How to go clothes shopping like a boss – Laugh Linkup

A fashion and style guru I am not, however when the occasion calls for it I can frock up with the best of them!

Well that is what I tell myself, whether or not it’s true is another story.

Anyway this week I have a luncheon, an evening networking event, a two-day conference AND a nautical-themed party to attend.

I’m getting a hangover just writing this!

So I had a bee in my bonnet about getting some new threads because it’s been a year or so since I’ve been ‘nice-clothes’ shopping!

I was on a mission and in less than two hours I had completed it with sanity intact. A shame the same thing can’t be said for my bank balance.

dressing up

Here’s 5 tips on how to try on clothes like a boss and reduce stress levels while doing so.

1. Fuel up.

Have a coffee or wine before you go, it will give you some crazy confidence and make you think that the witty quips you’re making with the helpful sales assistant are way funnier than they are. Also, dutch courage.

2. Just go to ONE clothes shop.

Seriously. This is what I did and I asked the sales assistant to help me out. I tried on about 15 outfits and she eventually realised that I indeed do have a barrel figure and flowing dresses make me look like a pregnant hippie.

She picked out items for me that I would have NEVER tried on and persisted when I was hesitant to try them!

3. Phone a friend.

Take photos of yourself and send to peeps for opinions. My sisters were bombarded with pics of me trying on all number of outfits and they gave me their honest POV and told me which ones were fugly or didn’t flatter my generous rack. It’s crucial to ask someone you trust to give you an honest answer.


TIP: Don’t bother asking your husband, he doesn’t give a shit.

4. Vital checks.

If you’re slightly wobbly like me and it plays on your mind then don’t forget to check for back fat leakage. Also do a wobble of those tuckshop arms, if you knock someone out then perhaps select a dress or shirt with longer sleeves!

5. Lie.

If you buy too many clothes just tell the hubby that it was buy-one-get-one-free day, he won’t have a clue and will commend you on your wise buying skills!

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to look at yourself in the big mirrors in the communal area, you’ll get some comments from other women that might be useful. If you’re really lucky you might come across someone honest like me that won’t be afraid to give a truthful opinion if asked.

Do you shop like a boss or a timid mouse?

Got any tips to add? Are you a lover or a hater of trying on clothes?


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  1. Oh I love shopping for new clothes! But….I HATE trying on dresses…my body shape is not built for dresses hence why you will not be seeing me in one on the weekend….it is honestly enough to make me stand in dressing rooms with tears in my eyes!
    Am sure you will look amazing!

  2. Can’t wait to see your purchases in person! X

  3. This made me laugh out loud as I was doing the exact same thing yesterday afternoon. Especially the back fat one. And all the photos you have on this blog, I have of me too. Haha

  4. Can’t wait to get tarted up and hit the tiles with you!

  5. I love the idea of only going to one shop and getting the assistant to bring stuff in. You’re spot on about the fact that they can see things we wouldn’t dream of trying on. I’ll be seeing some of these outfits in real life soon!

  6. Why is it that there seem to be heaps of gorgeous clothes around when I don’t have the time our money to shop, but when I’m armed with both I can’t seen to find anything I like? And you look gorgeous in that last dress:)

  7. Well I actually like all of them on you and I haven’t had a single glass of wine for the day yet!

    How fun to have something to buy up for! Hope you got some items you were really happy with! How did you go with the nautical theme? X

  8. The key to clothes shopping is to out source to others. It takes the pressure of you and if it all goes pear shape then you have an easy out.

    If as I suspect you will look a treat then take all credit.

    After all it was a smart decision to select the correct person who selected the great clothes for you

  9. Looking fierce lady!

  10. Oooh I like the curtain dress! And love that shop. Hope one day I have money again and can go back! 🙂

  11. I hate clothes shopping full stop. I used to love it back when I was a tiny 6-8 and everything looked great on me but now there are too many wobbly, loose and scary bits to cover and it just brings me down. I actually really love the curtain dress on you! I agree on husbands not giving a shit. Mine says yes to everything just so we can go. If I end up listening to him I’d look like trailer trash all the time. x

  12. Oh dude, I am laughing so hard with you. Clothes shopping is officially my MOST HATED THING TO DO. Yes. It needed caps. I despise it that much. The lighting in those cubicles terrifies me.

  13. You only went to ONE clothes shop?! Oh My God I’m in awe 😉

  14. One shop? I think I may need you to come shopping with me.

  15. I shop like a boss, when I get the chance that is. Having five small people in tow definitely hinders one’s street cred. Like yesterday when I popped in to Myer to grab a birthday present for a party Miss 11 was going to. Miss 6 was turning cartwheels in the aisles (I exaggerate not) and Miss 2 decided it was the perfect time to do the poo she’d been holding onto for days…

  16. I can’t really afford clothes at the moment and feel so blah I don’t want to buy any anyway, but I HATE shopping. I like the ‘go to one shop’ idea as I used to do that (or just buy online) cos I get tense and crabby from having to dress and undress a lot. I can last one or two changes and that’s it!

    Love the 2 dresses on the left of the gallery pic!

  17. I used to like clothes shopping a lot more when I was skinny and had a bit more cash. Now it’s kind of depressing. Plus, I always seem to strike the surly assistants or the fake ones who just want the sale and will tell you anything. I’m glad you got your new threads. Looking forward to all the FB updates from Problogger.xo

  18. These days I actually text my three sisters a day or two in advance to let them know that I will be clothes shopping and at approximately what time, so that they will have their phones handy and ready to help me with choices. I absolutely abhor clothes shopping but it is a necessary evil sometimes and it helps to have three sisters who will be totally honest with you about what you should and shouldn’t get. I plan on making the most of having Kate staying with me for 2 weeks by making her come clothes shopping with me one Thursday night to get outfits for all the stuff we have coming up over between now and the end of the year.

  19. I’m crap at shopping. Just spent two hours in the stores looking for something new and nice to wear and instead came home with four new black items to add to my already exclusively black wardrobe. Shopping fail!

  20. I only go to one shop too. I’m so hoping I went there long enough ago to not be wearing the same outfits as others at PB. Cause I’m sure they will probably be rocking it better than me. lol!

  21. I love the idea of it. Used to love a lazy day shopping pre kids. Now I can’t remember the last time I went shopping without a huge wheeled pram getting stuck in the changing cubicle. I don’t bother now. Enjoy PB look forward to hearing all about it. X

  22. Love your tips here! I’ve certainly been known to take selfies and whack them through to my mates whilst I’m shopping!

  23. I look forward to seeing photos of you (and indeed everyone else) in nautical get-up at ProBlogger.

    And I trust you will have a sea snake with you instead of that landlubbing python from last year!

  24. Love this em. And are you going on Thursday to FMS lunch? Hope that is one of your events. Xxx

  25. Oh god this post makes me so nostalgic lol. In my real life (except when on maternity leave) I manage a womens clothing store and have done for 13 years. I am honest, but tactful. I dont see the point in letting people walk out of the shop looking like shit just to hit my budgets. I miss my lovely customers actually being on leave, I’ve had some who come back to me for years and I feel like part of their family. Anyway, I’m digressing. In terms of shopping, you’d think cos I’m a fashion sales manager I’d be pretty confident when shopping. Truth is I only just went shopping last week to buy ‘normal’ (non maternity) clothes for the first time since I had bub. Yea thats a year of wearing maternity jeans post baby. How sad am I? I’m kind of glad I’m not going to problogger because I know buying outfits for all the events would’ve stressed me out so bad. I feel so much pressure when I know I need a specific outfit for an event.

  26. Oooh pretty! I love an excuse to buy something new…by new I usually mean second hand. I like that floral one you tried on!
    My husband is a surprisingly good shopper. He has excellent taste and is very constructive in his feedback. x

  27. Love your tips! And love that dress above. I’m totally ignoring the theme this Friday – please tell me you are too! The weather is also screwing up my daytime clothes plans so I might hit the shops tomorrow too. Shhhh… don’t tell hubby! x

  28. “and make you think that the witty quips you’re making with the helpful sales assistant are way funnier than they are.” Thank god I’m not the only one who does that hahahaha

  29. Lol love it! Great tips, I particularly love the Buy-one-get-one-free! I have used many sales pitches in my time, but never this one.. I usually just assign over inflated discounts & or op shop purchases (look such a bargain, still had tags attached!) I’ll be sure to give everything a good wiggle next time I’m trying on!


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