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Has no one got any common sense anymore?

I casually flicked through the manual of a kick-ass juicer that I won and some of the warnings and instructions are just REDICK!

Does anyone actually think putting a digit anywhere near a blade is a good idea?

I say if someone is dumb enough to do that then they should lose their finger as punishment.

Don’t all of these warnings and safety reminders actually defeat the purpose of natural selection and survival of the fittest?

natural selection

After reading through some safety precautions I thought I’d share some things that you should never do when using a juicer:

1. Have a bath and use a juicer at the same time because you might give yourself an electric shock and die.

2. Give it to your kids when they’re bored no matter how much they beg you because… wait for it… it’s not something they can play with. Who knew right?

3. Try to lift or move your juicer with just ONE HAND, you must use BOTH hands or else something really bad will happen.

4. Do not have a shower with your juicer.

5. Pretend you don’t see the smoke from the unit and continue to use it because you just can’t start your day without your green smoothie.

6. Take your juicer to a flimsy or soft surface and attempt to use it, eg a bed or bean bag.

It’s my opinion that as a society we are WAY too ridiculous in regards to warnings we give people.

I agree that some messages are important, especially for visitors that aren’t aware of local dangers or problems.

marine creatures common sense

But it’s getting a bit ridiculous when we have to be told that razor blades are sharp and that we should NEVER iron an item of clothing while wearing it.

I say it’s time to bring back common sense.

Danger -2  June 2013

Don’t you agree?

What is the silliest warning sign you have seen?


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  1. Linking up today Em – mourning the dearth of common sense too, although at least there’s a laugh in all those stupid warnings.

  2. This is great Em, love it!.
    Have a look at this page –
    I also remember hearing once they added to hairdryers “Do not use when sleeping” and on a chainsaw, “Do not attempt to stop chainsaw with your hands or genitals” bahahahaha
    Really?? lol

  3. I blame the American legal system. A lot of the ridiculous warning signs are there because stupid people have sued companies. And won.

  4. Bec has a good point. It probably is just to cover themselves. Bags of peanuts which may contain traces of nuts!

  5. No juicer in bed? How on earth will I wake up to a smoothie every morning? x

  6. Holy crap, I’ve been using my juicer as a babysitter. I’m guessing that’s not OK….?

  7. Warning: Never use your juicer as an add to heighten sexual arrousal …

  8. Hahaha…one silly one I recall was something like: WARNING: ‘During heavy rain there will be water on the road’. Well, duh!! 🙂

  9. love the rant as you sound just like my sig other! … hello!!
    I’m with bec’s comment things have gone ballistic!
    common sense was never that common and people are sooo much like sheep … being too lazy to think for themselves and outside of the square! I hope you are keeping your son’s drawings em! brill … love m:)X

  10. I’m with you Em. Lets get rid of the labels and let natural selection clean up the gene pool!

  11. Great minds think alike this week Em – my blog features actual real instructions about where to put toilet paper.

  12. You forgot to add: Never actually make a vegie juice and drink it because it tastes like boiled bats wee with a curious after taste of old socks. They never warn you about THAT but all the other ridiculous and obvious stuff. Hmph.

  13. When I see those kinds of warnings I wonder what on earth has happened that’s required the manufacturer to cover its butt by issuing them?! The mind boggles!

  14. Love the warning no diving sign 🙂

  15. Hehehehe!! What will happen to me if everyone brings back common sense?? Can I blame it on being blonde??

  16. Hear, hear! I got all huffy the other day when I had to remove a huge sticker from my plastic shower curtain that said, ‘Do not iron.’ If someone is crazy enough to iron a plastic shower curtain let them loose, I say. Although, I’d really love to have a bath with my juicer, because he’s pretty cute and is a great barista too. He should’ve come with many warning labels, but I probably would’ve ignored them and married him anyway

  17. I laughed. There really are so many idiots but I agree, let them learn the hard way. Why should all us “smart” people have to read all the dumb ass warnings??

  18. My daughters’ school fete is coming up and our last p&f meeting was about all the legal permissions, insurance and certifications the school needs in order to have rides and food vendors on site. Absolutely amazing! Can’t even bring something for the cake stall unless it is fully labelled with ingredients. I know there are genuine reasons for some of these rules and warnings, but it does seem a bit over the top!

  19. OMG – best (or worst) warning sign I ever saw was on a power box. ‘Risk of death and $20 fine’. I guess if I’m dead the joke’s on them – no fine for me! Hahahaha

  20. Next door neighbour’s water tank has a big “CAUTION: RAINWATER” sticker on it. Oh, I’m so scared!!!!

  21. LMAO Oh I agree chick, I TOTALLY agree! xx

  22. Kelly Booth says:

    The label on my hairdryer warns me not to use it in the shower – and here I was thinking I just didn’t have it turned on high enough to dry my hair!

  23. *turns off shower and backs away from juicer*


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