Three things I wish I could do over…

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Hindsight is a bitch.

Like it or not most of us have decisions we regret. I accept there are some people who don’t regret a pickle, more power to them.

I am not one of these people.

If I knew now what I knew back in the day I’d be rolling around in wades of cash and swimming in a pool of M&Ms.

This is actually a dream of mine you know, to swim in a pool of M&Ms, how cool would it be? It’s on my bucket list so if you know anyone that can hook me up let me know!

Anyway, I thought I’d share some things that I would change if I could.

Of course there are 100’s of little things I would correct but for the sake of not making this post long AND boring, I’m going to limit my do-overs.

Maybe you can learn from my mistakes or nod in commiseration because you too have made similar decisions.

1. Solar power

Years ago governments were dishing out generous incentives to install solar panels and somehow I missed the memo that these would save us THOUSANDS of dollars in electricity bills down the track.

I’d like to blame baby brain because it was about the same time my first child was born that these awesome offers were around.

If we had installed it some six years ago it would have paid for itself by now. It just tears me up inside you know?

And every quarter when I open a $700+ electricity bill I have to re-swallow the bitter pill of regret.

power bill

Of course now we’re a family of five there’s no money in the coffers for solar.

If I had been REALLY smart I would have got solar roof tiles but truth be told I didn’t know they existed.

Yes not only is Monier the top cat in roofing, it has developed a photovoltaic flat roof tile system so there’s no need to bolt on 12 massive plasma TV screens to your roof. Sneaky sustainable energy, I like it!

Hand on my heart if we can ever afford to build another home I will seriously consider these.

2.  Saving money

$10 freaking dollars a week is all it takes to build a snazzy nest egg for when you need help with a house deposit, a trip overseas, or want to start a business.

But did I do this?  No. I was too cool for school thinking that I had plenty of time to worry about saving moolah.

Thankfully I have learned my lesson and we put $10 aside each week for our kids – we don’t miss it because we never see it.

According to a compound interest calculator on *MoneySmart if I had put aside $20 a week for 20 years from the age of 16, at 5% interest, I would now have $35,677 in the bank.

Say I’d parted with $50 a week with the same conditions, I’d have a cool $90,000 in the bank.

The mind boggles doesn’t it?

Compound interest people, it’s simple stuff and something I want to drill into our kids.


3. Making separate meals

I want to go back in time and headbutt myself for making different meals for my first-born.

Yes it meant meal times were pleasant and we ate in peace once our baby was in bed, but it has caused years and years and YEARS of problems in regards to getting her and her brothers to each what the hubby and I do.

People tried to tell me to make kids each what you do and I put my fingers in my ears and ignored them. Big mistake, mammoth, of the woolly variety.

Yes my daughter had chronic reflux, needed strong medication from six weeks until she was one, and hated food, but after that I should have made her eat what we did.

As a result every meal is a battle and her closest sibling in age copies her fussy/rude behaviour.

Thankfully third child is a pork chop like his mum and will eat anything.

DO NOT MAKE DIFFERENT MEALS FOR YOUR KIDS. Yes I just yelled at you. Sorry.

Common sense prevails of course and I admit serving a young child a vindaloo curry might not be the smartest idea, but take it from me if you allow fussiness in those early years it will only end in tears.  Yours.


So tell me, would you get solar, save more money or change how you feed your kids?

Is your electricity bill as ridiculously expensive as mine?

Or maybe you want to gloat about your awesome electricity credit, go on, I can take it!

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  1. We did have solar on our old house which we sold, I really don’t miss it too much because our power bills are ok. I’ve always been a pretty good saver but I have regularly fed my son a different meal and I don’t regret it because it’s something I’ve had to do otherwise he wouldn’t be eating anything. I’m very envious of parents who have kids that eat well full stop let alone the same for dinner. …I tried that early on and it didn’t work. I definitely don’t have regrets, it’s all part of life and learning. Sorry to get all serious on you 🙂

    • Really? Not one regret? Wow that is impressive and yes I’m with you on live and learn but I take my hat off to you for having such a strong resolve. I am envious of your power bills, our pool certainly sucks through the juice. And serious is just fine with me lovely 🙂

  2. merilyn says:

    I try not to have regrets! … or I can no longer remember them … meh! so what!
    only a few to mention! work with what you have!
    playing in my head, with other things
    are affirmations, i tell myself … it’s in the past! let it go! out of my hands!
    power bills down, considering f/freezing in winter … only two makes a huge difference and we spot heat
    put beanies on best thing for keeping warm I made mine into a turbin! …
    shut doors rug up, try to be bit ecco friendly to make up for past mistakes!
    those tiles sound good, but I love a tin roof to hear the thunderous rain in queensland love it!
    having a ramble today to my good mate em! … let her go she’s getting old … lol m:)X

  3. Um … electricity and gas in winter in Canberra … now that’s something to complain about.
    Yeah, solar power would have been a good idea here too.

  4. I have to explain your flawed M&M pool…earholes. What are you thinking?? 2 mins in you’ll be off to Emergency, and have to explain to a 24 year old how a lady of your mature standing got an M&M lodged in her ears (and make sure you wear swimmers, that’s all I’ll say on that!!)

  5. Lil Pumpkin eats most of what we eat.. or is it we eat most of what she can eat?? Haha.. If I’m sharing food with her I’d have to steer clear of spicy or too exotic food, of course, But sometimes I can’t resist and order my own chilli-hot dish 😛 I love chilli!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. We have solar panels and a house full of LED lighting. Chez Abulous is part of the solution. Do I have permission to be smug about this?

  7. Making different meals is what absolutely killed my resolve when I was doing really well on Weight Watchers a few years ago. They try to convince you that you can make one healthy meal for the whole family, but when I did they refused to eat it. I can’t be fucked making separate meals. so guess what? I’m a fatty again. I regret getting fat again. Sigh.

  8. One of my electricity bills was over $800, I almost died! There’s only two of us and a baby how the hell did we use that much electricity?! I’d love to get solar but I don’t have the money and we live in a townhouse so we aren’t allowed (stupid body corporate rules).

  9. Regrets, I’ve had a few…. in fact I’ve blogged a few times about regrets. I sit somewhere between knowing they are useless but not being able to shake them.
    Solar, yes would definitely consider for our next house. Our electricity bills hover around the $800 mark, and my face is remarkably similar to yours when I open my bill.
    As for saving, I don’t save enough. We have savings accounts for our kids but that’s really all. We get by and we always manage to save for travelling or upcoming events, but long term saving? No. Mmmmm…. should get on to that!

  10. Yep I have regrets – many of them. I blame my husband for the fact we missed out on the awesome rebates for solar panels. We were building our house and I was pushing for them, but he ‘claimed’ they wouldn’t be worth it. I still bring it up when we get yet another ridiculous electricity bill. I now transfer $50 a week straight to our electricity provider so when our bill rolls around we either don’t owe anything or it’s pretty minimal.

  11. Bill smoothing. That is what has saved us with the electricity bill when I haven’t been working. They look at your last 6 months worth of usage and average out what the expected bill will be over fortnightly blocks and we have money direct-debited form our bill account every 2 weeks. It means that our electricity bill is almost always in credit. I do the same thing with out water bill, only I have set up the auto-payment as Sydney Water don’t do it. But it sure is nice to open that bill at the end of the quarter and see a credit against the account. Awesome!

    Re: the fussy eating. The girls eat dinner at a different time to us, with Dave finishing work at different times and me doing Lite n Easy, so they don’t actually know what it is we do eat! But when we go to dinner at the in-laws or my Mum’s place Punky and Zee always have to eat whatever is on the menu for the night, and if they don’t, they go hungry. Or sweet talk a few Jatz out of their grandmothers later on! So far it’s working, and the only real fussiness Punky has is mood. She scoff down a meal one day and ask for seconds, but then the very next day she might refuse to eat the exact same thing, for no reason other than her mood! Kids! Who’d have em?!

  12. If it makes you feel any better, we DID feed our kids the same meals as us. Our eldest used to eat absolutely everything you put in front of him (within reason). Then he turned 4. Now he’ll only eat sausages, spaghetti and zucchini slice. As long as the spaghetti doesn’t have onion in it. And the sausages come in bread with sauce, and the bread is fresh enough that it wraps around the sausage without breaking. And the wind is blowing in the east. And the sun came up at a 37 degree angle from the solar plexus…. now I’m raving. You get my general point. So forget that regret – it may not have made any difference anyway!

  13. I have a heap of regrets – I’ve written about them in my blog – those Sliding Doors moments or wanting to be able to have a ‘do-over’.

    However, I do try to remind myself that my life has turned out in a certain way because of the decisions I made at the time – which I made to the best of my ability. Well, except those ruled by fear – of failure and of the unknown.

  14. I have the same expression each time I open our electricity bill! If only we could afford to have solar roofs installed!

  15. Talk about regrets. We just got solar earlier this year. Right after all the big incentives finished. Still – our electricity bill has reduced from $700 a quarter to less than $50. With what the system cost us it will have paid itself off in less than 10 years. They tell me though that the capital outlay will more than be covered by the increased value in our home. Fingers crossed

  16. Yes compound interest is the bomb!!! Best strategy ever and easy too!

  17. OMg the money regret is such a huge one of mine too. That said we have installed solar panels, so thats perhaps where my money went. I love that we both wrote similar posts yesterday. Nsync or what 😉 xx

  18. I wish we’d gotten solar. My grandparents did and we should have jumped on, too.
    Saving money is also something I never really did and wish I had. I did for a while but then I’d spend it and so it would go. I was never really very good at saving.
    And, honestly, I never did the separate meals thing and I am still dealing with the nightly battle with my eldest. She was once the best little eater and now it’s beyond rediculous what we go through.

  19. I wish we had done the solar thing too – and as I have a tin roof the tiles won’t help me. But noted for the day I win lotto and build THE dream home!

    We have fussy eaters and what annoys me the most – the younger one copying! My biggest pet hate. Though take heart – my eldest (the nearly 20 year old) now eats and cooks foods that I could never imagined her eating.

  20. I won’t bore you with my regrets, as the line goes ‘I have a few’ but wanted to say how you just so nail sponsored posts. I think I would have been stumped with this one, but you work the sponsor into a three part post that I read to the end, no regrets.

  21. I wish I had solar power, especially as the Australian sun can sure do its job!
    Separate meals, man. Why didn’t anyone tell me how painful that would be? We were on the borderline of having the boys turn to fussy eaters but we turned that around quick smart!

  22. I would do all of those things!!! I can say that with the cooking of separate meals that I only did that up until 12 months and then I thought bugger this, what a pain. We were lucky though our eldest wasn’t a fussy eater and ate whatever we ate.
    My youngest however is annoyingly fussy. But I refuse to cook her separate meals, because even when I do, she doesn’t eat it. So she gets served whatever we eat. It’s a win if she at leasts eats something of the plate however small a bit. If she won’t eat it, then she gets a banana or porridge for dinner so that she doesn’t lose weight (there is nothing of her).
    The joys!

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