A never-fail recipe for Surviving Parenthood – Laugh Linkup!

A recipe from the Have A Laugh On Me kitchen of chaos!

Surviving Parenthood


1 large cup of pick your battles.

2 eyes at the back of your head.

A dash of cranky pants.

A generous serve of patience, this is often in very short supply so order well in advance.

A lifetime supply of medicinal compound, see Dan or Lily The Pink.

3 wheelbarrows full of laughter.

1 extra-large dollop of I don’t give a shit what other people think.

3 heaped tablespoons of love and affection.

A smattering of time away from the children.

A bucket of discipline.

6 cups of ignoring know-it-all parents who are secretly comparing their children with yours.

Tip: If you can set aside some patience then do so, you will need this when your child continually gets nits or drops 1246 looms bands on the floor.

recipe for parenting

Method of madness:

Chuck the entire lot in a busy, messy and noisy house and stir until your arm gets tired.

Then when you feel like you’re about to drop the bowl, hand it over to someone else to take care of, preferably someone with no opinion but lots of energy!

It is important to remember that sometimes too many chefs can spoil the broth and if there’s too many chiefs and not enough Indians the recipe is destined to fail.

Serving suggestion:

Serve with lashings of someone you can moan your guts out to!


What’s the special ingredient that helps you survive parenthood?

Care to add a sentence to my method? 



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  1. Perfect! Another fantastic recipe to add to my collection.

    Think I have been adding too much cranky pants of late – might need to pull back on that & chuck in an extra barrow load of laughter! xx

  2. If you ever find the pantry is bare don’t forget the takeaway option.

    Parents, Grandparents and Baby Sitters can be good & nutritious (for your soul / sanity) alternatives

  3. Oh I will try this one out today! Have two boys home from school crook.

  4. Dammit! I think I added too much cranky pants. Oh well, I’m sure it will taste just fine! Love this.

  5. Oh lord, we haven’t had nits yet. I’m kind of hoping we can avoid it altogether with two boys with short hair?

  6. Brilliant Em! I think you’ve got everything covered there to be honest. Maybe add a sneaky nip of vodka and/or tequila if the mixture is being particularly tough and facetious!

  7. Brilliant! Will add it to my list of recipes ASAP x

  8. haha, love it, must save this in my bookmarked recipes!!

  9. I ran out of patience a while ago and it is still out of stock. :/

  10. Some of those could actually relate to surviving life in general. (Or family in general. I’ve just spent four days with my bro, SIL, niece, my mum and SIL’s parents in Brisbane). Sigh.

  11. After my 4 year old daughter vomited on the weekend, we needed something small and bristly to clean sick out from between the floorboards. A bucket of discipline helps but sometimes things still get between the cracks!

  12. What a fabulous recipe!!! Thank you for my Monday giggle – I love this link up! Such a nice way to break up the mundaneness of Mondays!!! xx

  13. haha – yes, yes and yes.

  14. I’ll take a bulk order please with an extra large side of vodka! xx

  15. Fantastic recipe! I need a large helping of this every day! I’d definitely take an extra helping of ingredient #4 throughout the day. Though sometimes ingredient #1 it can be difficult to swallow at times when I’m trying to maintain consistency with everyone and with my own words.

  16. Converting this recipe for the thermomix as I type! 😉 😀

  17. Love this. A recipe to keep in the pocket! The tip is the kicker for me. Although I was lucky enough not to have my daughter adopt the loomband craze (I know right, odd) but I’m assuming this applies to when they drop a cup on the floor or my son does number 10’s! lol

  18. Love it – the loom bands have magically disappeared from our house thank goodness. I particularly liked your ‘don’t give a shit about what others think’ ingredient. I recently read an article what people who have a strong mental fortitude possess and that was i think number one or two. xx

  19. Bahahaa this cracked me up! You are SO right about the patience. I did not order nearly enough or far enough in advance. Looking forward to laughing with you in person soon xx

  20. Setting aside patience is the step I ALWAYS forget!


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