Top 3 things I wish I could afford right now!

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This year I have a tax bill, actually I had one last year too but it was so tiny that I forgot to pay it. Oops a daisy!

Of course I’ve sorted that out and as we speak the government is spending my tax dollars on things that I don’t approve of.

And might I add that despite the fact I pay taxes I’m not allowed to vote because I’m a New Zealander and am not allowed to become a citizen easily.

I have to jump through fiery hoops and pay big money to become one, this is despite the fact that in NZ Australians aren’t treated this way and can vote without question. Don’t even get me started!


But back to owing money, other than my existing mortgage the biggest debt I’ve ever had is my student loan.

However, in the scheme of things it wasn’t that big because it was the 1990s and I wasn’t training to save lives or put people behind bars, I was studying to be a person that WROTE about people who did these things.

I was also fortunate to have a very generous fairy godmother help me clear some of my debt, yes I was a very lucky ducky.

While I never had to get a personal loan to pay off my student debt I had many friends that did because the thought of owing the government money didn’t sit well with them.

student loan

These days you can get a personal loan for pretty much anything, but here’s three things I dream of being able to afford right now:

1. Chief cook and bottle washer and a live-in personal trainer.

The thought of having someone to do all the menial tasks around this joint is enough to make me dance like no one is watching!

Imagine a household where you just had to tend to the emotional needs of your children and significant other and did not have to pick up, clean up and cook for them.

And just think, if you had a personal trainer to keep you on your toes you’d never be able to hide in the pantry and scoff unnecessary chocolate biscuits again.

It would be a win-win for all and sundry, a happy wife makes for a happy life.

2. A personal stylist and shopping spree.

Over the weekend I attended a conference with other writers/bloggers and I had to ‘suit up’ for about six separate events. I might have gone a little over the top in regards to shopping but it was worth it.

All dolled up for a lunch at the Palazzo Versace with Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and one of her sponsors Olympus.

All dolled up for a lunch at the Palazzo Versace with Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and one of her sponsors Olympus.

I felt a million dollars and quite a few people were surprised at how well I scrubbed up. If I had my way I’d get a personal loan and hire a stylist to take me shopping and teach me how to dress for my body shape.

Then I’d go shopping and not feel guilty for buying clothes that suit my post-baby body. It’s been years since I’ve actually paid attention to how I look and it’s about time I shaped up.

3. A six-week trip across Australia with the kids.

The thought of packing up the kids and travelling around the country in a self-contained vehicle really appeals to me, well except for the technical side of the on-board ablution facilities.

I would love to have a month or two without deadlines, homework and stress. My middle child starts school next year and I feel as though my babies are growing too fast and I’m working too much. A trip in a self-contained Winnie would be lush but I’d settle for less glam wheels.

It would also be just what my hubby and I need to spend time together where we are not rushing around and doing nothing together except parenting.


If I ever need a personal loan I will consider a credit union over a big bank any day of the week because the thought of giving a big bank even more money to line their pockets makes me cranky.

Did you know that recently one of the country’s biggest banks posted a full-year cash profit of $8.7 billion, a record for an Australian lender, this is an increase of 12 per cent on last year. Talk about greedy.

I prefer to support the smaller guys which is why I have a bank account with a customer-owned bank.

Have you ever had a personal loan?
What awesome or necessary product or service did you get?
Are you with me on preferring to support the smaller players in the financial industry over the big banks?
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  1. I purchased my first car with a personal loan and went with one of the bigger banks, what a mistake that was. We only have the mortgage on our investment property and that’s about as much debt as I can stomach. If that changed I think I would put an overseas trip for all the family on the top of the wish list.

    Which reminds me, late next year, my daughter is having jaw surgery, following 2 years of braces and we need to come up with just over $20k to pay for it all. We have health insurance but the dr is insisting his payment roughly $10k is paid up front. All going to plan we should have most of it but we will either need to get a small loan or a credit card if we don’t. Even with the gap I think we will still be out of pocket a couple of thousand if not more.

  2. I had a car loan once – made the worst choice and went with the dealers finance. What can I say I was young and dumb. Now I shop around for whoever has the best deal! Big or small whoever has the best deal I am there!

  3. Can’t wait til our car and credit card are paid off!

  4. Looking smokin’ hawt in the photo Em. I have always been debt averse. Never borrow against a depreciating asset being my catch cry. Anyhow – absolutely we should be supporting the smaller banks. More competition will mean lower fees, better interest rates, better service and an all round better deal for all.

  5. Our finances are so complicated I would need a ten page document to explain 😉 And I’m certainly not looking forward to my tax bill this year, so instead of preparing for it we are heading on a road trip! USA here we come! In something very much like picture 2 of what you imagine travelling the country in! 😉

  6. I’ve never had a personal loan! But I do have a big old student debt so this has given me some food for thought. I know the interest as it is is outrageous!

    You looked so floral and pretty at your luncheon! No need for a stylist at all, you’ve got the knack lady!

  7. I pretty much sold myself to the CBA back in the Dollarmite days. We’ve only ever needed a personal loan the one time, for a car which is now paid off and we own. It’s worth bugger all now but “squeeeeeee” it’s all ours. We have a mortgage with redraw now so we’d use that if we ever woke up one day with the crazy urge to buy pimped-out quad bikes or whatever.

  8. The only loans we have are for our mortgage and credit card. I wish I could afford a cook and cleaner because I reckon it would help me be a better mother and lover. I thought you looked fab at the conference. I’m still thinking about that red shirt you wore! I loved it. X

  9. I’ve had a personal loan – to help pay off a credit card once. I had a mortgage at the same time and got advice not to add the money I needed to that (it wasn’t much).

    Also love the floral dress!

  10. Don’t you look beautiful in your lovely Spring dress!
    We have a few mortgages all tied in to each other, with a redraw.
    I would love a personal stylist, and of course the budget to buy everything that was suggested to me 🙂

  11. Wow I’d love to have the money to spend 6 weeks travelling across Australia too- that’d be the life. At this stage, I’m just working on managing my cash flow and paying off a very small (but still hanging over my head) credit card bill. xx Oh and yep, not even going to think about those two hecs debts to my name.. I’m in denial about those.

  12. We’ve had one personal loan for a car which my ex-husband delightfully took out in joint names and then stopped paying towards when we split up. He kept the car and I got the debt. So glad I got the house!

  13. Looking good Em! Thankfully I don’t have a student loan because I was a full scholar until I graduated (Hallelujah!) and student loan is something that is not really available here. Parents send their kids to college. Or students get a part time job to help pay for tuition. However, it’s when I started a family did I acquire a loan. And can’t wait to pay it off!
    It sounds a bit unfair for you to be paying taxes but not allowed to vote. :/

  14. Oh to have someone to cook, clean and take care of the house…….that’s my dream as well xx

  15. I’d be happy just to be able to afford to pay my car rego and insurance which is due next week. Don’t get me started on taxes, for which I submitted the wrong bank acct and am still fighting to get my return! Sorry, what was the question? I got side tracked. We considered a personal loan for IVF…..imagine doing that and NOT getting a baby?! We’d have a loan for literally NOTHING.

  16. I’ve never had a personal loan, but when I met my husband he did have quite a substantial debt from his student loan in NZ. He was fortunate to have friends in Texas pay it for him, but when we moved to the UK he worked his butt off to earn enough money to pay it off.

  17. When I had 5 late and early primary school aged kids all I wanted was a chauffeur. Someone like an old pensioner who would do the basketball/soccer runs on a Fri/Sat night and morning. It never happened and I got through those years but THAT’S what I wished for the most!

  18. Great ways to spend your money! Why only six weeks though?

  19. I am with you on the chief cook and bottle washer. The wheels are falling off in the kitchen department and I pretty much haven’t cleaned regularly or deeply since I began my degree. We need a dust-bunny-warning sign on the front door. These are just not things I have the energy to worry over right now and no one will die from my ignoring these things. It’s a case of ‘pick your battles’.

  20. The only ‘loan’ I’ve gotten is an advance payment from centrelink. I used one to pay for my Problogger tickets last year!

    If money was no object I’d love to get a live in nanny, cook and cleaner too!

  21. Boatman used to work in a credit union! We’ve had a couple of personal loans over the years. Would love to not have to have them, but sometimes there’s little choice. I also prefer credit unions over banks in that sense.

  22. Never had a student loan because I was never a student- started my tax paying career at 17/18. People were surprised you scrubbed up so well? There’s the best backhanded compliment right there!

  23. I know what you mean! I have a friend who has a Dr as a husband, a personal trainer, a nanny, and a cleaner. I love her dearly and am not coveting her life because I’m happy with mine. BUT seriously – HOW GOOD WOULD I LOOK!! Not only because of the personal trainer but also because I would look less sleep deprived from all the help. AH hahaha!

  24. I’m still paying the loan I took for my studies… Don’t get me started…
    If I had money falling on my head right now, I would get myself a book editor!

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