

Making : beds.
Cooking : a birthday cake, at some stage sometime today.
Drinking : way too much coffee.
Reading: Unlock Your Style by Nikki Parkinson – it’s time for me to stop dressing like a dag.
Wanting: more sleep, another 3 hours in a day.
Looking: like crap because of lack of sleep.
Playing: music really loud when there are no kids in the car.
Deciding: what party games to play at son’s 3rd birthday tomorrow.
Wishing: no one had to get fatal diseases.
Enjoying: my kids telling me crazy made-up stories.
Waiting: for my high-school friend, and her three kids, to arrive for a good old gossip.
Liking: that I have lots of work right now.
Wondering: whether they still make blue jelly?
Loving: that I live in a place that I only have to wear socks 10 times a year.
Pondering: what it’s going to take for me to start exercising again.
Considering: joining the circus.
Watching: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as much as possible, it’s hilarious and last night Hugh Jackman was on – LOVE HIM!

Hoping: the kids aren’t tearing my backyard to shreds!
Marvelling: at how gorgeous my kids are.
Needing: a chef, personal trainer, a reality check.
Smelling: the smell of rain.
Wearing: skinny jeans that are stretched so look okay, daggy pink slippers and a grandma cardigan.
Following: the case against murderer Oscar Pistorius, that wasn’t found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend because of the political ramifications.
Noticing: that it’s almost unacceptable to complain about your life anymore, we have to be so bloody grateful ALL THE TIME.
Knowing: I should be grateful for my fantastic life and health.
Thinking: we should get a cat from the rehoming centre once we’re home from our trip overseas.
Admiring: all those people who are more successful that I am because they are more organised.
Giggling: watching the late Robin Williams stand up performances on the iPad.
Feeling: guilty for yelling at the kids for being little shits.
Snacking: on everything that I can find, but mainly sour cream and chives grain waves.
Coveting: this luxurious pad.
Wishing: I enjoyed cooking.
Helping: a charity that helps abused girls in Kenya.
Hearing: my sons screaming and fighting outside while I hide from them in my office!

Will you give this a shot?
What are you wearing, thinking or enjoying right now?


  1. I love this Em! Are you going overseas?

  2. Wow! Big list! Hope the party goes well!

  3. Oh my gosh, you sound like me when it comes to kids parties! Thank goodness.

  4. Hugh Jackman is da bomb. The End.

  5. Very cool – I will be bookmarking this journal list for future reference. Hope the party went well!!!

  6. I always procrastinate at party prep time too… I never know where to start. Cool list. Hope you catch some Zs soon 🙂

  7. I really like these posts, Pip is a genius 🙂
    As long as you have 1. Cake 2. pass the parcel and 3. Pin the whatever on the whatever, you are set. All good to go. Seriously the kids don’t give a shit!! They are just happy to be at a birthday party!

  8. Hope the party went well. I’m on catch up now, with limited internet which should make my week interesting to say the least.

  9. I love the answers to this!!
    I might have to try this one day!!

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